Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blithed Roses……Blythe

She wasn’t sure when or how it had come about, but Blythe’s resolve was renewed, it was time to no longer wallow in self pity of the mess that was her life, a lot of which she was totally to blame for.
Today, she was in good spirits doing two of her favorite things, painting while she listened to the best of soulful music. She had noted that lately male artists seemed to capture much more of the varying emotions of her existence than the female artists. “It probably has more to do with myself than to do with the artists” she thought to herself.

She inhaled sharply and smiled, the sweet smell out of the oven assuaging her senses. There was undoubtedly, in her mind, nothing better than fresh baked cake. She was going to have to bake some later for herself as this was to be a lovely two tier chocolate rum cake filled with cream for her neighbors below who had just gotten engaged and were going to be celebrating with  family and friends tonight.

The smile turned to a slight frown and she sighed heavily; it was hard not to be a little wistful at the thought of her being yet again the single girl at the engagement party. This time was supposed to be different though, she had found her one, except it appears she was not his one. Standing up angrily, she went to the mirror “Blythe, any guy will be lucky to have you” she said, blocking out any memories of Drake. Selective amnesia they called it and forget she will, no matter how long it took her.

This was a trick she had learnt when she was just a teenager and life had started getting harder everyday. At first it just had been a way of survival, appearing outwardly calm and collected while her insides were wretched and twisted, weeping ugly tears as she smiled brightly.

As she walked back into the studio, she took a breath and exclaimed in pleasure. “Wow! wow! wow! Talk about colors”, laughing out loud. As her train of thoughts had taken a turn for the worse, her brush strokes had become furious on the canvas and what was supposed to be a good & elegant painting for her neighbors engagement gift had come out chaotic and yet strangely alluring and beautiful. She had not been aware that she had used more colors together than she ever used, preferring to always work with one color first before starting on another, making sure things blended in a nice clean way.
Ding! Ding! Ding! The timer on the oven went off.
Hello lovelies. I have started on my story and I hope and promise that this time I will really work on it and make it good. It should be fun, plus it ensures that I am more frequent than I have been. So let me know your thoughts, any suggestion and what not.

As with all my stories, its my life in fantasy, a lot of it will be true and a lot of it will be exaggerated and have actually not ever, and will never happen.

Hope you are all good. Wishing you a great month of July and a great second half of the year. Like my title says, I am looking forward to the memories of today, with the hope that my best is yet to come and my future will be so much brighter than it is now and I will never forget where I came from. Still grateful and blessed everyday along this journey called life.
See you soon.

P.S I Love you
P.s.s I hope you heard me when I said there was nothing to forgive.