Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blithed Roses – Drake

It just couldn’t be. Drake closed his eyes, thinking he was seeing things again, he could not count the many times he thought he had seen her, finding it to be someone else; at the park In NYC, the streets of London, The museum in France. “Did you see your friendly ghost this week?” His friends and family would say teasingly. With a smile, he opened his eyes, the sheer idea that of all the places he would ever see her will be back in Cali was ridiculous.

The smile froze on his face, as she started to speak. “Wishing Ed and Erica, the very best marriage will bring. May your love for each other stay just as strong as it has been for the last ten years, for the next 60 years. Looking forward to carrying that little bundle of joy in you Erica and Ed remember the promise you made to me, I will hold you to it. Congratulations guys, I Love you so much”.

Blythe Thomas, un-fucking-believable. His Blythe Thomas. He would recognize that voice anywhere. His eyes bore into her, although his face showed no outwardly expression. He immediately assessed her, noticing the changes in her, although she looked pretty much the same. Typical of Blythe to be dressed so casually to an event. The ladies here were dressed to kill, well at least the singles amongst  them who kept ogling at the men, a typical scene at an engagement/wedding party. Blythe was the only one in jeans and a casual top, he could just hear her saying “gotta hide the folds babe, its not sexy”.

She had turned her back to him now, her round derriere in sight, and he felt all the blood rush to his manhood, and he instinctively crossed his legs before anyone noticed. He was instantly transported to the last night he had seen her, the last time he had held her in his arms, the last time he had had been deep inside her - fit like a glove, the last time he had kissed her delicate lips, the last time she had smiled that same smile she was now sharing with someone she was talking to, with him.

April 7th; their 5th anniversary, the last time he had seen her. She had been absolutely surprised that he had not forgotten like he always did. One of the things he loved about her was that she had never been hurt that he sometimes forgot important dates. After the first year of relationship, she had taken to putting little reminders in places she knew he would see them; pockets, wallets, reminder on his phone, his notebook that he always carried around with him, reminder email, or a voice-note.

He had taken the day off, knowing she had the day off as well from teaching, this week was study break for the students so she didn’t have to go in at all. He woke her up with a kiss, carried her to the bathroom where he already had a bath running for her, dumped her in gently and told her to hurry up. “Drake, what the hell?” she had screamed. Quickly he ran to the car to get all the gifts he had gotten her and arranged them, one in each room of the three bedroom house, including the kitchen and the living room, she was to find them all, get dressed and meet him at the coffee shop two blocks away.

30 mins later, just as he had finished reading the last page of the daily paper, she walked in radiant and beaming, her eyes searching for him. When she saw him, she mouthed the words “I love you, so much” walked to him without breaking that eye contact, kissing him deeply as she got to him. He had ordered her breakfast, her coffee already cold. She decided to skip breakfast, “I have wicked plans for you” she said and dragged him back home.

They made love at every site of his gifts; the master bedroom, the guest room, the study, the kitchen and finally the living room. That was where he always pictured her when his thoughts would stray like they often did to her. That had been her favorite spot in the house, he would wake up some mornings and find her tucked under a blanket, reading a book, or some students essay on the right side of the black leather couch,always the right side. Making love to her on that couch, her moans as he took her from behind, the way her back arched, her hands and head on the wall, her moans of delight as she climaxed; had made him feel more powerful than any deal he had ever brokered.

He watched her for a couple minutes more and when he was sure that he had his emotions and his arousal under control, he stood up, told his fiancée he would be back and walked towards where she stood by the door. He was a couple steps away, when she turned and saw him, recognition dawning on her. Something about her look, the mirage of emotions that ran across her face, had him frozen for a second, he then continued his approach.

He was steps away, he could touch her if he extended his hands and just then she turned around and walked out.
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