Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blithed Roses - Blythe II

Blythe woke up, disoriented, head pounding like them 808's and a nasty taste in her mouth. She walked blindly, headed to the bathroom needing to brush her teeth quickly so she could take something for the headache.
"Ouch!!!! What the fuck? Why is there a door here?"

Opening her eyes now, she looked around. Her clothes from the day before were scattered around the otherwise neat hotel room, the door of the mini bar ajar, empty vodka bottles on the side table. Events of the night before flashed rapidly before her eyes, causing her to groan even more. Drake. Drake and Lisa. Lisa, his best friend turned fiancee.

Her bladder reminded her that she had more pressing needs to attend to which she promptly did. Thankfully she always carried with her travel size toiletries, something she had started doing because of how often she would sleep over unexpectedly at Drake's. The cold shower helped her to regroup, calming her body, soothing her headache and lifting her temporarily from the emotional abyss that had overcome her last night.

Clad in just boy shorts, she stood by the now open windows of the hotel room. It was a glorious view of the city, one she could now afford and often took advantage of whenever she was stressed and needed to think. She wondered if anyone could see her from their rooms, or cars as they zoomed by. Definitely the window cleaners could see her in all her glory. Not like she was particularly shy about her body. It had taken her a while; a year with weight watchers and 6 months with a personal trainer, but now she was in love with her body and though she dressed conservatively when she was out, she was always naked at home.

Blythe was a  pretty girl in her own rights, a statement she was convinced was generic for people who were not beautiful, neither were they ugly. 28 years old, she stood regal at 5'6, with perfect smooth caramel skin, and eyes that shone bright and clear when she was happy and was dark as night when she was sad. At 150 pounds, she no longer felt as fleshy as she did 30lbs earlier, now she felt supple yet firm in the areas where it mattered. Her greatest asset, her legs; her worst her less than luscious boobs. Not like she had a butt either, but that was not so noticeable with her child bearing hips.

She could hear her phone vibrating in her bag, but she'll be damned if she picked up. She knew her friends would be worried, she was not the sort to go away without telling at least one person but what she needed to do was get a massage, and go swimming and then finish the book she had had in her bag the entire week - after she woke up. She needed to sleep.

She curled under the duvet, multitude of thoughts in her head, unaware that she was crying until she felt the pillow wet. She gave in to the tears, weeping loudly and holding the pillow tightly, her thoughts now focused on just one thing "Drake". What bothered her, was not knowing why they were apart, why he left her, what she had done to deserve the silence from him.She again recalled the last thing he said to her; "i no longer see a future with you, and you are getting older, i don't want to hold you down, you need to move on and find someone who will love you like you deserve". Who said that after 5years together? on the phone no less. She could not get over how callous and selfish he had been not even having the decency to talk to her face to face. He made the decision on his own, like she didn't matter, like she had never mattered, thinking only of himself. She knew she should never have told him she loved him, men always left after you told them you love them.

She remembered their last day together, their 5th year anniversary, the many ways and places they had made love, how she had told him and showed him that she loved him. That night she had been too happy to sleep, as he snored loudly besides her on the floor. He snored like a heavy duty generator, and at first she could never sleep when he was around, many times going to school the next morning groggy and tired, so much so she refrained from sleeping over during the school week. Eventually tho, she became accustomed to it, finding it hard to sleep on nights she was not with him, it became a lullaby for her, she would fix her mind on the constant droning sound till she was blissfully asleep.

She felt lucky then, she felt lucky that of all the girls Drake could be with he had chosen her unassuming self. She had never understood why she felt that way, but he felt like the star in her otherwise dull life, he brought a certain excitement, a certain liveliness to her life and she loved being with him. He would come home and tell her of his day as an entertainment lawyer, making her sore with laughter talking about one celebrity or the other and she regaled him with stories of the students in her class while she was yet trying to get her doctorates, especially the boys who tried to approach her. She had thought what they had was special, and damn near perfect, everyone thought so. Two people who were polar opposites, who understood each other completely, flaws and all, and he had a lot of them, but so did she.

One week after the anniversary, she had left for a week vacation with the girls, Tina and Simi, friends with whom the hardship of getting their doctorates was one of the many things they had in common. It was the end of the semester, and she had finished grading all student papers as part of her job as the Teaching assistant. She had thought to cancel and spend the vacation with Drake, but he had convinced her to go, told her she needed it as she had not taken a vacation in two years. She would not go cos she could not afford it, even when he offered to pay for it. He called her stubborn, a trait she was not ashamed of.

She could not get a hold of him once during the week she was away, she had been worried but tried not to let it affect her vacation, sometimes he would travel because of a client and would be unreachable so she figured that he had been called unexpectedly. She had been back for about three weeks and all Drake had done was send a handful of texts, he wasn't calling anymore, even the text messages seemed forced. Something was wrong and she knew it but could do nothing about it. So she waited, she tried to be supportive, sometimes one needed to just deal with their own demons, something she could totally understand, having a few of her own demons to deal with herself. She tried to see him, going over a couple times but he was never home.

So when he called that Friday night, exactly a month after their anniversary, she was over-joyed, she had missed him so much, she had missed sharing the details of their life like they always did. His voice was cool, void of the warmth that usually filled his voice.
"Hi baby, i miss you"
"Hi Blythe, i am so sorry. How have you been?"
"I'm ok Drake, i've been worried about you but didn't want to be pushy or a nag. Whats going on? Talk to me"
"I'm so sorry babe, please say you forgive me."
"Of course, you haven't done anything wrong. I know you like to deal with things your way but you can't always shut me out. We are supposed to be in this together. We share issues, we talk to each other, even when i can't help"
"I know Blythe and you mean a lot to me. The thing is i think we are heading in different directions, and i want you to be happy. You deserve to be happy".
"Am i hearing you right Drake? what are you saying? Stop being a coward and say what you want to say without beating around the bush"
"I'm not being a coward, i'm trying to be honest with you here. I don't see the future with you like i could anymore. All those times we talked about being together, starting and raising a family. I just don't see it anymore and i don't want to hold you back anymore"
"You have got to be kidding me Drake, this after 5years together? and this is your reason? You don't see the future??. Who is she and please don't lie to me now"
"No one Blythe, i promise you on everything that we've had together. There is no one, you know how much i care about you"
"Bullshit Drake you can't even say the word after 5years together. I love you, do you know what that means? Its a whole lot different from just caring about someone."

They talked for a couple minutes more after that, she calmed down once it had sunk in, she hated confrontations anyways and she never could understand females who caused a scene when they were being dumped. Like it was not humiliating enough. She remembered every single word he said that day, and that was a shame since it was almost two years to the date.Two years was a long time. She was now a full time Psychology Professor at the community college and still single. He had clearly moved on, she had heard even before she saw him last night. But she had never dreamed that she will see him again. The world is way too small, she thought. Clearly she also needed to move on, she was surprised at how affected she had been by seeing him. One thing she was sure of, she never wanted to speak to him or see him ever again. The other thing she was sure of, she needed to actually move on and not just say it. "Starting today", she proclaimed loudly. First she needed a change of clothes, and a swimsuit.

As she walked out of the hotel, to go to one of the stores that surrounded it, she never noticed the man who rode with her down on the elevator, admiring her as she walked seductively, although he could bet she was very unaware of that fact. They say the eyes are the gateway to one's soul and her eyes told a story he longed to explore.

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