Saturday, July 16, 2011


....................I deleted twitter. Sorry Miss Natural. I also cannot believe i did it, but what had happened was i was tired of people thinking my tweet was about one person or the other. I have explained numerous times that i tweet to look for trouble, but seeing as no one seems to believe me ( i cannot for the life of me understand why people think everything i say is contrary) one more person asked and i deleted. I have been told "that was extreme", "you are a brand, you need to get back" and simply "you must get back". Lol. We'll see, right now i am not missing it, as much as i thought i would. I will miss my friends on there sha, i can't even lie. Plus no birthday shoutout for me sha, hmmmm maybe i'll get back on right before my birthday. Please if you see me on twitter right before my birthday (keyword being right before, just in-case i go back tomorrow) you should all call me out and then boycott my birthday. Lol.

So my stories come naturally to me, but the issue is making them make complete sense. Let me explain, for the past one week the part of my story that i can't figure out is the characters profession. You see i think its pivotal to the story, but i feel like you have seen or read that story before depending on the profession. I see why Nollywood stays re-making the same movies over and over again. I'm a perfectionist i know, it might seem like a minute detail, but pick i must and i shall be writing the next part of the story as soon as i'm done with this.

I have mentioned that i tend to write using a bit of my own personal story, the thing is then that i don't want to write anything that will make anybody close to me uncomfortable, or make anyone think that i am talking about them or sharing their story. So then i wonder, if i'm anything of a writer if i must tell my own story to write. How can i be good at something that i feel like i know nothing about? How do writers do research for their work, pick out the characters and make you fall in love with them? My story is about relationships, i haven't had a successful relationship ever, how then do i try to explain the process, talk about emotions i haven't experienced? So this is definitely a discovery process for me, i need to find how to be a good writer.

So i read on twitter the other day that a "friend is only a friend if you share enemies" - this is largely paraphrased but the the gist of the story was that my best friend is supposed to hate my enemy. I don't get it. Why? So the person is my enemy, if my best friend is friends with the person, then i shouldn't be best friends with her again. Does this make sense to you guys?

The other one i read said that "you are not best-friends until you have fought and then be friends again". Again largely paraphrased, but i also do not get it. I have not fought with my best friend, we don't agree on things, we argue, sometimes we don't talk to each other, we are like that, but why do we have to fight to say we are friends any more than we already are. I have fought with my male best-friend and we are still best of friends, maybe that did help us, i don't know. I just know that i never want to fight with my best-friend, she's my sister and partner and that will not just be a good look.

So my best-friend Oye looks like me, infact she looks more like me than she looks like any of her siblings. She is two days before me and has the birthmark on her body like i do on mines on the same side too. So i have this story that what had happened was, her mum delivered and something happened to the baby and the doctors wouldn't tell her what, but they knew that my mum was giving birth to twins and you know back in the days twins was a taboo (never mind that there are twins in my family o), so they stalled for two days and when my mum delivered they just took the first one and gave it to her mum. Obviously i have not worked out the kinks in the details like the fact that she was born in America and i was born in Ibadan. But that's my story and i'm sticking with it. Lol.

Ok guys, hunger is killing me and the headache is impending unfortunately. So let me go find food, do my nails, i have gorgeous nails although i just noticed that my fingers are naturally bent. I never noticed, apparently everybody else did. I shall be back for the second part of the story and to also reply comments. I'm glad you like the new layout guys, its so cutesy and girly, hehehehe. Miss Natural please send me your number/bb via email ok. And hi to all my new followers/readers, thank you so much for being a part of this.

My favorite song right now - Rescue Me - The Weekend

P.S I Love You


  1. I seldom ever comment so listen (thanks)

    Twitter - you should be back on twitter. Block and Unfollow the losers. Seriously

    Writing - you're a great writer. I read only some of your story (because I am a lazy reader with ADD) but it was compelling. So what if it's somewhat personal (on some level). The book I'm writing in my head is 100% personal (don't quote me) but I'm writing it because it is interesting af so why not?

    Haaaa more than a few lines.


  2. Why allow others chase you from doing what you obviously love?

    And yeah, writing starts from what you know and then you grow from there. Keep writing.

  3. Haha! You're such a joker!
    Anywho, I'm looking forward to your story so write quick and do it like every other day or something. Don't be keeping us waiting for too long now!

  4. Good luck with your writing journey. I'm sure you can't go wrong any path you choose here cause it's all a journey. If you like twitter please go back, don't let some losers make you do what they want

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  5. can i just say that, deleting because people are asking you question sis just WRONG, my sister BLOCK them oh, unfollow!!!!

    writing is confusing sha, i dont know how you guys do it, but i guess you could always ask people befor eu write about them in your stories
    or stick to friction.

  6. Sometimes it takes being in a fight with someone to know how much they really care about the friendship.

  7. love the font. It's so yummy looking.

  8. Like the new layout and font. It's happy and giggly. Knowing you, you'll find the right balance in your writing. All the best...

  9. *sigh* Where do I start? Darling, you CANNOT allow people to push you away from the things that make you happy. I know it's 'just twitter' this time, but before you know it even your writing will suffer because you're avoiding people's reactions... Please

    I know your story will be awesome, Ms Perfectionist, I can't wait!

    And on the issue of friendships, I hate drama. And I truly believe that friends (and lovers) can learn one another without having to hurt each other. But, I do know that there are people who actually thrive on conflict...

    Ok, before I write a book here... I love you :)

  10. The font and background is so cute. I hear a little five year old girl in my head say "Leave a comment...pretty please, thank you" and i just had to drop one. :)

  11. Looking for to reading your story!

  12. Your kept me scroling on and on! so your best friend is ur twin sis! good thing she isn't a male child!

  13. Please come back to twitter...thanks so much in advance.

    Love the new layout so cute, so u :)

    Can i see a picture of the piercing plsssssss

    lol at the switched at birth story, u almost had me till u mentioned Ibadan in the same breath as Americurrr. Sorry pls no can do...hehe

    Take care hunay x

  14. wow!!! I've missed your blog sha

  15. are a clown. I just love the way you word your thoughts! so u have bent fingers? hehehehe we should go get our nails done together....We should have a mini group of Ibadan-mesi-ogo bloggers..I am telling you!
    hope u are having a nice week though. Stay blessed.


  16. @Ayo - Lol, your first line cracks me up still. I'm back now and thank you very much dear, i appreciate you.

    @Myne - Cos i'm a sissy :). Thank you ma, will do.

    @Oye - Sorry, it will be up every Friday, till its finished :).

    @Adiya - Thank you very much :)

    @Laurenta - Lol @ just wrong. and writing is easy :)

    @Madamesting - You might be right. And thank you :)

    @Etoile - Thank you and i hope so.

    @dami - I promise to not let it happen again. Thank you dear. I love you too

    @24yrold - Lol, that made me laugh. Thank you

    @Blessing - I hope, i have not disappointed.

    @Teboy - Lol, at good thing she's not male.

    @ablogofhope - I'm back hon. Thank you :) and lol, my best friend nearly died of laughter too. Muaaahhh

    @Nutty J - You have been missed as well.

    @HoneyDame - heheheheh, that i am. And we totally should o, like it would be too much fun. God bless dear


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