Friday, August 12, 2011

Blithed Roses - Drake II

One foolish mistake and he was going to have to live with his pile of  regrets for the rest of his life, Drake thought, as he sat quietly in his office the next day after seeing Blythe. He had felt a lot of things in his 32 years, but the humiliation had stung as she walked away, the icy look she gave him, the focus of his dreams that night.
She had been in his dreams numerous times before, enough to make him afraid that he would wake up with her name on his lips, while Lisa lay beside him. His mind drifted on to Lisa, the conflicted feelings he felt rising up again. He cowardly blamed her for his unhappiness, the love he felt for her always a justified feeling.
One giant mistake, all because he had wanted to tick something off his list, all because he had wanted to be able to say “I told you so”. The events began to replay in his head, again. He had been at home with Blythe, watching one of those cheesy TV shows she constantly made him watch, when his phone rang.
“Hey babe, how are you doing?” There was only one girl he called babe, other than Blythe.
“Please, please, come out with me tonight. I need a plus one, I can’t be the only single girl out there tonight”
“Lisa, you know I hate these kinds of things. Bunch of people making small talk all night long. That’s not my scene. Besides, Blythe is over tonight”. She was talking about the annual summer soiree, her PR/Advertising company put together every year, she had told him about it last week and he declined then, she was meant to get someone else, but he was guessing that fell through.
Lisa was a pretty girl, with model like features, tall and slim, high cheekbones and a generous smile that was always plastered on her face by default, she had the ability to turn heads. She was also very smart, and commanded your attention when she spoke. She had absolutely no problems getting men, she just had problems keeping them. Drake, could not figure out why. He had introduced her to some of his friends, and they would be together for months, the longest was a year. Out of the blue, they would be over, always her doing the break up, never the other way around, leaving the men confused.
“Please Drake, I really need this. I will owe you for life, plus I’m a little tipsy right now, and I need you to make sure I don’t do anything stupid tonight.”
“Are you ok Lisa, what’s going on? Why are you tipsy at 9pm? Something happen at work?”
“Its nothing Drake, please just come through tonight”
“I can’t Lisa, I am so sorry. It won’t be fair to Blythe. Why don’t you just sit this one out, they won’t miss you too much”
“Ok, thanks Drake. Talk to you soon”
Blythe looked up at him, when he hung up the phone. “Are you sure babe? I know she’s your best friend, it’s just that we talked about spending tonight together.”
“Yea babe, I’m not sorry I’m not going, but I am worried about her, Lisa never drinks, much less get tipsy, I hope nothing has happened she just doesn’t want to tell me about.
“Then you should go, go be with her for a couple hours, just come back home early, so I can sleep in your arms tonight” She said, kissing him long and hard.
He pulled her closer to him “I could just stay and show you just how awesome you are” he said, lifting her to sit on him, then kissing her again, this time in control.
Taking in a breath, several minutes later, “I would like that, but I know you’ll be worried, so hurry up and go get dressed, I’ll let her know you are on your way”.
So he had gone to pick up Lisa, bought her a cup of coffee and taken her to the event as promised. But there was an after party that Lisa really wanted to go to, and he really didn’t want to leave her alone, so he went along. His first mistake.
When he took her home that night, he went in, so they could talk. She went in to go get changed, while he rummaged her fridge for something to snack on, he was ravished. He hadn’t noticed her come up, until he closed the fridge, clad only in a little tank top and some fuzzy boy shorts. She was looking great, not like he had never noticed, but he had always respected that they were friends, even when his friends had teased and accused him of having “smashed” that. He never had, and he hadn’t wanted to for a long time.
So he was surprised and shocked, when she came on to him and kissed him.
“What are you doing, Lisa?”
“Shhhh, don’t tell me you have never thought about it. We are still going to be friends, let’s just have this one night”
He couldn’t doubt the logic at that time, and in retrospect he knew it was just his ego that got the better of him. The need to know, the need to be able to say that he had indeed smashed that. The shameful thing, the thing that had kept him up at night, was that he never even thought of Blythe. Not until afterwards, not until he had realized just what he had done.
3months later, the day after his 5th year anniversary, was when he had gotten the dreaded call. Lisa was pregnant, with his child. He had laughed in her face. “That’s not possible hon, I have a very low sperm count, the chances of me fathering a child is one to a million”. But it turned out to be true, a DNA test confirmed it. His world had turned upside down.
How could he tell Blythe, she would never forgive him. She had wanted his child so much, talked about it constantly; how she couldn’t wait till she was done with her degree so she could spend the rest of her time, making love to him. She was sure that he would be a father, even knowing that it was almost impossible, she told him he would make a great father.
So he did the only thing he thought he could do and broke up with her, rather than face her tears when he told her the truth. He was sure, he had made the right decision. He had made the decision to be with Lisa too, because he could not have a kid of his growing up without a father, especially his only child. The child he will never get to see or hold in his arms. Lisa had miscarried, two months later.
His eyes felt a little damp now, he had lost so much it seemed. That’s why he wanted to talk to her, he needed her forgiveness. He needed to tell her, the words he had rehearsed over and over again, when he thought of seeing her. He said the words again, as he had whispered it to her, as she walked away.
“I’m so sorry”.
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