Friday, August 26, 2011

Blithed Roses….Nick

He was hardly unnoticeable at 6ft 8in, a towering empowering hunk of a man, but he was very sure she had been unaware that anyone else was with her in the elevator, even though they rode the entire 12 floors down together. Nick knew a lot about being oblivious to surroundings. He was often lost so deep in thought, sometimes for hours, especially when he was thinking up a concept for a new book so he did not begrudge her that.

In fact, one of the reasons he had noticed her was seeing his very first work of fiction “Secret Haven” in her bag. Nick had tried to catch her eyes to ask her if she had read the book and enjoyed it without revealing to her that he was the author of course, but she had barely glanced up when she got in on the 12th floor and just that tiny moment when he had looked into her eyes had him hoping for a lifetime with her.

The exaggerated feeling, exaggerated because hoping for a lifetime with someone after a brief eye contact was the stuff that made tons of people millions in Hollywood and put others on the New York Times Best Seller List, not what happened in real life and was an improbable feeling in his opinion. At 35years of age, Nick had ‘seen’ enough of life to know that there are many layers to a person, and when you bring two humans together, it took a lot more than what one felt to unravel the layers of each other enough to want to spend a lifetime together. He was no cynic however, neither had he been ‘burnt’ he was just a realist, an author who saw life in black and white with no shades of gray.

Like Nick often did, he would fly to the state that was to be the setting of his latest book, which was why he was in California. He had never been here before and it appeared to have been the best decision he made in recent times, second only to him quitting his job as an architect to become a writer. His mind was telling him that he could do without the distractions; he also had not been in a serious relationship in the past 10yrs. His eyes however had gone on to undress her, lingering on her apple bottoms, referring to more than just the jeans she wore. He noticed the details; her hair, her fingers, her eyebrows, and he could tell that she took very good care of herself, right down to her toes.

Nick watched her as she walked through the giant revolving doors of the hotel. He thought of how many times the women in his life had called him lazy, how he never ‘chased’ them, he never came ‘after’ them and he wondered if he would regret not stopping her to at least get her name. He could live with the regrets though, but he knew better than to have gone after her today. He was an observant man and he knew she was in no mood to talk, so he went about his day. He had a full day of tourist things planned and he had been looking forward to it.

The first thing he did when he got back in was take a quick shower and head to the pool, situated right in the middle of the hotel. It was the perfect time too, 'cause it was devoid of anyone, especially the ton of kids he had seen there in the morning. He came up for air at the end of the Olympic size pool his second time around when he saw that there was someone else in the pool.  He did not believe much in coincidences, this was an opportunity; an opportunity he was bound by all that was holy to take advantage of. He watched her from the corner of his eyes for a while and saw that she was not a confident swimmer, not able to go the full length of the pool without stopping once or twice, and always staying by the side where she could reach out for the rails. He swam up and waited for her to come out of the pool.

“Hi my name is Nick” he started to say but she interrupted him in the most beautiful voice he had heard in a while.

“Nick Downey, 35th most eligible bachelor in America, same as your age, except of course you lied, yes I know who you are”

“You will get to know, that I do not lie” He retorted.

“That was your first lie” she said.

“You are quite right, what is true however is that you are a shitty swimmer and I could help you, but I would like to know your name”

“The shitty swimmer’s name is Blythe and I’ve had enough of the water actually, would you like a drink? You can tell me all about your book so I don’t have to actually read it”

“Your room or mine?” He had gone for the shock value since she was being bold.

“I was thinking more of the bar. Meet you there in 15mins.” Her voice even and calm.

His face registered some shock but he continued “I’m going to take that as meet you in 45mins”

“I don’t like to be kept waiting Nick. See you in 15mins.” And with that Blythe walked away.

Again Nick was left staring at her very ample bottoms. The exaggerated feelings had returned in full force.

To be continued…..

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Hello guys, let me know what you think. I struggled with introducing a new character but I hope I did ok. Enjoy.


P.P.S I need a name for the story o. Any ideas?


  1. Love the interplay between them, lol...By the way, are we now moving forward?

  2. I liked it. The dialogue is great and you did well introducing the new character.

  3. Vantastic sturvzzzzzzz

    You can name the series, Blithed Roses. This is from off the top of my head by the way.

  4. oooohhhhh, i like this twist! are we gonna see more of the ex though? please update more, your suspense is killing me! :D

  5. @Myne - Yaaay, glad you like and yes ma, but still everyone will be connected somehow sha, at least i think. Lol

    @Etoile Oye - Yaaaay, thank you so much

    @Ms cookie - Thank you :)

    @Phoenixnja - First off, u commented. Does happy dance. Secondly, thank you for that. Thirdly, thank you for the name, that's what i'm going with.

    @Enitan - Yaaaay, i;m glad u like. Yes you will and you have to wait till Friday, ma binu :)

  6. Loving the wit and how you're twisting them all around. Nuiiiice!!!Well done on the consistency thus far too!!!And do i sense tinges of neefemi thrown here and there in the characters?lol.

  7. I seriously dont know how I missed all of this?! I just started from the beginning and I am loving it so far!

  8. @T.Notes - Lol, you already know this. Thank you dear.

    @HoneyDame - awww that means a lot, thank you.


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