Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday - Love

I'm not sure why i picked that topic other than the fact that i'm listening to Praiz's new song "I Love You". I've been in awe of his voice ever since Nems introduced him to me, and i'm happy he is doing well now and i wish him loads of success. Check out his new song below.

Lets random shall we?

I have loved. I don't want a repeat performance again. All the love i have left is for my unborn kids.

I survived an earthquake, a hurricane and a tropical storm. Whoop Whoop!! Lol. I actually felt quite loved tho, cos everyone checked on me. Thank you all very much.

I still expect the ex to check on me. Weird. It was what, a year? How are people who were together for like 5yrs, 10yrs, able to stop speaking to each other, caring for each other, checking on each other? and i don't even care how much you all hurt each other or were bad for each other. Honestly not ever going through this again that much i can tell you and i'll still be very happy in life.

Oyinbo aka baby sister is here with me. The girl is hilarious and makes me feel quite young. She's such an amazing dancer, i'm thinking of sending a video of her in for So You Think You Can Dance next's season. We checked out Julliard but she needed to be have been trained for a minimum of 3yrs and she has no formal training. Imma make her get a first degree, but i can bet with my life that a degree is not her path to success.

I couldn't even get a job in McDonalds now if i tried. A masters degree holder who can't get any kind of job. Sigh. Not sure why i'm in school. Not sure what my reason for life is, but i continue to wake up so there has to be a reason innit?

School starts on Thursday. First time in my life i am not excited. Shrugs.

Britney Spears is an Icon. Argue all you want but that girl paid a heavy price for the industry and i just hope she's really happy.

Beyonce and Jay have become the new Will and Jada. As seen on twitter just now "Beyonce was raised right. She was friends with Jay-Z, then dated Jay-Z, then married Jay-Z and is now pregnant by Jay-Z. In that order #CLASS". Lol, i really cannot deal. Folks slay me.

My mummy is awesome. I hope she's happy.

My uncle totally cock-blocked me at his brother's wedding and he is happy about it too. Lol, so i tell his brother i.e. the one who got married and he goes "when they don't want to die", meanwhile he has told me by my birthday i must be talking to someone. Lol. This will not be happening, because my birthday is in two months. Maybe next year and even that is highly suspect. Its a choice.

Every time i envision myself in a relationship, its a long distance relationship. Do you see that this is a curse?

I am excited to be 25. I will be at Disney World for my birthday being a princess on said day. God willing.

I am so sad that people think the killings in Nigeria is something to do with being Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa or even Muslim and Christian. We keep laughing about this, but this is not the time to be divided. A bunch of people have been brain washed and with their debased minds are killing innocent people. We need to stand up against this and not let these people destroy our great country. I pray for peace and unity in Nigeria.

Why do we hate ourselves though? i see what happens on twitter and blogs, the insults, curses, fights and i wonder how it got this bad.

A friend messed up and rather than say sorry, he reached out in other ways. It took me almost a month to realize though that was his way of saying sorry and i needed to accept that. For one, i would have continued fighting with myself and i would have continued missing my friend. I think we need to remember sometimes that everybody deals differently, so we have to be understanding. You also have to know when to call a friend out on his or her foolishness and demand the Sorry. A lot of times friends don't even know they have hurt you. - Things i have learnt from having way too many male friends.

We are not often very gracious as humans and i think i can understand that because its kinda of a hard concept to grasp. Its very abstract in nature. I'm learning to be gracious.

I'm not a jealous person. I really thank God for this.

I like that blogsville has introduced me to some really great future authors. Makes me proud.

O so a friend told my best-friend that cos i wore a Gele on my formal dress i was more of a wifey material than she was even tho both our dresses were scandalous. Lol, moral of the story? - Gele's rock.

The Help - The movie - SUCKED. Omg i was so disappointed considering how much i loved the book. It broke my heart and its still number one at the box office. Smh.

Pick up a book tho. Really. Books are awesome. I need to start reading more like self-help, non-fiction and kinds books that will help my growth, i stay reading novels.

YouTube is such a great platform. I love how they are making kids dreams come true. YouTube >> Google.

Nways i think that's it. Sorry for being a bore, kinda out of it today, but its nothing a good nights sleep can't cure. That's the miracle of mornings, it brings with it new joys.

On to the music shall we?

Praiz - I Love You

Sam Tsui - If I Die Young - So my sister told me i had to listen to this cover and i'm so glad i listened to her cos this boy's voice SLAYS. I'm in love.

David Guetta ft Sia - Titanium ... Sia's voice is soooo amazing

Amy Winehouse -Valerie ...Bruno Mars reminded me how much i liked this song. RIP

Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game - Enough said no

Enya - May it Be - This just makes me think of my brother. Very Angelic



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