Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday Returns…

Hi guys, how are you doing? Hope your weekend went well. I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibition in New York yesterday and I’m not sure if it was worth the more than 3hours standing in line, but it was definitely an experience. His tailored line was ‘FIERCE’ I mean just fierce, and I want so bad. He had only 3 dresses that I liked, and surprisingly they were the most feminine of the lot. The one was made from organza and it was just pretty.

I found that I am just not interested in fashion, I have a very simple style, I like my dresses feminine, but fit, I hate a-lines, I don’t like fluff, but I love colors, I love statement pieces/accessories mostly earrings tho, I love showing off my legs and I can wear heels all day. I think that even when I have the money to afford all I want to, my style won’t change, my clothes and all will just be expensive.

Nways, guys as you see in my title I am bringing back Music Mondays but more than that I want to be consistent on my blog. I feel like I am very undisciplined lately in my life, always passing off things I can do today for tomorrow and I’ve never been that kind of person. I feel like I am no longer dreaming and that’s part of the issue, and I’m just waiting for the next step in my life to happen to me. This can no longer be the case, so I’m starting small i.e. this blog.

On Mondays, will be Music Monday and I am inviting everyone again to be a part of it, including regulars like Miss Taynment and Lohi. My email is to send me a Music Monday Post. This was such a big part of my blog and I just let it go and there is no excuse cos music is still my very first love after Jesus of course.

On Wednesdays, will be our Praise Wednesday, yes I am moving Praise Thursdays a day forward. There I am going to share praise and worship songs, as well as some words that will hopefully inspire, encourage and uplift you. Again you can be a part of it by sending an email, I hope to see Miss Esther continue to be a part of it as well.

On Fridays, will be for now the story until I complete it, and after which I will just use to post whatever I feel like. In the meantime, if I ever do feel like posting anything I will on any of the other days, but I really want to be consistent with this and I hope you guys hold me accountable. Also I know a lot of you read the blog, via a rss feed/Google reader but I have added my tumblr page to the blog. Follow me on there and let me know if you have one so I can do the same. I like Tumblr.

O guys please follow @weplugoodmusic, like us on facebook and join us at the site I do music reviews on there and I’m telling you we have some of the best music out, on there and its not just mainstream stuff. You will discover one great artist, in a range of different genres, trust me. Check out as well. It’s a good look.

Nways let’s get to the Music shall we?….

My favorite song right now – All of the Night

I heard this song the other day and I remembered why I love Janet Jackson – 70’s Love Groove.

This song just makes me happy – Colbie Calliat ft Common – Favorite Song

I can definitely relate to this song, but more importantly this girl can sing. Check out my review of her EP here. Kelly Erez – Letters

O I just discovered this dude, cos I was given his material to review and let me just tell you, he has a very bright future – Cris Cab – Good Girls

Repping from my city Detroit – Big Sean baby - Live this life ft Dream

That’s it guys. Wishing you a fabulous week. Thanks for the comments, the prayers. God bless you all. See you on Wednesday



  1. Lovely songs. Will hold you to the Friday schedule o, :)

  2. oh yay, glad to have this back,
    i got a couple of my fav songs from your blog

  3. @Myne - Glad you like them, and i shall not fail you, i promise :)

    @Laurenta - Yaaay, so i'm happy then.

    @Tamuno - Love your name btw and thank you, glad you like.


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