Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Praise Wednesday - 70 x 7

At what point do you say enough is enough? At what point do you say its ok to be righteously angry because people are hurting you in one way or the other? At what point do you think, i'm leaving God out of it, this is a man made issue and should be dealt as such. The way i understand the bible, its NEVER. 70 x 7 times, you are supposed to turn the other cheek. For me that's always been hard and continues to be so, like i mentioned in my last post, somebody said some hurtful things to somebody who told a relation/cousin/friend/brother of mine and this was not the first time. I was so upset, this person has smiled with me, shared coffee with me and i wondered what i did to deserve that. It was everything in me not to call everyone involved and curse them out. 70 x 7, was what i heard that day.

I think its important to remember that in our lives. To let things go, and not always get caught up with things. My ex said people always talk, and i was so upset at his response and him, it wasn't what i wanted him to say, i also don't believe that to be right, but it happens to be true. Furthermore, you won't always get an apology for the bad things that people do to you/say about you, and sometimes still you might still have to continue to work with them, or have to be around them. Let me also tell you, that sometimes these same people, will make you feel like its your fault that they can do that to you, that well you are just insecure, that well you put yourself out there like that so its fair game, what did you expect? They will try to make you feel worthless. I think its important to let things go, as soon as humanly possible of course, because one hatred is a terrible thing to let fester and two it takes your focus from God. 

Harder said than done right? i was reminded again about this yesterday. The first two songs talk about just that, please really listen to what it says. The first one especially talks about him getting mad while he was driving. I have major road rage, omg. The only time you hear me every scream/curse is while i'm driving. I am liable to kill on the road. And in the song he talks about taking a step back to see that he could have died over lane changing. That got to me, and i hope it sticks with me to remember that its all not worth it, if its not for the Glory of God. The Third song also talks about the Peace that only God can give, and if you don't let go of the anger and the hurt and you don't focus on God and remain joyful, then you cannot receive the peace of God.

J.Moss - Let it Go - Stop all of the fighting, stop all of the cursing, stop all of the screaming.

J. Moss - Don't Let It - Don't let it steal your joy

Laura Story - Perfect Peace- In this time of trial, pain that no one sees, trust me when i say, that i will give you Perfect Peace.

This song i wanted to talk about. I heard it on the radio on my way to church and it stuck in a way i can't explain and shout out to Google, cos i just typed in the line i remembered and i found it. The song says "what if your healings come through tears, what if a thousand sleepless nights is what it takes to know you are near, what if the trials of this life are your mercies in disguise". As a fledgling christian, this is a VERY hard concept to grab. Why won't God just bless us, why have us go through trials to show his mercy? I can't explain it/why, i just know that i get it and if any of you can please explain it i would appreciate it. But i just thought that there is someone else like me who needs to hear this today.

Laura Story - Blessings

Nways that's it. I hope this touches at least one person today, i will be very happy with just one person.
God Bless you and make his face to shine upon you. I pray he meets you at the point of your need and touches you in a new way and in any way you are heart broken/ in pain and in need of healing, the Lord will heal you and will give you the kind of happiness people spend their whole lives searching for. AMEN.

P.S I Love You


  1. Awesome post.

    Check out 70x7 by Chris August. You will love it

  2. lauras song blessing definitely has touched me...just what i needed to hear ...considering my last post....i pray my healing comes sooner..thanks for the post ..its ur girl barefeet

  3. It's hard but possible...letting go is for one's sanity

  4. I understand. Sometimes, one just wants to feel the rage and act on it, but we are reminded that holding on only fuels the anger, and eats deeper into one's soul. Letting go is never easy, but it is always for the best.

    Amen to all your prayers. Lots of love to you too. xx.

  5. @Baldblackboy - I will. Thank you.

    @Barefeet - I'm really glad and AMEN dear.

    @Miss Enigma - Hugs

    @Blessing - Yes o

    @raindrops - Exactly. Amen and muuuuahhh


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