Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Praise Wednesday - Good Morning.

Hello Everyone, how are you doing? Its a special day for me cos my friend just had a baby girl. I'm so happy for her. I want a baby too. A baby boy tho. But this is not why we are here.

I only have one song for you this morning and i hope it makes you smile like it made me smile when i heard it yesterday.

I'm not particularly a morning person, some days i'm extra hyper, some days i just don't get why i have to be up anytime before noon. But i'm always grateful for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. I've said this before, for me when i'm sad and out i usually just want to go to bed, cos i know if God is gracious enough for me to wake up then things are going to be A- Ok. It means that there is joy and hope and new blessings. It means that God will give me the strength to fight whatever comes my way and i will be victorious. So yes the only solution to all my problems really is sleep - cos with a renewed mind, comes renewed energy, motivation and focus.

May God continue to see us through.

Mandisa ft Toby Mac - Good Morning

P.S I Love You

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