Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Praise Wednesday

Hi Guys, how are you doing? First Praise Wednesday, whoop whoop!!!! I know you guys are not as excited as i am, and are only looking forward to Friday. Isss okay, i understand :). I am glad you guys like though, i am truly honored. I replied every single comment for the past two months this morning, you guys made me smile, laugh and cry. You guys make sense all the time, you are not afraid to correct me or tell me the truth. I really and truly appreciate you all.

On to the post then...

I struggle with sin a lot, partly because i'm the kind of person like i said who is very aware of her misgivings. Like when i lie, i feel like i have committed murder, much more the big things. Like when i tell God, i will never have sex again and the next week i had. For someone like me, its hard to ever feel like, God is going to forgive me, like no matter how repentant i am, he can see that for one i enjoyed the sex, so how can he forgive me? Like i often think, that's why God has not done this for me, or that breakthrough he promised, he won't do it, because i have sinned yet again. Isiah 59 vs 2, says "But your sins have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear".

But because the Lord our God has infinite love for us, i read on a blog yesterday that he loves as much as he loves Jesus, all he asks is that we come back to him, confess our sins and we start with a new slate. Don't run away from him cos you think your sin is so great. James 1 vs 15 says "Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full grown, gives birth to death". That tells us that we don't have to let our sin be full blown. The wages of sin is death, only if we let it be full blown, so we must confess our sins to God and be repentant and work on not committing that sin over and over again. Matthew 9 vs 6 - tells us that "God has the authority to forgive sins' so rest assure in that.

Our sins, won't nullify the word of God, though it may delay it, but the word says his plans for you are to give you a good and expected end. It also says in Romans 11:29 "For God's gift and his call can never be withdrawn", his word his ye and Amen, so that which he has proposed on your life will surely come to pass, because his word can never go back to him void.

I'm trying to learn this a lot in my life, and i just thot i will share. It might help someone today. May God have mercy on us, but more importantly help us and give us the strength to overcome temptations, like he did. Amen.

A heart like yours - Cece Winans

Who am I - Casting Crowns

RIP Kona - You will never be forgotten.

That's it guys.... See you on Friday.

P.S I Love You


  1. one thing that always helps me is that, ive come to know that when God says He has forgiven us, it means that our slate has been cleaned. He no longer remembers the sin. so when we come back always asking for forgiveness for the same sin. He's like "what Sin?" lol. that always helps me. enjoyed your selection!

  2. ...Exactly where I'm in sin. I jst find it shameful to go have sex today and then tomorrow use the same mouth to pray and then by weekend i'm back feeding my body again *sigh*

    Love the songs!!!

  3. The song by Cece winans was just beatiful
    ive missed praise days on here!
    one more song for my gospel playlist

    God does love us unconditionally
    no other explanation for the fact that im alive and commenting here with how big a sinner i am

  4. You said it all!

    We were conceived in sin, so it's a daily struggle.

    What has helped me is getting closer to God and forsaking anything that doesn't please first it was hard...I still frolicked with sin from time to time...but somehow I got so busy seeking God and doing his work that sin became past tense in my life...God filled me like never before and all that displeases him began to irritate me...

    May God help us all to live a life that is pleasing and holy unto him...Amen

  5. I love this post Neefemi. I so relate...

    Thank you for sharing...

    Bless you...

  6. The sex part is my struggle too!!! I fell ashamed to ask for forgiveness after it was so obvious that I knew what I was doing, but God is merciful!

  7. @Miss Insomnia - That right there really helped me, cos i tend to rehash things over and over again. Thanks dear

    @Miss Enigma - Its a process love but God is gracious, so don't stress.

    @Laurenta - awww i'm glad its back then and he is a good God.

    @Blessing - Amen, i hope to be where you are soon.

    @Shade - Muaaaaahhhh. Amen and you too dear

    @Capricorndee - He really is.


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