Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Praise Wednesday

How are you?

I never stop asking this question. Its a very important question to me. Lucidlilith in her recent post said a lot of people ask this question, but never really want to hear your honest answer. She is absolutely right about that. Miss Taynement hates this question and yet i continue to ask, and when i know she's just going to say "fine" i go further and i ask "how are you really?"

I ask this question because i hope that you will talk to me and tell me whats going on in your life, cos then the next time i talk to you after you've told me everything, i want to be able to ask specific questions like; how is school? how is work? How is that business idea? How are your siblings? How's mumsy/popsy's health? How is your best friend? How is your marriage? How are the kids?.

It is with that in mind that i just want to pray on here today, for some people who have shared their lives with me, for others who by reading their blogs i know what they are going through, and for all of us as a community. Please join me in saying Amen and continue to pray, pray without ceasing and God will answer our prayers in Jesus Name.

I pray for those waiting on God for a life's partner. I know its not been easy, seeing those around you getting married, and its also not been easy hearing of failed relationships and marriages and wondering if you won't end up the same way. I pray that God will make your dreams come true, and give you the partner that you deserve, that will love you and cherish you, the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh and you will live long and happy together in Jesus Name.

I pray for those whose parents are dealing with one health issue or the other. We believe in the report of the Lord and the Lords report is that they are healed. They will live to see the Glory of the Lord, they will live to see you marry and see your children. Their lives shall not be cut short, the Lord will touch every prostrate, every breast, every kidney, every tissue, every lung, every bone in Jesus Name.

I pray for marriages today. The Lord said a man and a woman will come together and they shall be one and no one shall put them asunder. The Lord will restore your marriage, the Lord will bring back joy in your marriage, your testimony will change, your tears will cease and your marriage will be the example others look up to in Jesus Name.

I pray for those who are students. School will no longer be hard for you. School will become easy for you, Wisdom, knowledge and understanding beyond your years will be your portion. You will not drop out and you will graduate in Jesus Name.

I pray for those who are struggling with your identity. We as humans have no answer, we know what the bible says and sometimes that's hard to understand but i pray that whatever be the case, God will give you peace and happiness, because that's what God wants for each and every one of us. God is a merciful God and i pray he leads you in the right way.

I pray for those going through financial hardship, that even though the economy is in a downfall, your pocket will never run dry. God will provide for you and open new doors for you. You will prosper and be bountiful. The Lord will provide for all your needs according to his riches in Glory and you will never lack in Jesus Name.

I pray for family dynamics to be changed. I pray for there to be peace in our homes. I pray for us individually and as a community, may the Good Lord continue to protect us, protect our family and friends. I pray for good health and i pray for an accident free rest of the year and we will all see the year 2012 together in Jesus Name.


I'm stealing the song from T.Notes blog cos its so apt for this post. Enjoy

I'm sorry its late and that i missed my Friday and Monday post, i was out of town for my uncle's wedding and i tried but did not have time to ever finish the posts. I promise to prepare better for next time i know i'm going to be busy/out of town.



  1. Thank you for sure a prayer...may GOD bless u my dear.

  2. Amen! How are you, Neefemi? What about my namesake Oye?

  3. I'm touched.I actually i'm affected by the prayer so i indeed appreciate it.

  4. A big AMEN! to every single prayer.

    Wow, you pretty much covered it all.

    May God also grant you your own hearts desire IJN amen.

  5. Amen....amen...amen.
    U've got a good heart.

  6. Ameen to you prayers babe. May God grant u your heart desires too.

  7. amen but how are you ...u never mentioned... u just dash us prayers ..well we dash u the same and every one of your heart desires that are in line with Gods will...xx hugs barefeet...( somehow it wont let me leave a comment with my blog account so i always have to leave a comment under anonymous)

  8. @U - You welcome. Amen dear

    @Etoile Oye - I'm good dear. not bad at all. And she's doing well, thanks for asking. Hugs.

    @A-9ja-Great - I'm glad dear and i'm looking forward to your testimony.

    @Mimi B - Amen, thank you so much.

    @T.Notes - You flatter me hon. Thank you xxx

    @Shorty - Amen

    @Barefeet - Lol, i'm good dear. Thank you for asking. AMEN.

    Not sure why, i've checked and its def not from my side. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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