Thursday, August 4, 2011

Q & A - Get to know me

Two things i've done today, read and write, all day..... ALL DAY.

Hi guys, so i totally, had something else i was going to post today, but i saw this and i decided to do it. You get to know me a lil but more. :). Feel free to join in, if you are so inclined. Just send me a link to let me know that you did it. Thanks.

1. Heterosexual  - I love me a fine fine man.
2. Singing.
3. BB - yea, yea, yea it is what it is.
4. Never been on a first date. Never. At 25 and four boyfriends later, this is a shame.
5. I'm pretty high on self esteem. I think i'm worth a heck of a lot, even i might not be super awesome.
6. Amorighoye.
7. Ken Folliet - The Third Twin
8. Telling me you know i'm going to do you. Lying, Smoking, Smelling, extreme cockiness, flashing wealth.
9. Oye, is pretty awesome. She's my partner and my first true love, before bb, lol. She gets me, she is there for me, she lets me be me, never judges, prays for me, fights for me. God brought her to this world just for me.
10. I have no favorite animal. I do want one of those tiny dogs that never grow tho or a pink rabbit.
11. My siblings and a whole bunch of friends.
12. He said he didn't see the future with me any longer.
13. I saw my advisor about what classes to take next semester. Played Words with friends with Daniel.
14. Not sure that i have achieved anything yet. I guess maybe starting my doctorates. Not sure, really.

15. Liars. cheats and fakes, folks who take advantage of people. Describes a lot of people i know.
16. Wow, that's hard. Just heard Janet Jackson's "70s Love Groove" and i'm in love.
17. He kissed me on my neck, he knows i like that and turned me around and kissed me long and hard and we kissed for a long while. I love to kiss.
18. A good set of teeth and a great smile.
19. Never had a pet.
20. Coffee flavor. i'm addicted to coffee
21. In Paris - Not sure why, but all week, that's what been on my mind. I wish i could be there on a warm summer night like this.
22. That i was a side chic to BB.
23. Ibadan, Lagos, Ondo, Lagos, Ibadan, Michigan, Ohio, Houston.
24. You could get me a ticket out of here. Lol, no, i'll love you if you were not so selfish.
25. I have big plans. To help change the health system in Nigeria, own an orphanage, be a professor, travel the world, adopt plenty kids, be the best manager ever. etc. Big plans.
26. That i caused all of this. That i was too foolish, too naive, i should have left at the first sign, that i'm a failure.
27. I have to go to fedex to do something for the bro. I didn't do it today. And start on the 4 novels i got yesterday.
28. A professor, Minister of Health, a mother, a friend, a sister, a wife (i hope).

29. I never remember the answer to this question. I immediately try to repress embarrassing moments. O wait i remember. When i was much younger, i'm talking 17, i wanted someone to hear what was playing on the radio and i put the phone to the radio and not the speakers and all the boys who were much older btw, laughed at me.
30. That poverty will follow me. God forbid. That i will never truly be happy. God Forbid.
31. Buy my mum a house and my dad too. Set up funds for my siblings education and my children. Buy a house, actually two for me. Repay (for lack of a better term) all who have helped me and a lot much more. Start plans for my orphanage.
32. I like no one. But for the future i would like a man who is tall, has 6 packs, clean shaven, British accent, nice hands, educated and o is White.
33. My nails. OMG, they are gorgeous. See my tumblr page, if you don't believe me. Hmmm, but they probably didn't mean anything physical right? Lol. I love that i do the most, and i love that that wasn't taken away from me despite all I've been through.
34. LIARS. o and Fakes. Selfish people. People who take advantage of people that like them. Bad English.
35. I've not seen a band live, YET. Seen a lot of artists tho, Chris Brown, Fabulous, Ludacris, Chrisette Michelle.... a lot.
36. Lol, this is a repeat question but some of my other best friends are Ayo, Jide, Ife, Jibs, Nems, BJ, Yoms Miss Pearl .... Just one female, you see my life?
37. Out my body, no more than 4. Plus adoptions, no more than 8.
38. Picnic in a park. It seems silly, but i'm shy around guys i like, so this will be ideal for me, cos its casual, not so private and can be so much fun, if he's inventive.
39. A lot of things actually, lol. Cooking though i will say and writing.
40. Probably knowing that my siblings got evicted. A lot of things that seem so huge to me now seem so small and not worthy of being called traumatic.
41. No place but home, Nigeria or maybe Brazil.
42. So many nice things have been said to me, Ife told me i was gorgeous yesterday. He's an ashewo tho.

43. Not really, i want a place of my own but no complaints still. I want to move to NY.
44. Rookie Blue is showing. I love this Show. I picked this over Suits today.
45. My siblings are my life. They are why i'm alive really and we have a pretty great relationship, then again i'm older so they have to LOVE me. lol. My sisters and i were using our bbm statuses to talk to each other the other day and i have spoken to the bro like 4 times today. He locked his key in his car and blames me. :)
46. Lol, what is it with the pets yo? no pets.
47. MONEY!!!! Sigh. And o, getting word back from this folks. God is in control
48. That he would change and be perfect and love me and we will have awesome looking children. Lol. That all my dreams will come true, i will never lack, i will be happy and i will get this position.
49. My mum and i, have a great relationship. I tell her everything and she worries about me more than my siblings. She is pretty awesome, she believes so much in me and my dreams, i love her so much. My dad and i have a very civil relationship, i tell him things only if he asks and i never lie, like he knows about bb. Our relationship used to be so much better too, but i love him still.
50. The only word i can think of about myself is strong, which is ironic, because i hate that people say that a lot about me.
51. That you took advantage of my love and that hurt me more than you'll ever know.
52. From my bro - Where you dey now?
53. That i have small boobs. Lol. The fact that i worry way too much and that i'm not better spiritually.
54. An educated mind. My boy ife will tell you that about me. All you have to do to get my pants off is be able to engage me in conversation for a long time, make me laugh some and that's it. I'm easy.
55. Liars, especially when its against me. O and ignorance, i could kill a nigga when they bring that shit near me.
56. I love school. But of cos, we all hate the long hours that go in with that.

There you go. It actually made me think. Like i swear, i couldn't think of what self esteem meant or insecurities. Lol. I always have to think hard when it comes to talking about myself. Nways will be back soon.



  1. I can't believe I actually read everything. Lol. was very interesting. You're not a failure...always remember that. You're on this earth for a may not see why yet. But, it'll come to pass soon. I hope God grants you the partner of your dreams. Someone that'll love you for being you. And, love you unconditionally. Amen.

  2. That is one long meme, but I learnt a lot about you reading some of your answers.

  3. 54 is caught my attention.I'll keep it in mind just in case i ever meet you in person.LOL Nice,i feel like i know you very well.

  4. First time on your blog and I'm getting to know you, that's pretty cool. I also have to think a lot when I have to talk about myself.
    oh 56, mehn i tire for school sef and number 33 I love my nails too.

  5. @Sweetly Broken - i Can't believe you did either. Lol. Thank you so very much. And will do, AMEN and AMEN. God bless you.

    @Myne -Sorrry, but thank you so much for reading and i'm glad :)

    @A-9ja-Great - Lol, ok o. I'm glad.

    @Coy - Welcome and thank you :)

  6. nice very nice... made me do mine 2.. ps;nice blog


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