Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blithed Roses - Blythe and Nick

Blythe walked away as fast as she could, knowing that his eyes remained on her rear end, hoping that she won't fall and then die of embarrassment. She walked even faster when she was sure she was out of his view and then ran the distance to the elevator as she saw a cute Asian couple come out of it, pressing the close door button furiously so no one else would come in with her. Her sigh of relief, as the elevators rode up was audible, and then came the smile that started slowly and spread across her face so brilliantly. Any one that might have seen her at that point would have considered her the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. She counted mentally along as the elevators rode up, again hoping no one came in on either of the floors and therefore delaying her; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and finally 12.

She had not planned this, i mean how could she? she wouldn't have guessed that she would have run into Nick by the pool, but she had and the bravado that had pushed her to talk to him, she hoped stayed with her the entire night. It had all started this morning. As she walked into the elevator on the the 12th floor, she registered the ruggedly looking fine man for a second, but then focused on her thoughts, reminding herself that Drake was history and she needed to move on with her life. Her senses however, were aware of the man who was staring at her unabashedly, from head to toe, spending a lot more time than was acceptable at her derriere.

She forgot about the man in the elevator as soon as she walked out of the hotel, looking forward to some retail therapy. Her first stop, the swim suit store. A Bikini or a one piece suit, she pondered. She always bought a tankini, a compromise between a bikini and the one piece, but now that she was a little bit more comfortable with her body, she felt confident that she would look great in a bikini. It was in this process of consideration, that she was interrupted by the sales woman.

"Are you finding everything ok? can i help you in any way?"
"Yes, thank you. I am just trying to decide on which to get, this bikini or this tankini piece"
"I like the metallic color of the tankini, but definitely, the bikini. The striking colors suit your skin tone as well"
"I think i agree with you. I will take it. Thank you" Blythe said, with a smile.
"You are welcome. Sure, if you would just follow me, i will ring this up for you"

At the register, Blythe was not able find her credit card, so she pulled out the entire contents of her bag, including the book "Secret Haven", the back of the book faced up showing the picture of a handsome looking man.

"He is so cute, isn't he? And such a beautiful writer" The sales woman said, while she waited patiently.
"Excuse me?" Blythe said, looking up from her search.
"The author of your book, Nick Downey. I think he is very handsome and I've not read this book yet, but his others have been great"

It was then that Blythe looked at the picture and saw the man that had been in the elevator ogling her. He must have noticed the book as well in her opened bag, but she had never even looked at this picture even though she had the book for over a month. The picture was a handsome one, although she felt like the rugged look he wore when she had seen him earlier suited him more. She nodded and continued to look for her card, eventually finding it lodged in the middle of the said book. She thanked the sales woman and left.

On her way back to the hotel, she decided to stop for some lunch, her tummy rumbling angrily from it being empty. Walking the mile to the Thai food restaurant she had been told was the closest, she stopped at a nearby newspaper stand to get some water and sugarless gum. She had already paid and was waiting for her change when she saw the GQ magazine 'Top 100 Bachelor's in America' with a smaller title introducing first timers on the list including #35 Nick Downey. She quickly added that to her items. She was now more aware of him than she had been 24 hours prior and it was time to get to know him, even if she never met him again.

She had been wrong, because now she was going on a date with him, if you could call it a date that is. She had gone to the pool without a watch, so she had no idea how many minutes she had left before having to get downstairs. She quietly berated herself inwardly for having suggested 15mins and not 30mins. As soon as she got into the room, she took off her tunic and bikini, as she simultaneously shrugged out of her bikini bottom, and jumped into the shower. Her hair was going to have to be wet, but she figured she could make it work and so she let the scalding hot water run over her for a couple mins, using her hands to clean up as much as she could and then ran out. 

She had only one outfit to wear, a nice silk bow grey dress, she had not been able to resist when she had been out shopping. She dried off, making sure to thoroughly dry off her hair, slipped on a bra, panties, her dress and a pair of low heels she had, shoved some things from her bag into her little purse, including the room key and dashed quickly to the elevator, pressing on it furiously, the light indicator showing it had stopped at the 7th floor. While she waited, she rummaged through her purse for a lip balm and some lipstick, making quick work to apply them on and just then the elevator dinged its arrival. 

She pulled her hair into a loose chignon as soon as she entered the elevator, sprayed on perfume, put on the earrings she was lucky had been in the purse and then put on her watch, which told her she had two minutes to get to the bar. It was only then, she was able to asses her appearance in the mirror, tucking some hair strands in place, pinching at her cheeks to give it some color and dabbing at her lips with her fingers to remove the excess gloss. She was satisfied with the look, but then remembered she had forgotten to use a deodorant so she quickly sprayed on some more perfume. By this time she was on the third floor, one more floor to go and she was ready, what for, she was unaware, but was interested to find out. She said a silent prayer as the doors opened and stepped out.

There he was, waiting, with a smile, erasing the unsure look she had for a second. He looked quite handsome and she returned his smile earnestly.

********** On the other side...

Nick had watched her leave, dazed. He had never before been approached that way, and that was saying a lot, because he had run into his fair share of stalkers. A stalker was different though, they were mostly uneducated, fame struck, and usually quite in fear of him by the time they were caught. Blythe did not appear uneducated, and judging from her straight forwardness and take charge attitude, she was no coward. He couldn't be sure, but it did not appear that she had come to the pool looking for him, i mean how would she have known? He had come down through the private elevators reserved for people who roomed on the pent-house floor. He picked up his watch, on the lounging chair, saw that he had at 12 minutes left and quickly picked up the rest of his belongings and walked to the elevator, again using the private elevator, ensuring that it would not have multiple stops that might delay him.

He figured, he would not have time to shave and hoped she liked a man who walked around with a 5 day stubble. Today, he was glad he was a man because all he needed was the 10mins he had left to get ready. A quick shower later, he dressed in dark comfortable jeans, a pink/blue short sleeve shirt, a pair of nice toms to match, his wrist watch, sprayed on some cologne and he walked out of his room, with 3 mins to spare, wallet in hand. He dabbed on some lip balm while he went down and instead of waiting for her by the bar, he decided to wait for her by the elevator. It might give him the upper hand, he needed this time, as she had bested him once already and he believed her when she said she won't be late.

Just about 10 seconds after he had arrived by the elevators, the doors dinged open, and Blythe came out. She was fresh faced and gorgeous. He was not sure why, but suddenly he realized his life was about to change, he straightened up and smiled. She looked unsure for a millisecond but then she returned his smile at full wattage, and walked confidently towards him.

"Hi' he said.
"Hi" she replied, a little dreamily....

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To be continued tomorrow. I hope you like. Enjoy

P.S I Love You.


  1. hey, this is really good, i've been reading up on the others and i really love the story line but i noticed something... you said she didn't go to the pool with a watch so how did she know she had 2 minutes to get to the bar? Maybe you could add or take out a few things to correct it. :* God bless you

  2. Hi Dosh, i wrote that she had two minutes to get to the bar, not the pool. She had already left the pool to go get dressed and then went to the bar.

    Thank you though, i really appreciate it. Amen and God bless you too


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