Friday, September 9, 2011

Blithed Roses - The Date

"Hi" He said
"Hi" She replied a little dreamily...

He took her hands in his and directed them to the bar, not saying anything till they had sat down and ordered drink; A stinger for him and a White Russian for her. Similar tastes in cocktails he observed, a good start. They both stayed silent while they waited for their drinks. He looking at her, Blythe looking anywhere but at him, taking in the ambiance of the lounge, observing the other couples out tonight, envying the way they shared laughs and looked deep into each others eyes, tapping her fingers lightly to the soft sounds of Miles Davis wafting through the speakers.

Finally the waiter came back with their drinks and as soon as Nick had a sip of his drink, he began to speak.

"You weren't kidding about not being late"
"You obviously believed me, otherwise you wouldn't have been waiting by the elevators"
"I would have waited for you if you were late though, and it would have been well worth the wait"
"Is this your way of saying i don't look good?"
"Quite the contrary, i have never seen any one look so beautiful, please never wear make up for me"
"For you?" She laughed
Smiling, he looked at his watch, he said, "15mins"
"What happens in 15 minutes?"
"That was how long it took me to get you to look at me, like you did earlier and laugh" Which made her laugh some more.

The earlier awkwardness and tension suddenly vanished and Blythe relaxed.

"Thank you for the compliment, you don't look so bad yourself Mr. 35th most handsome man, even with a 5 day stubble"
"You mean my man cave look, i will have you know that women all over the world dig this look and its not just for disguise" he retorted
"You will need a lot more facial hair to go around unnoticed, i am actually surprised that i haven't seen a flock of camera men here yet"
"That's because i am not yet on their radar, and i hope that it stays that way for a very long time. But please, one request for the night? No more, Mr. 35th most handsome man, that's really not me. Tonight i just want to be Nick Downey, the scrawny little kid from Detroit, who was asked on a date by the high school sweetheart and is still very much in shock."
"You have a way with words don't you Mr Nick Downey" She said laughingly. "Ok then, no more mention of that tonight, lets start over. Hi, i'm Blythe Thomas, a psychology professor, 28years old and a lover of all things artsy. And you are?"
"Nice to meet you Blythe, I am Nick Downey, a former architect turned fiction writer, 35 going on 50 and a lover of food"
"Is that so? I make the best home-made burgers, this side of the Atlantic"
"O, trust me i have superior cooking skills. I make the best pasta Alfredo, this side of the Atlantic"

And so it went, back and forth, back and forth, making every topic a competition. They talked about everything, favorite restaurants, music, sports, movies, books, places they had been to, places they wanted to go to, first kiss, first time, first love, first heart heartbreak, favorite designers, the size of their shoes, their childhood, his wild college years, her struggles, his achievements, their friends and plans for the future. Nothing was off topic, it was like they had known each other for a long time, the simiralities were uncanny, straight down to the fact that were days apart albeit years apart, both Scorpios. They talked until the bar closed, talked on the way up to his pent house floor, where they talked while he poured them drinks from the bar, sat at the balcony and talked till Blythe fell asleep.

She looked peaceful in sleep, a smile on her face, her arms wrapped protectively around herself, and he wished he was in those arms. He contemplated carrying her to bed, but thought better of it, so he went into the room, got her a pillow and a blanket, covering her and then bending down to put the pillows under her head careful to lift her gently. He watched her for a couple minutes more after that, removed some strands of her hair from face and kissed her gently on her forehead.

She smiled even in sleep, and whispered.


A frown spread across Nick's face as he walked into the room.

Ha, i know you did not expect that? Lol, you see how we girls have issues? How do you spend a great night with a guy and be thinking of the last guy. I Hope you liked it. I love that the way i ended it, it lets me extend the story a lil bit longer, but i should probably end it soon before you guys get tired of me.

Happy Birthday to Miss Taynement, wishing you all the very best. God's blessing, long life and prosperity. I pray that this new year, will be one filled with testimonies every month and God will shower you with more than you can even ask and hope for. Have a good one.

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