Friday, September 16, 2011

Blithed Roses - The Morning After...Part 1.

He touched her like it was the first time,
(was it the first time?)
like he had never felt her body in this way before,
(his hands felt a little unfamiliar)
(Who was he?)
she wanted to watch him, look at her and touch her, like he was doing,
(Why are my eyes closed?)
She had on blindfolds, she needed to take them off.

"Don't stop. Why did you stop?"
"Don't take it off. That was the deal, take it off before i want you to and i stop"
"I just want to see you"
"Use your hands Blythe or your mouth, but right now i just want you to feel, don't think, just feel."
"This is so not fair"
"I can stop if you want"
"No, don't you dare."
He laughed and kissed her deeply.

Felt, she did.
She had no choice actually as her brain stopped functioning,
The sensations taking over and orgasms raking over her body,
over and over and over again as his hands, and his mouth savored every inch of her.
Just as he was about to finally make use of the one part of his anatomy that she needed the most,
he took off the blindfolds and she saw him for the first time.

She smiled and
woke up.
It was just a dream. Her instantaneous disappointment was quickly replaced by the fact that for the first time in a long time, the man in her dream was not Drake and not whatever celebrity she was crushing on that week. She smiled once more, stretching and standing up, to check out her surroundings. It did not appear that Nick slept out here. Where was he? They had an awesome night; He was charming without effort, confident and funny, he appeared knowledgeable about almost everything and his ability to take cheap shots at himself, she found so appealing. Where was Nick? She wondered again as she walked into the room, she heard no water running from the bathroom and thought she had a quick chance to brush her teeth and freshen up before he returned.

The post it note, stuck on the mirror, stopped her dead in her tracks.
"Went for a run. Didn't want to wake you up. Called up for a toothbrush for you, just incase you need it. Don't run away. P.s. Who is Drake? ---- Nick"
Drake!!!! How did he know Drake? She ran into the room to check her phone for any missed calls. Did Drake call and Nick picked up the phone? No missed calls, of course, because she had put off her phone at some point during the night when the incessant calls from her friends would not cease. She must have mentioned his name in her sleep. She ruined it already. Drake had been out of her life for more than two years and yet he continued to haunt every area of her life. "SCREW YOU, DRAKE" she screamed out loud to no one in particular. She had to fix this, she will be honest with Nick and tell him the truth and hope he still liked her. They could be friends at least. Who was she kidding? She wanted to be more than friends as was clearly indicated by her dreams.

"Someone from my past, will explain later.. Need to freshen up. Meet me in my room. #1206 -----Blythe" she replied, and left his room. Rather than taking the elevator, she took the stairs down to her floor. Once in her room, she proceeded to freshen up, deciding not to shower, she had to be out of the room in less than two hours, having only gotten it for three days. She got her things together, called for some breakfast, made some coffee and wondered who will come to the door first, room service or Nick. She waited, nervously.

Nick ran himself harder, going two miles more than the regular two miles he ran everyday. He had not slept much last night and he needed to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that ran through his spine. Jealousy? A trait that was unfamiliar to him, so he could not define it. Insecurity? He could see no reason why that would be? Whatever the case, she had baggage in form of someone called Drake, and experience had taught him that only a superhero could handle the load of most women and he was no super hero, he was just a man. Nonetheless, he was intrigued by all he had seen by Blythe yesterday. Her laughter, the way she reasoned, asking questions of him that showed him she was insightful and saw the world in a unique way. He loved her wit and satirical humor and she was just so sexy.

He got back into the room and yelled out her name, already guessing that she would not be there and was ecstatic to find the note she left. He had envisioned her leaving without leaving a number or address and tried to recall all she had told him the night before, confident that he could and would find her. He showered and dressed almost as quickly as he had the night before and ran down the stairs just in time to waylay her room service delivery, making sure to tip the guy appropriately. He collected himself before ringing then bell.
"Room Service" he called out.
"Coming" she replied.

She opened the door, a mix of surprise, nervousness and hope, enveloping her face
"I hope you ordered for two" he said, smiling.

To be continued.
Hello everyone, how are you doing? I decided to do this into two parts so its not so long and or boring. Also because i need to study really bad. Will post up part 2 on Sunday though, rather than next week. I hope you like. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Wow.... u are such a good writer, i stumbled upon ur blog by mistake and i swear i just finished reading ur short stories all in one sitting, and i cant wait for more.... mind you im not a short story kinda reader.... u are awesome. please put more work out NOW... like right NOW. lol.
    you just gained a follower dear miss.

  2. Im glad you've let us comment again neefemi! I'm REALLY enjoying the blythed roses and come on here every day hoping for an update :)

  3. @Nutty J - Thank you so mcuh

    @lovelife4sale - O wow, i am so honored. Thank you very much, that means a lot.

    @Enitan - Aww Enitan, thank you. You really make me want to continue. Will post up the next one in a few.

  4. Yes im one of those that just come by and never get to leave a comment cos im always at work whilst reading ur blog...but this has got me stuck in my tracks the style and will be sure to buy the book when its out..please make sure its available on kindle..keep writing

    its ur girl Barefeet (i have to leave a comment as anonymous cos it wont let me post a comment with my blog account dont know why)

  5. @Barefeet - I really don't know why this is so, i have checked all my settings and there is no problem on my end. Sorry about that though.
    More importantly, thank you so much. That means a lot to me, you can't know how much. And if i do, i will definitely be sending it to you, no need to buy.

  6. me tooo! lol. I loveee these stories. stumbled on ur blog yesterday and i've been reading the Blythed roses slowwwwly cos i don't want it to finish :( nice job hun

  7. Thank you so much..I really appreciate it


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