Monday, September 19, 2011

Blithed Roses - The Morning After...Part 2.

"I hope you ordered for two" he said, smiling.
"Yes, i did. Thought you might be hungry after your run". Blythe replied as she ushered him in to the room.
"Quick, let's get married"
"Excuse me!!" Seeing him bent over in laughter, she joined in.
"You are silly"
"You should have seen your face, will it be so bad to be married to me?" replied Nick.
"I would think not, No. However, had i said no, i might have hurt your feelings"
"And, had i said yes, you would have labelled me crazy"
"Actually yes, i would have left this room and never looked back"
"I promise you i am not that crazy, i have some baggage and I've been called weird but not crazy"
"Ha, the elephant in the room!! I wondered who would bring it up first. Can i at least start to eat, i am famished." He said reaching for the plate of eggs, toast and sausages.
"A girl who remembers how i like my eggs after just one conversation, we really should get married" He said.
"It was more of a guess actually, i had forgotten but you don't look the sort that would like his eggs runny"
"Real men don't eat eggs of that nature" Nick retorted

They remained silent for a while as they enjoyed their food, both eating a little more slowly than they normally would. Nick wondered if he could deal with the fact that he might find out that she is unavailable to him and Blythe wondering if being completely honest with him was the way to go on this. She looked at the time and saw that she had about an hour to check out of the room. She decided then that she didn't want to have this conversation here, she needed air. Standing up, she dropped her plates and searched for her keys.

"What do you have planned for the rest of today, Nick?"
"I keep my days unplanned, when i come out to write. What are you looking for?"
"I'm looking for my keys, i need to be checked out of here in an hour and i thought i might show you around town"
"Sounds great, let me go get my camera and a note pad, maybe change my shirt, meet you down in 10 minutes" He said this, as he moved quietly behind her.
"Sure, i still need  to find my keys."
"You mean, these keys" Nick said, reaching out his hands to bring her up and drawing her close at the same time.

He reached out to brush his fingers gently across her face
"I want to kiss you. But i need to know that if i do, it won't be the last time and that you don't belong to another."
"I do not. But i think its best, i told you about my past before you kissed me. You might not be so willing then."
"That is not likely. I will go now, and meet you at the lobby and hold you to the kiss for a later time". Giving her the keys, he kissed her cheeks and left.

Blythe could not believe that she had held her composure, when she had wanted to beg him to kiss her as she looked into his eyes. Seeing in his eyes how much he wanted her had made her giddy and powerful. Leaving the room, she headed to the lobby to check out and wait, but not for long cos Nick arrived just as she was done. He carried her bags, as they walked towards her car.

"What's a Californian without a convertible huh?
"Tell me about it, it cost me an arm and a leg but i was determined to have one. You know that dream of having my hair blowing wild with the wind, the scarf around my neck, in my dark shades, as i cruised around? Just had to have it."
"Remind me to put that in my book"
"You should see plenty to put in your book where we are headed" she said driving out of the parking lot and headed towards the highway. 

Nick was soon lost in the scenery, taking pictures of everything he saw, things that could inspire him when he wrote, he said. She was taking him to a winery and the route there possessed one of the best scenery in all of California. They were about halfway into their journey when Nick turned to her and said;
"Who is Drake? I need to know"
Blythe took her time before responding,
"Drake is the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with. We were together for five years and we have been apart for two years. I saw him again for the first time since then on Friday, at my friends engagement party."
"That's why you were at the hotel? You were there to hide."
"Yes, i am a little ashamed at it too and i am sure my parents and friends are worried sick with my disappearing act, but it was just such a shock to see him again after all those years"
"Do you miss him?"
"No, i do not. I miss what we had, and i still wonder what part i might have played in him ending the relationship, but no i do not miss him."
"But if you still mention him in your dreams, it might mean that you still love him, don't you think? and maybe you are not so over him as you thought"
"I haven't been with a guy in two years Nick, so i have no way to know that I've been calling out Drake's name while i sleep. But you have to understand that i had just seen a man i once loved deeply and obviously a lot of past memories have been evoked."
"I do understand and that is why i want to know. I did not have to mention it, but i enjoyed spending the night with you and i want to be able to do that again, and that can't happen if you are in love with someone else"
" I am not in love with him, not anymore but i wonder if you can ever stop loving someone. All i can say is that i see no scenario where he can ever be in my life again"
"Never say never, my dear"
"And in most areas of my life, i would agree with you but not when it comes to my heart. For whatever reasons, he did not believe in us enough to stay together, he has moved on and i just want to do the same."
"So i'll be your rebound guy then"
"Surprisingly enough, i am ok with that"
"You could also be more than just a rebound"
"Might just stick to being the rebound guy, i get to have plenty of sex that way"

Blythe hit him across the chest playfully and continued to drive.
A couple minutes passed before Nick spoke.

"I will like to be more than your rebound guy"
"What did you say?"
"I said, i want to be more than your rebound guy. I don't know much about love, fate or destiny, i just know that two people who meet and have a connection as strong as the kind between us, ought to explore it and savor it. So i'll be patient, till you are ready and just see how this works out"
By this time Blythe had stopped driving, having reached their destination. She turned around to face him and said
"I'll take that kiss now"

And so he obliged....

Its still Sunday in California. Sorry guys, i blame twitter, plus the Emmy's, plus me sleeping half the day away. Nways i hope you like it, its off the top of my head and i don't know, i just hope it reads good. Thank you for all the support and Music Monday will be up as usual, but much later in the day. Enjoy and God Bless.

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  1. I like it. I keep wishing there's more.

  2. wow its still pretty good..... i want more NOW pls

  3. I like this :) Read it all. Beginning to the very end.

  4. You are a very good writer!
    Love the story and can't wait for the next part..
    Like the way the make both guys look like every woman's dream i am confused on who i want her to be with....Really nice!!!!

  5. Back to say. If this were a book. I'd totally buy it. And refer to a friend. :)

  6. @Tecknicoluer Girl - Thank you so much :)

    @lovelife4sale - Lol, i have school, so please bear with me and expect them on Fridays.

    @24yroldteenager - I'm really humbled and appreciative. Thank you so much, that means a lot.

    @A-9jagreat - Thank you very much.

    @Divine - Thank you so very much :)

  7. I love your story, I'm a romance novel fanatic and I love writing. This would be the kind of story i would write if I could stop being lazy about it. i started a story but I dont think i constructed it well and so now i'm stuck after the 2nd part. Its called The fairytale kiss, have a look at it

  8. @slightlyofkilter - Thank you so much, and i read the story, you should def continue it, you never know where it might lead you to.


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