Friday, September 30, 2011

Blithed Roses - The first kiss

There are few things as intoxicating as the first kiss. It remains the most intimate thing that occurs between a man and a woman, second only to having a child together. That might be surprising to some of you and you might not agree but take a minute now to think about your very first kiss. Too long ago to remember right? But for those of you who can, do you remember how magical it was? How special you felt as you closed your eyes and took it all in, drowning the sound of your pounding your heart.

Most women however wait a lifetime to meet a guy that will kiss them and have them raise their one leg, like they watched in movies and Blythe was not different. Kissing has always been a big deal to her, and in the two years since Drake no guy had come close to kissing like he did. Another reason why she still remained single was the fact that the few guys she had been on dates with were horrible kissers, of the very worst kind. Too sloppy, too eager, too much teeth, too much tongue - all just very gross.

There was nothing gross about this current kiss however, and devoid of any thought,  Blythe kissed Nick with everything she had and he kissed her back with equal pleasure. Her small lips were just perfect for his and fused perfectly together, creating a melody that was unique as it was exciting and when Blythe felt like she could take no more and wanted to feel Nick close to her she leaned in to him and in doing so leaned on the horn, the honk tearing them apart.

"I'm so sorry" - she said
"Nothing to be sorry about. That was WOW!!" Nick replied, laughing.
"I know, i'm so embarrassed we don't even know each other"
"I beg to differ, a kiss tells a lot and by God were you talking a lot right now"
"Really, what did my kiss tell you about me?"

Again the incessant thought that he had found his one came floating to his mind but he quickly pushed that away. This was simply lust, and the bulge in his pants agreed with him, any guy will go crazy with the way she kissed. Her small lips possessed a certain sweetness, he had been shocked by and where he would normally take charge, he let her as they savored each others mouth. Nick wanted to tell her that it made him want to have her right there and then, and then spend the next week and the rest of his life pleasuring her in ways that she could only imagine, but he thought better of it.

Leaning in to her, he kissed her lightly and said
"that you are passionate" then he kissed her again
"that you are bold" kissing her yet again
"that you are strong" another kiss
"and equally delicate" yet another kiss
"and that before we both go somewhere neither of us is ready for, we should probably leave this car."

Exiting the car, Blythe staggered a lil bit, needing to hold on to the car to avoid falling out-rightly.
She had gotten her 'weak knees' kiss for the first time, and she was sure to never forget this, she was thinking when Nick interrupted her thoughts.

"I have never actually been to a winery, this is exciting."

To be continued ----

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Hi guys, this is a short one, but i thought it was appropriate this way, either that or i am being lazy so forgive me. Let me know what you think.

P.s I Love You


  1. Oh baby!!! I think I could do with that kind of kiss right now...maka y?! Happy Independence day to us Neefs!!!

  2. my first kiss wasn't special. It was stolen from me by a person i don't even love.

  3. oohhh yayy! *clapping in excitement* i lurrrve where this is going :D

    My first kiss was horrid! urgh! wish i could forget!

  4. Totally love it! What a kiss! *drooling*

  5. You have to put this together into a book. I promise i'd buy. :)


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