Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday - Friday Night Jammings

Hello Y'all

How are you doing? I hope your weekend was fantastic. I chilled all weekend, watching sports all day Saturday and i have not started studying o. Its all so overwhelming jo and i'm not ready for school at all, but i have assignments due, so guess whose ass is going to be up all night now? Sigh. I'm not as smart as i like to think.

Going to random for a lil bit, and keep it all about music today.

Why Serena? Why? It was your game to win. I'm still amazed at how mental sports is, and i keep thinking i should have gotten my Masters/PhD in Sports Psychology like i wanted. Maybe a Dual Degree. Yes? No?

I used to hate Nigerian Music, absolutely hated it and now let's just say that i'm proud and liking the progress. I continue to be picky and can also be very biased i guess, but we have great voices coming out of Nigeria and i'm happy. Its rather unfortunate that its going to take more than your talent to make it, the politics in the entertainment industry is reflective of the politics of the country and dare i say worse. With that said though, go cop Show Dem Camp's album. My second fav album out of Nigeria this year, The first being DJ Klem's "AfrofunkyDiscoSoul" and the third being "Beautiful Noise" by Timi Dakolo.

I feel bad for people who consistently use others and take advantage of people. It just seems like life must be lonely for you and if it comes to a point where you actually need someone, i wonder if you can pick up your phone, go through your contact list and call someone that will genuinely do something for you.

I did a race test, twice and it says that i have a sight automatic preference for European Americans than African American. The Thing with doing all these tests, it doesn't take into account your feelings, experiences etc. I don't think i care if you are white or black, i care about your character. I honestly cannot tell anything about you from the color of your skin, but i thought that was interesting. Take the test yourself here -

RIP Andy Whitfield. The news really made me sad. Life is so unfair you know. The man was BEAUTIFUL.

O so about the story, i really really hope you are enjoying it. The idea was to actually see if i can write a complete book on here, but i just compiled what I've written so far on Ms Word, and its only 21 pages. 21 pages? I swear i thought i had like a 100 pages sha. Omo, doubt has entered o, how will i ever do it? Miss Myne, how did you do it? I write everything on the fly, so maybe that's more a hindrance than i thought, and i need to sit and think of the next chapters and all that. But we'll see sha. I want to be a fictional writer someday and in Jesus Name, it will come to pass.

I hate food. Why do we have to eat anyways? My tummy stays hurting from eating, and i'm in pain as i speak.

Nways, I think that's it for today. Nothing special going on in my life at the moment. This is not such a bad thing after-all. The songs below = what i spent my Friday night listening to. Enjoy.

One of my favorite Songs from the lovely Jill Scott is this

Floetry - Sometimes you make me smile

Mariah Carey - Emotions

Pregnant Whitney Houston doing her thing

And as a Bonus


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