Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I did what I've been doing a lot of recently which is taking my sweet time doing nothing. Again, i come back to something I've struggled with a lot this year and that is discipline. I just don't feel like i have been committed/focused/passionate and disciplined as i have always been. Its been a hard year i guess, but i need to fix up. I just need to fix up. In other for me to be successful, i need to start to walk the talk, starting today.

Allow me ramble for a bit though...

I do not know maths. I was telling a friend of mine this the other day and he was cracking up, but i honestly don't know maths. I literally count 2 +2 by hand, no joke, one of the biggest ways to make me look stupid is if you ask me how old someone is today if they were born say in 1976? I actually cannot tell you that without using a calculator. I've also come to the conclusion that one of the reasons why this is so, is because i am bad at recalling things even though i can see them. Let me explain. So i cannot recall to you right now all the chapters of the Bible, if you asked me to open it in the Bible, i know exactly where Nahum is for example. I cannot tell you what letter 'L' is after without reciting the alphabets and i could not recall all 36 states(its still 36 right?) in Nigeria but if you drew a map for me, i could fill them in. Nways just wanted to share some of my flaws with you :)

I'm convinced that Chinese people worship onion and think its the cure to every disease there is. Don't believe me? See for yourself. That was more than half of the food btw.

Some study was conducted that mentions the fact that given the same identical resume, employers were more likely to pick the American name than the black name. Even before i saw this study i have often told people that i believe this is one of the reasons why i haven't attained a job. Like even in Nigeria, i bet seeing Olubukunola Oluwanifemi, can be scary looking on a resume. I however refuse to change my name. I have acquiesced and now i put a short name in parenthesis, but i refuse to change my name, neither are my children getting any English name or some funkyfied version of their name. I am very proud of my name and best believe my name is going to be a name to be remembered, so they might as well start getting used to it. Finish.

I just thought i ought to remind us all on here that Gods second greatest commandment was and is "Love your neighbor as yourself". Now i believe that half the problem is a lot of folks do not truly understand the meaning of love and or do not believe in it at all and the other is that folks most not truly love themselves. But hey, what do i know?

I am going to be 25 yo. I am so excited and knowing me once the week is here, i won't be but for now. I am excited. I have decided i am taking a cake to school on the day and the day before and the day after as well.  Now i do not like cakes, but because i am going to be spending it completely alone i figure i might as well not wallow in depression and make a thing of it. With that said o, i am accepting birthday gifts o, so you can like to place your order now, i don't want multiple people getting me the same thing. Lol

So who read the idiotic thing Brad Pitt said about Jennifer Aniston. First off the fool just needs to shut up, secondly if you have nothing good to say about your ex, please why mention them at all. You should lock that memory somewhere deep where no one can recover it and keep it moving.

So i was telling a friend that if i were him i would be getting all my lovers to by stuff for each other. Maybe i have watched too many movies, but i believe that i have the ability and if i were such that could have multiple lovers, i would have them be taking care of each other directly. He argues that he could not get gender specific gifts from one girl to the other and i don't see why not. What do you think guys? I was all mouth that day, like i had done it before, but i haven't, still i think i totally could.

Speaking of friends, i feel bad that so many people remember me from like camp, or some lesson and i don't remember them and its amazing how many people i went to school with, same class and everything and i don't remember saying a single word to them. I am not a snob, never been and i hear that people think i used to front, which is so not the case either. I was and continue to be so distant tho, i def live in my own vacuum, unaware of those around me except they for some reason inject themselves in my life. I however i am not sure if this is something to change cos there is a certain naivety in my life that i truly enjoy and as such i am not exposed and vulnerable and i can protect myself. But is that truly life then?

As usual i have over-randomed (i just made up that word, please feel free to use it). So imma share just two songs. Someone on twitter had mentioned "Get rich or die trying" being a classic and i totally agree. I was such a gangster back in the day yo, and i knew every line to this album and 50's next album. Nways, enjoy and have a great week, will be back on Wednesday. Take care.

P.S I Love You


  1. ermm...brad pitt didnt diss jennifer aniston. Maybe you might want to read teh article yourself because if you actually read it, you wont assume

  2. Lol at your name. That is a jaw-breaker right there. Do not worry though, Matthew Ashimolowo was told to change his name several times because it was a mouthful but he stood his ground and now, who cares whether you can pronounce it or not?

  3. @Anon - Lol, but i clearly stated there that i read it no? So no assumption on my part, i believe he insulted her and so did a lot of people, hence him having to come out and say that was not his intention. But i'm guessing you are a stan for Brad Pitt and that's ok.

    @Oye - Lol, you are feeling me abi?

  4. 25 wow! thought you were like 29!

    Happy birthday in arrears

  5. The Big 25... LOL... mine is at the end of the year I am not looking forward to it :( . anyways... about the name thingy, well, I like that you want to stick with your name, but if you honestly think it's affecting your chances, I think you should change it on your resume and after your interview, tell them it's just a pen name and use your real one( That's my opinion sha).

  6. @doll - Lol, no o. I'm still a baby please. Thank you dear.

    @9jafoodie - Why now? You should, its a big deal. And i definitely hear you and will consider it.


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