Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Praise Wednesday - Tongues

Yesterday on twitter i said "My life ends tomorrow" i meant it in that once school starts i will be so busy that life as i've enjoyed it this summer is over, but still i said it and the devil could have picked on that and used it against me. God is merciful and sees past our foolishness, thankfully enough.

The tongue is a powerful weapon, and even though yesterday i wrote it, and didn't say it out loud, i know there are many times i say very destructive things like i constantly say i am not getting married. I need to start to change my confessions and if you are like me, you should join me in doing the same. Also its not enough to say well i don't say it out loud, if you are thinking it, its the same. That's why you hear this said a lot in prayer "Lord forgive me for my thoughts, my deeds, my actions and my words". You are a word away from entering and leaving the Kingdom of God and instead be operating in the world. I pray that God helps us.

Interestingly enough, earlier that day i had gotten breakfast at the hotel and my friends had come down and wanted food but were told that the kitchen had closed. So when the waiter had come to serve my food, my friend had asked why i was getting special treatment and he had said and i quote "Cos she was the last and you know that they say the last shall become the first". I immediately screamed "AMEN", i grabbed on to that word, like it was Pastor E Adeboye that said it himself. So i know the importance of spoken words, i need to take care to say good things about myself and so should you. My mummy says to go infront of the mirror and say positive things to yourself, put your hand on your head and the other pointing at yourself prophesy what you want on your life. If you are like me and you have no mirror, this is not an excuse, lol. I haven't really been doing that, I promise to start tomorrow morning.

Every first day of the month, my favorite cousin, mother's side (just incase my fav cousin father's side sees this, lol) sends me a prayer and it sincerely always has me in tears and full of gratitude because a lot of times i am remiss in praying, and its good to know that others are praying for me, and maybe that's why God still keeps me.


Happy New Month..The glory & grace of God that has brought you this far will see you through to the end of the year..As He has ushered you into the 9th month of this year, I prophesy that this is the month you breakthrough every wall, every barrier, every limitation, every uncertainty in your life/situation..That by virtue of the reason of this season, many will gather with you from far & near to laugh & celebrate His goodness to you..Every seed you have sown in faith in the Lord from January through to this month,this last quarter of the year, as you have trusted that He is Lord & there is nothing too hard for Him (Jer 32:27)..

Therefore, this is the month you will experience fruitfulness & will reap & harvest bountifully..For many things I rejoice on your behalf, by the most important of them all is that you have found favor in His sight..I pray that because you have found favor with Him, you will experience Him in a way you have never before..The glory of His presence will never leave you, the Power of His touch will rest upon your life..He will open the windows of heaven to you & pour out blessings that will surpass what you've experienced so far this year.There will be more blessings than you have room for in your life..

He will rebuke devourers for your sake & He shall not destroy the fruits of your ground, neither shall your vine cast her fruits before the time (Mal. 3:10-11)..My God will continue to supply your needs, He will continue to uphold you with His right hand of righteousness, He will preserve your going out & coming in, He will avert every danger in your way, He will rise up in battle on your behalf, He shall fight for you, you will hold your peace (Ex. 14:14)..He has said, He will have mercy on whom He will, He will show compassion to whom He will & so it is not he that wills or runs, but of God to show mercy (Rom 9:14-16)..My prayer is that His mercy & compassion that you have enjoyed from January to this point will not cease..

He will command His angels concerning you, He willl make you fruitful, He will bless the works of your hand, He will reward the labor of your hard work, He will make you the head, never the tail, He will make you a lender, never a borrower..He will remember you & know your name..You will continue to find favor in His sight, He will put it in the hearts of men to favor you, He will raise divine helpers on your behalf..As many times as you call,He will hear you..As many times as you seek His face,you will find Him..My God will glorify you..He will lead you to the land of your rightful inheritance & drive away its unlawful occupants..The hand of the enemy shall not reach you because you bear the marks of Jesus (Gal. 6:17)..

Every counsel of the enemy against you, He will cancel..Wherever your enemies gather or however many tongues rise against you in judgment, My God will send His fiery wrath & consume them..Your enemies will not have victory over you..Wherever they may be, far or near, you will catch up with them, overtake them & destroy them..Whosoever shall gather together against you, shall fall for thy sake (Isa 54:15)..Before you call, He will answer, before you speak, He will hear you (Isa 65:24)..As many as are your heart desires before Him, He will grant each & every one of them this month..He will give you an expected end as promised (Jer 29:11)..The power of the blood will speak for you..He will sanctify you & set you apart from many..No evil shall befall you & your household..

He is the covenant keeping God & what He promises, He performs..Each & every one of the covenant He has made concerning you He will honor..His word shall not return back to Him void, but shall do that which He pleases & shall proper wherever He sends it (Isa 55:11)..It will please Him to bless you, to increase you, to uphold you, to strengthen you, you deliver you, to enlarge your coast..He will establish you in righteousness, you will be far from oppression, no terror shall come near you (Isa 54:14).. In whatever/wherever you go, the Lord will go before you, He will go with you & He will back you up..You will lack/want for nothing good as you wait on the Lord (Psa 34:10)..

For whatever door He opens no man can shut, This month He will open up doors of opportunity, of favor, of grace, of blessings, of increase to you..Whatever it is that you have lost the previous months, this month you will recover them & many more..He will usher you into this last quarter with all the good things He has promised those that walk upright in His sight..In Jesus Name(Amen)!!

AMEN!!!! God bless you guys.

P.S I Love You

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