Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Praise Wednesday

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Hoping you are having or had a good day as the case might be. Today's song's are by my lovely, beautiful and very smart sister, Oyinbo. Thank you so much baby.

I wasn't going to write anything at all but i thought i should say this. If you are in America and even if you aren't, you might have heard about Troy Davis. He was meant to have been executed 24mins ago, but as i speak there is a delay of execution which we hope will be a stay of execution. What i want to point out is the exclamation of "THERE IS A GOD" when the delay was announced.

There is a God,
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.
There is a God,
in the bad times and in the good times.
There is a God,
If Troy Davis is executed or he is not.
There is a God;
when our loved ones die at young ages,
in egregious ways & for no good reasons.
There is a God,
even when your needs/desires/wants are not met.

There is a God, lets never forget that. We tend to always need him for miracles, but that you are awake and alive and healthy is a miracle in itself. That you walk with your two legs, can type, can eat, can use the bathroom, those are miracles. And this is in no way to lessen the Miracle of the delay, i just wanted to remind us to always have that zeal for God at all times. Let us scream "There is a God" when we wake up and when we sleep and at every point in our lives. Nways i'm not a preacher, this is as much a reminder to me as it is for anyone else that might need it.

Nobody Greater -Vashawn Mitchell

You Hold My World - Israel Houghton

While i'm waiting - John Waller

No one like you - Kirk Franklin

Have a good rest of the week guys.
P.S I Love You


  1. I was so gonna talk about this. I just wanted to get my facts and conjectures right before I do. I cannot believe this was actually happened! In this 21t century?
    Uhm, I am hopeful

  2. ...sadly, the execution still took place.

    It is a challenge- holding on, especially when the bad times go on for so long...but 'There is a God', and he's got us no matter what. I needed this reminder. Thank you. :-)

    Nice selection of songs. Ooh. Kirk Franklin. :-)

  3. There is really a God and nobody can tell me otherwise. But its unbelievable that Troy Davis has been executed. May his soul RIP. After spending exactly half his life behind bars..that punishment was more than enough.
    I love Kirk Franklin's songs, too cool.

  4. "There is a God"! I know this! God has seen me through so much hurt and pain that i know the only way i'm standing today is because His mercies kept me.

    I can't listen to the songs but i'll download them and add them to my playlist. God bless you for sharing

  5. @Honey Dame - Unfortunately and we'll probably still see a lot more of it too.

    @rainandprose - awwww you welcome, thank you.

    @Coy - I agree with you, but hopefully the system changes soon. Thank you ma.

    @dosh- We thank God, may your testimonies be permanent in Jesus name. Thank you dear.


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