Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blithed Roses - 2 weeks later

Nick got to the hotel that night and stopped at the lobby, asking to speak with the manager. On his way back his mind had been reeling with the new idea for his book. It was totally different from what he had originally come here to write and he was sure that his editor, Vienna, would have his head, but he was sure she would be very pleased with the result, at least he hoped. He gave specific instructions to the strict looking manager, fellow by the name Jack Little - he made a mental note to use a variation of that name in his book- to not receive any calls, infact anyone who called for him was to be told that he had checked out and "no he did not leave a forwarding number or address". They were also to deliver his meals to him, breakfast and dinner - whatever the Chef's special was that day, but never to knock the door. He also wanted no house cleaning until he called for one. The manager seemed quite used to these kinds of demands and expertly listened and wrote down the instructions, assuring him his privacy and quiet for as long as he needed it.

He got into his room, pulled open the window curtains, unbuttoned his shirt, unplugged the phone in the room and sat down infront of his computer and remained that way for most of the next two weeks. He only took breaks to eat and sleep, showering only twice the entire week. He typed fast and furiously, and his hands got sore. The use of stress balls helped relieve his hands of the pain, for a short while. He wrote of passion, the kind he felt deep within him and suppressed hard when his thoughts strayed for a second. The drama was intense and as his characters began to take shape and have a life of their own, the more he felt he had to capture and write.

With the same fury in which he started writing, he was done. He was still not used to the anti-climax he felt whenever he finished writing and usually felt depressed afterward. He briefly thought about trying to clean up the draft, but he trusted Vienna to do an excellent job of it, she was undeniably the best in the business and so he just hit print. 650 pages!!!

He plugged back the phone and called down to the front desk to ask for a courier service and for dinner - steak, potatoes and a side order of veggies. He was famished. He then did a quick work of brushing his teeth and shaving. He penned a note on the sticky pad to Vienna, placed it on the title page and gave it to the concierge who was going to have it fedexed. After eating, he then soaked in a bath for a while - where was it said that only women took baths. He listened to his messages while he soaked and it was then for the first time he allowed himself to think of Blythe. She had left him two messages and when he heard her voice, he realized that he missed her.

Quickly he rinsed off, got dressed and left the room after calling for house cleaning. He definitely needed fresh sheets and towels. He got a cab and instructed the driver to take him to a store. He picked up a bottle of merlot, pretty array of hibiscus flowers and stopped briefly in the next shop because he couldn't resist a small box of some delightfully looking and hopefully yummy pastries. Back in the cab, he gave the driver directions to Blythe's house.
It was late Sunday night and she was feeling alone tonight but she did not want to dwell on it. The last two weeks had been busy with her getting ready for the new semester and organizing a baby shower for Simi, which went wonderfully well, she thought to herself. She had dinner with her mother four times over the past two weeks just to make up for her disappearing act and to assure her that seeing Drake was not enough reason to kill herself. She also went on a double - albeit- blind date with Tina, her new boyfriend and his stuck up and plain boring friend/boss. She was still going to kill Tina for setting her up like that, and her brother, Brandon had just left after spending the day together, shopping and watching a movie.

She was exhausted, alone and angry. Two weeks had gone by and she had not heard a word from Nick. That's the thing with expectations, even when you don't realize it they creep up on you subconsciously and unexpectedly. She knew nothing about the guy other than that they had spent two lovely days together, so what made her think he was going to be asking for her hand in marriage? Truth be told she was more mad that he hadn't returned her calls because she had deferred from routine by even calling him, TWICE!!! And he didn't have the decency to return her call. It also did not help that she kept recalling their kiss, over and over again.

Not liking her train of thoughts, she figured it was time to go to bed. She stood up from the couch she had been laying on and walked to turn off the lights when the door bell rang. Who the heck?! She wondered, figuring it was Brandon come back to drop something. She opened the door.
"Hi, I hope you like surprises" Nick said charmingly. His crooked smile spread across his face, giving him the appearance of a love struck teenager as he gave her the flowers.

Accepting the flowers, Blythe said "actually no I don't. Good night Nick and next time pick up a phone." Then she shut the door gently. The dashed look on his face, made her smile as she leaned on the door and put her face in the bouquet inhaling deeply. Hibiscus-her favorite- he remembered.

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  1. I cant wait for the next sequel!!!!

  2. Jesu!! She should be careful before he runs away LOOOL!


  3. @Muse Origins - that's the exact same thing I was thinking!

  4. I come back and read every sequel, with such rapt attention you wouldn't believe i had ADD. Loved it. Waiting for the next one! :)

  5. i love it! Babe, i hope this is for a book o cos all this talent and writing cannot be a weist!


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