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Blithed Roses - Vineyard tales

There were was a large throng at the vineyard, which should have been no surprise as it was a popular tourist spot in California but Blythe knew the owner and was able to get them a private tour of the expansive property. Blythe had been there several times before, having met the owner's daughter Shia, on a flight years ago, becoming fast friends and it had quickly become another hideout spot for her in California. She would often go there to just read and get some much needed sleep after bouts of insomnia which occurred more frequently than she cared for. Watching Nick absorb everything for the first time however was so exhilarating, he had an artists' eye and saw everything differently and she could have been walking these grounds for the first time herself, seeing them through his eyes.

Neither of them were able to drive at the end of the tour having consumed way too much wine, so they sat and talked some more, drinking coffee and sharing the food - cake, rum sweet bread, chicken wings, grapes - that Shia had packed for them in a basket. He told her about his new book, which he had yet to give a title to, he usually never did until the book was complete, which he had been told was what made him "different", most writers had a title and then framed their story around it, but he felt that constricted his writing and didn't give him room to explore every possible option. He tended to overwrite, he said, and spent so much time editing, but he felt it was very worth it "Think about it, its like being a painter, they don't name the painting and then start to draw or paint, that's putting the cart before the horse".

He talked and she listened, interrupting him only to ask questions. His voice was captivating and she imagined him reading Christmas stories to their kids. Wooo there!!!! Stop. Their Kids?? It was like a cold shower poured on Blythe, what was she thinking? She had just met this guy, and on the 3rd day of ever setting eyes on him, she was already thinking of babies with him. Damn biological clock was ticking on overdrive and it was time to head back to reality, she hoped neither her parents or friends had called the police, looking for her.

"Hello, anybody there?" Nick said
"O, i'm sorry my mind wandered. I think i'm good enough to drive now, we should head out, the drive back is long."
"Oh!!!! Then we should. I could drive you know. You don't have to"
"Would you? That will be nice. I'm actually kind of sleepy" she said, yawning.
"How about you plug in your address on my phone while i pack up, i'll take you home and take a cab from there"
"Sounds good, thank you. I had a nice day Nick"
"It was all your doing, thank you for sharing this with me"

After saying bye to Shia and her family, Nick drove them out of the vineyard and on to the highway, and soon after Blythe was curled and asleep on the passenger seat leaving Nick with his thoughts, ruminating over the last couple minutes at the vineyard. He had been watching her closely while he spoke and had seen as well as felt it when she "left". Something or someone had crossed her mind and suddenly a cloud of sadness had covered her face, and it bothered him that they will be ending the night this way with that image in his mind, rather than the image of her after their kiss earlier. That made him smile and increasing the volume of the radio he sang along to the songs the rest of the ride.

"Let's get you in Blythe, can you walk?" Nick said, ready to carry her in.
She barely moved. "You are home Blythe, what's your apartment number?" he continued trying to rouse her up.
Groggy, Blythe straightened up. "I can't believe i slept the entire way, i hardly ever sleep when strangers are behind the wheel. I guess i was more tired than i thought"
Laughing "You call me a stranger, even after kissing me and spending the night in my room?" Nick replied.
"You know what i meant, thank you so much for driving me home. Do you want to come in and call a cab inside?" She said coming out of the car.
"I should probably go, don't want to take advantage of you once i get inside"
"Then you should go. Good Night Nick" Blythe said, slightly disappointed, reaching out she gave him a hug.
"Good Night Blythe Thomas, he said" and kissed her cheeks.

He watched as she walked into the building, resisting the urge to follow her, pulling out his phone from his back pockets, he called for a cab and waited. Blythe got upstairs and hitting the voice-mail button of the home phone she slumped into the love seat

"Hi Blythe, couldn't find you at the party soon after your speech. Thank you for making my day so special, call me soon." Erica
"Hi sweetheart, this is Tina. I left numerous messages on your cell phone. Please call me."
"Hello Blythe, this is Simi. Now i am just mad at you, this is no way to behave, having me worried, you know i'm pregnant. I would come look for you myself, if i was not on bed rest. Call me"
"Blythe, this is your mother. Tina and Simi both called here looking for you. They mentioned you seeing Drake. Please call me back, i am worried."
"Hey sis, what rock are you under now? Your moms called me more times than is acceptable for a grown man. I know you are fine, but send me a text or something, ok. Drake is still a loser, you should not spend one more minute thinking about him."

That made her smile, her cell phone contained even much more messages, but she refused to even listen to them, deleting them all, except for the few that were important. She quickly wrote a few lines and sent the same text to everyone, promising to call them all in the morning. Tonight she wanted to sleep with memories of the weekend spent with Nick. She stood up and walked to the window, right on time too because he was about to enter the cab and just then he turned and looked towards her direction. She could not be sure, but she thought he might have seen her and she coulda sworn he smiled at her. She smiled back, closed the curtains, stripped completely and fell asleep right there on the couch.

That was two weeks ago...

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Don't kill me. SORRY. Let me know what you think. Will explain on Monday. Good Night.


  1. Haba now!!!Neefs!!!! this is just too bad of a tease!!! Not fair!!! I am still following and liking it so far....keep going

  2. You have no idea how much I look forward to your stories.... Give us something soon!

  3. 2 weeks ago? come on!!! Give us the juice, what happened?

    I love the story, hope you'll turn it into a book?

  4. Hmmmmm! This your story make sense o! Abeg post the remaining ones o!


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