Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday - Big things

Hello everyone, how you doing? I hope you had a relatively good Monday across the globe. I have a cold, which has given me a sinus headache and made the day unnecessary long, but otherwise it was ok. Working on a few things with some friends and i have gotten myself involved in so many projects, i pray that they are all fruitful and worth it at the end of the day. Let's random shall we.

So i was out of town, hence my absence from blogger the past week and though not so much of an excuse because i could have tried to put up a little something, i didn't want to give you a little something and not give you my full attention. I am going to keep with the schedule as it is and keep trying to do my part. Thank you for understanding.

My "ex" is special. Lol, i can't even say anything more on that. I really need to stop loving him tho. I pray it happens soon.

Speaking of boys don't know if I've mentioned it before but right now, i have plenty boys fulfilling my needs bar the physical aspect that i could not even be interested one. E.g My friend told me "Your avatar is sexy as fuck" ergo my attention need for the day. That made me feel very sexy too. The problem becomes when they all get wifeyed up. Till then tho :)

Its exactly a week from my best friends birthday. The many ways i love this girl, i can't properly explain. I wish i could spoil her plenty and i pray i have time for that.

No longer excited about my birthday. Usually always happens that way. Not doing anything too but praise God that i get to see 25. There were many times this year, i was sure i would not. Trust me.

My baby sister is actively trying to get me a present. She's so cute. Did i tell you that she finally decided on a  degree "International Relations and Linguistics". The thing is i really wanted her to go to University of Michigan, like i did and my brother, but she really doesn't like the state and she said the school does not offer it (i'm taking her word for it). O well, i can't really force her and all i want is for her to be happy, besides my brother probably won't be staying in Michigan once he's done so i might as well get her somewhere here in Jersey, where i can keep my eyes on her. The girl is too fine for her own good.

There's an ongoing conflict between the part of me that is in love with school and being a Dr of public health and the side of me that wants to be very involved in the entertainment world and be a BOSS at it. I remembered today that getting a C in class gets me sent out of the program, so i need to fix up and just effectively micro-manage myself. Sleep is definitely overrated.

So my roommate, spent all of Saturday night cooking for her boyfriend and dude comes to collect it today and she packs it up and then carries it, i mean she walks after him carrying it for him. Now, i am not even trying to say this is bad, but still sha it rubs me the wrong way. Like i love to cook for my man, ask my ex, i would go and cook up a storm and i have no problems serving it gan, and i totally know that i'm the kind of person who will kneel and serve my man (IF I FEEL LIKE), if he wants me to help him cut up his meat gan, i will. But somehow seeing my roommate do that today really bothered me. Not sure i can explain it. O well, this is why long distances rock, cos if your ass leaves close to me, you better come help me cook and carry your food by yourself. Hian.

I could live comfortably without social media. Can you?

In a different life, in a different time, it would have been me and you.

Thank you so very much for the support on the story. I really appreciate it. I can't believe you guys think its good enough for a book. That really makes me happy.

Nways that's it guys. Wish me luck on my exam on Wed. See you then.

Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo - Nothing even matters

Lauryn Hill ft Bob Marley - Turn your lights down low

Lauyrn Hill - Just like Water

Lauryn Hill - Love

Lauryn Hill - All my time

Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones

Bonus - Lose Myself - Marsha Ambrosius because i love her cover better than Lauryn Hill's original

P.S I Love You


  1. what randomness!!!
    Something about the roommate scenario looks wrong too....happy babday in advance. What day is it?

  2. @Honeydame - That made me happy that i made you laugh ok maybe smile. Thank you so much. Its on the 26th same day as Miss Myne.

  3. Is your little sister still single? Hehehe HB ... LL ... IA

  4. Hello,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!


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