Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday - Hello

Hi everyone, here's a relatively quick post ( you all know that i don't do quick right?) because i need to get back to the books.

School is a bitch if there was ever one. Like who sent me tori Olorun? Sigh, i just need to state that my mates are making money. Infact, on Saturday my friend took me to a friends house and these boys only have bachelor degrees o and you should see their place, they even got a decorator to design their crib. The TV was like from one side of my current room to the other side, no joke, it was like 4D on the freaking screen , i could see the characters right by me. BACHELORS DEGREE o, and me i am doing PhD and don't have 20bucks from one week to the next. Its ok. God dey. Unfortunately for me sha, they are both Muslims ( my religious preference being that my man be Christian). God in heaven please don't let them be reading my blog and i don't know o. In any case i have been in this cold library for way too long and will be here for another 4hours.

So for those of you who don't like music, how did you make it through College? Cos i swear if there was no music, i would never have made it through. Me that if i remember the song, i can remember what i studied. Again i thank God for artists all over the world.

But if God really hates that we listen to secular music, it appears that i might go to hell. I really hope that is not the case, because i am not sure how you can separate me from music.

I am hoping to go to Florida for my birthday, i pray it works out.

It is COLD. My goodness. Its just October, wth? Sigh, i am not ready.

Speaking of October, its Breast Cancer Month. Please check out your breasts, eat well, exercise regularly, and know your family history.

Speaking of health, my ex called me a nag cos i wanted him to go see a doctor. My friend is having to undergo a surgery in a couple days and i feel especially bad for not nagging her well enough to have gone to the doctor earlier. So please, please, please get checked out when you notice things wrong with your health, don't always chuck it up to normal sturvs, especially women. You need to be aware of your body enough, you can easily notice a difference. More importantly, when you go to the doctors speak out and requests for test. Also for those of us that live in the 'diaspora' its easy to chuck things as not being possible, you are Nigerian, and the truth is things that are probably uncommon in Nigeria are very likely to happen to you, the longer you live here. Please guys, lets just try to take care of ourselves, Olorun o ni je ka ri bi o. Ami. Please also pray for my friend.

Back to it being October, my birthday is 23 days away. Excited.
Also more importantly, tomorrow is my anniversary i have been anticipating this day for about a month now. I pray to never celebrate such a day again in my life. Furthermore i hope i actually make it through the day without crying and just take it for what it is and let go.

O, its one of my fav people's birthday tomorrow too. Pastor Kunle as i like to call him. Happy birthday hon, God Bless you and make his face shine upon you, he will take you from strength to strength and increase your ways in Jesus Name. Have a good day.

So who sent me to take an online class o? Rubbish. Never again. I probably, shouldn't say never sha. The other day, i said i didn't want to do something and when i say something, it stays. My word is my bond. In the instances that i haven't, i have regretted it (my ex) or people will crucify me, lol. Anyways, i had said something earlier in the day and by afternoon i had a chance to break it (God works in mysterious ways no?) and i did break it. Anyways, i'm hoping by doing so, the opportunity i heard about a job, comes through this time.

I met someone this weekend, who confirmed a lot of things i already knew. On a personal level and on a business level, i know God saved me. Still, i want what i want you know. Its kinda sad, cos you want your first time to be your last time and in a way i really believe my first time is the last time. I guess i can only hope not and that God's plan becomes clear, sometimes in the near future, much later rather than sooner tho.

Lol, i just spoke in Parables. You all are a smart, you will figure it out.

Shout out to Miss Juwon for making me skip class for an event though, it was well worth it and i had a blast. Love you boo. Shout-out to Miss D for hosting me this weekend and feeding me yam and egg (you don't know how much this meant to me) and for Miss A for coming out as well.

You see, i told you it could never be short. Lol

Enjoy the music, love you, God bless you all and thank you.

Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me - This dude is all kinds of awesome, you should def cop his album *Warning* Single girls, this might make you cry

Jay Sean - Waiting in Vain - I am so impressed with what this dude did with this song. On repeat for me

Bei Maejor - Till we get it right - Dude is definitely going to be a star.

And last but not least, especially as it is very apt to me right now is Cee-Lo Green - You promised me love

True story tho - 'I am no longer her'

Ok that's it my love, goodnight.

P.S I Love You.


  1. Lol@ your bachelor degree guys....dont worry, it will all be worth it at the end. your hours of study wont go in vain

    Thanks for the info @ Breast Cancer Month.

    I just passed on the one lovely blog to you, please check my blog for details.

  2. I agree with Dayor! I know what it's like to see everyone making money. And it's even more annoying that even when I do start working I won't start off with as high a salary as my friends because I chose to work in media but I thank God I can do what I love :)

    Missed reading your blog xx


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