Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Praise Wednesday - What a life

Honestly wasn't inspired to write anything today, just not feeling very christian like lately but then i go on Tumblr and i see that Steve Jobs passed (RIP) and that hurt a little. Not because i am a big apple fan, like my friend said if all you have is an ipod/iphone you really cannot call yourself an apple fan, but because that was somebody that impacted this world and 56yrs is just too short. Of course, we can argue that he had already served his purpose and what more can one ask for.

I guess my point is that i want to be someone who makes an impact in this life, i want to live everyday of my life fulfilling my purpose. I am not entirely sure that i am doing right now, but i pray that God has mercy on me and graces me enough to do that starting now.

I pray that we all find that same grace like Steve had to be impactful in this life. I pray that Cancer never befall us and our families and friends and on that final day when he calls us to him, we would have truly lived a wonderful and blessed life.

I charge you to do your own part, Christian or not, we all have the grace and strength to make something of ourselves but furthermore to make a difference in this world. I don't know about you, but i want to die knowing that people will miss me and i don't know if that sounds bad, but i know of some people who have left this world and folks said "good riddance". But more than that, i actually want to live, life is definitely not worth it, if i can't make any change, i might as well just go to heaven and chill. So for everyday that we are alive, lets make the best of it. God bless us all.

Tramaine Hawkins - I never lost my praise

Don Moen - Take Me Deeper

Darlene Zsech - Lord i give myself

Kirk Franklin - Give Me ft Mali Music

P.S I Love You


  1. "I am not entirely sure that i am doing right now, but i pray that God has mercy on me and graces me enough to do that starting now."

    That's the word! That's the realization. Now keep counting on His grace to see you through. No one can make impact in this world without first being imparted by the Great I AM!

    - LDP

  2. What an insightful writeup, You are already making an impact my Dear, you know what they say about little drops of water making an ocean,such is your weekly writings,believe me you inspire so many of us.May His light continually guide you and never never lose your praise.

  3. Dear neefemi
    I'd like to make a difference too
    I'd just want God involved!
    I don't want to do anything on my own.


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