Monday, November 28, 2011

Blithed Roses - Degrees of Seperation

To say he was shocked would have been an understatement, but it also wasn't so left-field, he knew he deserved that and so he knocked again

"I know you are there Blythe, please let me in"
It took her a few minutes, she headed to the kitchen first, put the flowers in a vase, but then she did
"I missed you"
"you have a good way of showing it" Blythe replied
"I'm here ain't i?
"you can leave if you want to"
" I don't want to"
"I'm sorry"
" for what exactly just so we are clear"
" will you let me come in? please"

She opened the door for him and moved out of his way and as he passed her he grabbed her hand, and shut the door with his leg, walked to the couch, sat, drew her down and held her tight.
"I'm sorry" he said while yawning
"You could have sent a text Nick, I mean I wasn't worried or anything and it's not like we know each other or are friends or nothing, it's just the right thing to do you know?"
He was fast asleep.
Smiling, she tried to draw away from him so she could go to bed and get him a blanket, but he held her tighter so she cuddled in. It felt nice, and it felt right. She felt so warm and safe, a feeling she craved for quite some time ago.

Blythe woke up to a snoring man besides her on the bed. She vaguely remembered them leaving the living room, to go to her bedroom. She would have been petrified if she had slept with him. He was fully dressed thankfully, she barely knew the man and would have loved to be able to remember her first time with him. He looked good enough to eat and still smelt so damn sexy, that must be why looking at him made her wet all of a sudden.
"For goodness sake, Blythe get a hold of yourself", she admonished herself.

Standing up she went into the bathroom, to take a shower. Leaving him to sleep. She turned on the radio, making sure not to blare it, so it didn't awaken him and sang along with Whitney Houston.
She hadn't closed the door to the bathroom however because ten minutes later, she heard Nick say
"May I join you?"
Shrieking, Blythe replied with "Nick, get out, Now!!!!"
"But, I really need to pee."
"I will be done in two seconds, just go away"
"Ok, ok I'm out, just saying that I might have to pee in your kitchen sink if you don't hurry out"
"You wouldn't dare"
"wouldn't I? Lovely body by the way"
"you are so incorrigible, get out" Blythe replied, laughing

Not wanting to test him though, Blythe quickly rinsed off and got off the shower. She slipped into her purple cashmere robe, a recent super expensive lavish purchase on her part, she absolutely loved it. She went into the bed room, and found Nick laying down on top of the bed, he had made the bed, she noted, his eyes closed but instinctively open as soon as she walked in and just stare at her watching her.
"you are beautiful"
"thank you"
"Let me let you get dressed then, you wouldn't happen to have a spare toothbrush would you?"
"the closet in the bathroom, there are extra towels in there if you want to take a shower as well"
"Thank you"

Blythe then proceeded to get dressed in her work out clothes. She had made plans to go to a yoga class with Tina, after which they were going to go baby shopping for Simi's baby. They had just found out that it was going to be a girl, and blythe was excited, she hated to shop, but she loved babies so much much more. She had toyed with the idea of calling Tina  to change the plans with Nicks arrival, but she will be damned if she was going to change her plans because of a man who probably had no intentions of being with her.

Just then the phone rang, thinking it was hers, blythe looked around to try locate it, finding it under the pillows. What she saw, had her frozen, a sickening feeling in her stomach.
Lisa - PR. Except, it was no random Lisa. This was Lisa, Drake's Lisa, her beautiful face on the screen of the phone, she now knew to be Nick's.
She dropped it quickly, like it had burnt. Head reeling she headed out of the room, bumping into Nick as he came out of the bathroom.

"Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost"

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P.S I Love You

Monday, November 21, 2011

Two weeks worth of randoms

"Don't erase tomorrow, just because of yesterday."

I don't know that I believe that and i'm not one for second chances once I cut you off, before I do though, I believe in many chances until I can't deal anymore.

I had a proper "Vegas" experience in Houston this weekend. Some mad some things men. I tell you, I have the best set of friends and as long as you are ready to go with the flow, you are sure to have a good time, with most of the people I know. I also haven't partied enough with girls to know, but being the only girl/or one of the few girls with a bunch of boys is just the best way to have fun. Confirmed utunu.

O so this one girl wanted to take me home, my first time getting a come on from a girl. She was quite pretty too. I like boys. Lol.

I believe in karma, I can't do a married man. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case might be.

I will continue to have cause to dance all the days of my life. Amen.
I pray that as i continue to celebrate with others around me, so will others celebrate with me, soon come. Amen

Boys, boys, boys. Men, men, men. You are a special breed I tell you, and you definitely don't fear God, may God have mercy on y'all. I continue to say, that I'm not getting married. It's not a curse, I cannot deal.

Nigeria 2011. It shall be messy. But with that said though, Nigeria is big men. All this one people are saying "we will hook up" I just keep laughing, cos trust me not to see anybody, except we bump into each other. Like my friend says about me "you just don't like people, except you are with your person" my person being my best friend.

I'm more a part of my best friends family than she is mine, as in I know at least one person from every side of the family, all the cousins and inlaws and the church family, the whole nine yards. My family is pretty just me and my siblings. Lol. Her (the best friend) mums, got my cousin to make me cupcakes for my birthday, she is the cutest.

Some guy who had been trying to talk to me while I was in Houston (I told you about him) came over and was asking all these questions, why we didn't work, what he needs to change about himself etc. He said what he likes about me is what he doesn't like about me - my independence- its a good and bad thing he said. He said he likes that I know myself, and he didn't need me to validate him, or even give me attention, but it could be very unnerving. I am very much like that, and people often say maybe that's what happened with the ex because men like to be "in charge and feel needed". Lol, omo again I've told you 'single l'omo'.

I'm single in every continent. Lmao.

If I did get married though, that wedding will be toooooooo messy. Have you met my friends? Omo, i will tell every girl to just hold her flats and be prepared to dance. My guy friends will cause a complete ruckus. My hubby, will have to really be cool, otherwise he might be sitting down, watching us dance. Lol. And then each of my siblings friends and most of the best friends family. Again I say tooooooo messy.

I'm buying myself a ring. It's really pretty for $90. I don't know why. I just am.

I have great legs :)

I'll be right here. That's just the truth.

I love flying. I haven't even gone to the places I want to go to.

I hate that stupid febreze advert. It annoys me that they think we must be that stupid to believe, their product can mask smells so strong. Rubbish.

I hate failing, and I sucked on my first airing of our new radio show. Sigh, I would tell you guys where to listen if I hadn't sucked so much, so imma try to hide and not even promote it, just In case. I also failed my bio stats homework. More than half of the class did, so I can't be arsed. But like I said I hate to fail, so I'm bothered, will be making sure to really ace the final. It's on the same day I'm leaving for naij tho.

I've always wanted to know what my ex's tell others when they ask why we broke up. Of all that I've heard "we drifted apart" really annoys me, especially when it's not true. Can you just say you don't know. What is with the bitchass answer? O well.

I miss my siblings, gotta go see them in Detroit before I go home and then I get to see my baby (the third child) in Nigeria, I'm excited, I haven't seen her since 2009.

I think God is quite funny, the best of them is the one who is now different. Or maybe if he weren't like that, he wouldn't be who he is now, with so much talent and knowledge.

When I click with girls, it's usually very instant. Otherwise we will never be more than folks who nod at each other when we see each other.

O so my guy friend said I'm a trouble maker, cos of the way I look at a guy in the eyes. He thinks I'm the biggest flirt ever. My partner rightly told him that I don't even know that I do it. I really don't and I look everyone in the eyes so, soooooo. Lol.

I'm just happy to be here.

P.s I Love You

Monday, November 7, 2011

Its been too long

..... and i miss you so much and i am sorry.

I apologize a lot don't i? I do apologize though, and all i can say is that this girl has gotten mad lazy, i mean extremely lazy. I mean that has to be the only reason why i don't come on here to write as much as i want to. Honestly i am busy, i am trying to manage different somewhat conflicting projects - the entertainment industry and the professional/school of my life is strongly on opposite sides and most days i don't know what i want to do. I want to finish school, i want to be the minister of health, i want to have all the doctors in Nigeria take a freaking exam, so they stop killing folks in Nigeria (I know, i know, its harsh). I want to go to different countries each year for six months and start health care interventions that will run successful for years to come. On the other hand i want to be a media/entertainment mogul (very well behind the scenes btw) but in ways that will create jobs and make us comparable to the US and better. O add that to wanting to be a mother to ten kids (note that i didn't mention wife, God help me). Anyways, God is in control right? His will and only his will is what i want for my life.

On a lighter note, HI EVERYONE :). How you doing? What's the koko, like my mama will say. So the other day, i was mad at something my brother did and then my mum is trying to calm me down and all of a sudden she goes "How is *insert ex's name*" and i guess i smiled and laughed in reply and she goes "It still works".... This is a SHAME. Absolute shame.  :(

I was in DC this weekend and it was relaxing and just pretty chilled. I needed it, even though the drive to and fro nearly killed my back. Met up with old friends, made new friends (folks are mad talented men) and danced a little. So i met some of my younger friends, some of them my brothers friends who are just barely 21 and i think its just hilarious that they can now think to dance with me. Before now they wouldn't have dared to come near me to try dance, talk less grind on me. Hilarious.

So my cousin came over for the week and disrupted my life, i love her but i wanted to kill her as well. I spent a lot of time driving as well last week. My body hurts. But shout-out to accommodating friends. Spent the entire week at my friends house cos it was close to New York where she needed to be and he and his roommates were all kinds of awesome. Men that can cook yo. This my friend can cook and bake, o he baked me a birthday cake. Like it gives him so much pleasure to cook and he made drinks, the whole nine yards. In another life and time and maybe if i had met him before the ex, i will take him to my mom men.

So this setting P via DM on twitter. Hilarious stuff. I don't get it. But its fun seeing guys try.
Which reminds me, i am trying really hard to keep my circles seperate and its getting harder to do. Can we all just stay on our own lane? Why do we have to know each other?
Which reminds me, boys are devious, throw rocks at them. Ladies, i beg you please don't share the goodies with just any man o, please don't go and sleep with another woman's man and bring a curse on your head o, but what do i know? - Single and very Celibate.
But on another related tip, divorce is not a good look, however you want to look at it. I pray and hope we remember that, cos way too many people getting divorced at very young ages #NoKimKardashian

Difference between me and folks - I have never tried to be more than i am. I don't have any thing to use to even 'show/front' so when i hear that someone said this or said that, i wonder why. My best friend goes she is going to write a book about the real "Neefemi". Lol, i am looking forward to it.

I love TV shows. Which is not a good thing, because i spend too much time trying to catch up on shows, while i am studying.

So my friend asked me on Saturday if i was pregnant because i ate two times that day, Can you imagine people?
I was told that i was the "richest broke girl" they knew. I Love it. I am a very rich girl, because of the people around me and i am not talking monetary gifts. Let me give you an example, so i have been trying to get this wikipedia page done yea and at some point i got swamped and couldn't get it done and my friend has spent hours on end trying to get it done for me. If i were paying him, well let's just say i cannot afford it. So of course i am rich, i can never be poor as long as i have the friends i have and i mean even i don't have a dollar in my account.

Looking forward to Christmas. Looking forward to Nigeria.

Nways i think that's it, let me get back to the books. Will definitely be up all night :(

I miss you guys. I will put up the next part of the story on Friday. I hope you are all ok. Stay blessed.

P.S I Love You