Monday, November 28, 2011

Blithed Roses - Degrees of Seperation

To say he was shocked would have been an understatement, but it also wasn't so left-field, he knew he deserved that and so he knocked again

"I know you are there Blythe, please let me in"
It took her a few minutes, she headed to the kitchen first, put the flowers in a vase, but then she did
"I missed you"
"you have a good way of showing it" Blythe replied
"I'm here ain't i?
"you can leave if you want to"
" I don't want to"
"I'm sorry"
" for what exactly just so we are clear"
" will you let me come in? please"

She opened the door for him and moved out of his way and as he passed her he grabbed her hand, and shut the door with his leg, walked to the couch, sat, drew her down and held her tight.
"I'm sorry" he said while yawning
"You could have sent a text Nick, I mean I wasn't worried or anything and it's not like we know each other or are friends or nothing, it's just the right thing to do you know?"
He was fast asleep.
Smiling, she tried to draw away from him so she could go to bed and get him a blanket, but he held her tighter so she cuddled in. It felt nice, and it felt right. She felt so warm and safe, a feeling she craved for quite some time ago.

Blythe woke up to a snoring man besides her on the bed. She vaguely remembered them leaving the living room, to go to her bedroom. She would have been petrified if she had slept with him. He was fully dressed thankfully, she barely knew the man and would have loved to be able to remember her first time with him. He looked good enough to eat and still smelt so damn sexy, that must be why looking at him made her wet all of a sudden.
"For goodness sake, Blythe get a hold of yourself", she admonished herself.

Standing up she went into the bathroom, to take a shower. Leaving him to sleep. She turned on the radio, making sure not to blare it, so it didn't awaken him and sang along with Whitney Houston.
She hadn't closed the door to the bathroom however because ten minutes later, she heard Nick say
"May I join you?"
Shrieking, Blythe replied with "Nick, get out, Now!!!!"
"But, I really need to pee."
"I will be done in two seconds, just go away"
"Ok, ok I'm out, just saying that I might have to pee in your kitchen sink if you don't hurry out"
"You wouldn't dare"
"wouldn't I? Lovely body by the way"
"you are so incorrigible, get out" Blythe replied, laughing

Not wanting to test him though, Blythe quickly rinsed off and got off the shower. She slipped into her purple cashmere robe, a recent super expensive lavish purchase on her part, she absolutely loved it. She went into the bed room, and found Nick laying down on top of the bed, he had made the bed, she noted, his eyes closed but instinctively open as soon as she walked in and just stare at her watching her.
"you are beautiful"
"thank you"
"Let me let you get dressed then, you wouldn't happen to have a spare toothbrush would you?"
"the closet in the bathroom, there are extra towels in there if you want to take a shower as well"
"Thank you"

Blythe then proceeded to get dressed in her work out clothes. She had made plans to go to a yoga class with Tina, after which they were going to go baby shopping for Simi's baby. They had just found out that it was going to be a girl, and blythe was excited, she hated to shop, but she loved babies so much much more. She had toyed with the idea of calling Tina  to change the plans with Nicks arrival, but she will be damned if she was going to change her plans because of a man who probably had no intentions of being with her.

Just then the phone rang, thinking it was hers, blythe looked around to try locate it, finding it under the pillows. What she saw, had her frozen, a sickening feeling in her stomach.
Lisa - PR. Except, it was no random Lisa. This was Lisa, Drake's Lisa, her beautiful face on the screen of the phone, she now knew to be Nick's.
She dropped it quickly, like it had burnt. Head reeling she headed out of the room, bumping into Nick as he came out of the bathroom.

"Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost"

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are amazing with this story, didn't see that coming! Worth the wait - more pweassee :o)

  2. Wow, who is Nick really?

    Interesting twist this one...

  3. *sigh* Yet again you have me captivated the entire far..:)

  4. OMG>>>> sure , that one is one hell of a ghost! Was it Nick's phone ringing? If yes, how did she get so convinced that it was Drake's Lisa
    Neefs, you need to stop hoarding this story and this suspense is not doing my heart any good!

  5. @enitan - thank you so much, I really do appreciate it
    @Myne - lol, I don't know o...thank you so much
    @24yrold - that really makes me glad, thank you
    @honeydame- I'm just happy you are not mad at me :) Yea it was his phone ringing and she recognized Lisa's picture on the phone, that's how she knew. And I will finish soon, I promise

  6. Heh!!! Seriously tempted to click those other parts. Well done

    Muse Origins

  7. Neefemi, your talent is great. I'd buy this book. Keep it up, Dear. Hope you're keeping well. Hugs.

  8. Oh my gosh! girl you have my heart racing in anticipation, why do you do this to uuuussssss???!!!

    Lol, lovely piece. Can't wait for the next one


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