Monday, November 21, 2011

Two weeks worth of randoms

"Don't erase tomorrow, just because of yesterday."

I don't know that I believe that and i'm not one for second chances once I cut you off, before I do though, I believe in many chances until I can't deal anymore.

I had a proper "Vegas" experience in Houston this weekend. Some mad some things men. I tell you, I have the best set of friends and as long as you are ready to go with the flow, you are sure to have a good time, with most of the people I know. I also haven't partied enough with girls to know, but being the only girl/or one of the few girls with a bunch of boys is just the best way to have fun. Confirmed utunu.

O so this one girl wanted to take me home, my first time getting a come on from a girl. She was quite pretty too. I like boys. Lol.

I believe in karma, I can't do a married man. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case might be.

I will continue to have cause to dance all the days of my life. Amen.
I pray that as i continue to celebrate with others around me, so will others celebrate with me, soon come. Amen

Boys, boys, boys. Men, men, men. You are a special breed I tell you, and you definitely don't fear God, may God have mercy on y'all. I continue to say, that I'm not getting married. It's not a curse, I cannot deal.

Nigeria 2011. It shall be messy. But with that said though, Nigeria is big men. All this one people are saying "we will hook up" I just keep laughing, cos trust me not to see anybody, except we bump into each other. Like my friend says about me "you just don't like people, except you are with your person" my person being my best friend.

I'm more a part of my best friends family than she is mine, as in I know at least one person from every side of the family, all the cousins and inlaws and the church family, the whole nine yards. My family is pretty just me and my siblings. Lol. Her (the best friend) mums, got my cousin to make me cupcakes for my birthday, she is the cutest.

Some guy who had been trying to talk to me while I was in Houston (I told you about him) came over and was asking all these questions, why we didn't work, what he needs to change about himself etc. He said what he likes about me is what he doesn't like about me - my independence- its a good and bad thing he said. He said he likes that I know myself, and he didn't need me to validate him, or even give me attention, but it could be very unnerving. I am very much like that, and people often say maybe that's what happened with the ex because men like to be "in charge and feel needed". Lol, omo again I've told you 'single l'omo'.

I'm single in every continent. Lmao.

If I did get married though, that wedding will be toooooooo messy. Have you met my friends? Omo, i will tell every girl to just hold her flats and be prepared to dance. My guy friends will cause a complete ruckus. My hubby, will have to really be cool, otherwise he might be sitting down, watching us dance. Lol. And then each of my siblings friends and most of the best friends family. Again I say tooooooo messy.

I'm buying myself a ring. It's really pretty for $90. I don't know why. I just am.

I have great legs :)

I'll be right here. That's just the truth.

I love flying. I haven't even gone to the places I want to go to.

I hate that stupid febreze advert. It annoys me that they think we must be that stupid to believe, their product can mask smells so strong. Rubbish.

I hate failing, and I sucked on my first airing of our new radio show. Sigh, I would tell you guys where to listen if I hadn't sucked so much, so imma try to hide and not even promote it, just In case. I also failed my bio stats homework. More than half of the class did, so I can't be arsed. But like I said I hate to fail, so I'm bothered, will be making sure to really ace the final. It's on the same day I'm leaving for naij tho.

I've always wanted to know what my ex's tell others when they ask why we broke up. Of all that I've heard "we drifted apart" really annoys me, especially when it's not true. Can you just say you don't know. What is with the bitchass answer? O well.

I miss my siblings, gotta go see them in Detroit before I go home and then I get to see my baby (the third child) in Nigeria, I'm excited, I haven't seen her since 2009.

I think God is quite funny, the best of them is the one who is now different. Or maybe if he weren't like that, he wouldn't be who he is now, with so much talent and knowledge.

When I click with girls, it's usually very instant. Otherwise we will never be more than folks who nod at each other when we see each other.

O so my guy friend said I'm a trouble maker, cos of the way I look at a guy in the eyes. He thinks I'm the biggest flirt ever. My partner rightly told him that I don't even know that I do it. I really don't and I look everyone in the eyes so, soooooo. Lol.

I'm just happy to be here.

P.s I Love You


  1. Lol! A beautiful mess. Your friends sound crazy lol

    Muse Origins FB

  2. I don't know what else to say sweets except that i love this post (by the way, you and Mgbeks just made my night)...

    There's just something about it that's so whimsical and real and i so relate to it...

    Awesomeness Nifs:)

  3. Very random...the single in every continent bit got me laughing.

    Its been a while I was here...please forgive me

  4. @honeydame - pele love
    @blessing - that made me laugh out loud literally. Lol. Thanks dear
    @muse - lol, thanks dear and they sure are.
    @anonymous - awwww, thank you
    @Shade - you my love are biased, thank you so much. I love you plenty
    @NuttyJ - haba darling, nothing to forgive o..thanks dear


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