Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some things never are... and we were!

"By the time i realized i was in love, it was malignant, it was hopeless, there was no escape, no negotiations with the feeling, no choice. It was my first love. It Changed my life"

"The dance went on. I kept the rhythm for several summers after. Its winter now"

"I was never alone, as much as i felt like it... as much as i still do sometimes. I never was. I don't think i ever could be. Thanks to my first love, i'm grateful for you. Grateful that even though it wasn't what i hoped for and even though it was never enough, it was. Some things never are.. and we were. I won't forget you, i won't forget the summer. I'll remember who i was when i met you. I'll remember who you were and how we've both changed and stayed the same"

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Next Step

People say that everyone comes to this point in their life, where they have to make a decision and its always hard and all that. I look at everyone around me and i don't see them experiencing anything of such. Well, maybe my mum had to make a decision about getting a divorce or not. But everyone else around me, nah.

You go to primary school, then high school, then college, maybe Masters, then you get a job. In the process you meet someone, decide to spend the rest of your life with him or her, you get married, then come the kids, maybe you change jobs a couple times in between, start your own side thing, make your passion/hobby into a career and hopefully in there somewhere you are happy and content.

I think that's how it should be, i certainly had my life planned out as such. But alas, far from it. And six months later, i'm still very unsure as to what the next step is. I have never been so undecided in my entire life. I knew how things were going to end for me, i knew how life was going to run and now the only thing i am certain of is i am not interested in a relationship, i can't be with a man that snores, my man must be 6'2 or taller, i have a good future ahead no matter the path i take, i am happy, not so much content, and i am closer to God more than ever before, yet feel so far away from him.

I could go on and on, but i am not going to. I will explain as time goes on i guess. This implies that i am back. Yes, i am and i have missed you and i hope you are all doing well. I had wanted to change the id, but there was no way to doing that without cutting everyone off, so i just changed the name.

Yea, that's about it for now. We'll talk soon.

P.S I Still Love You

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five Downey-esque Lessons

1. Concentrate on getting ahead one step at a time. 
           Whether you need to vanquish some inner demons or escape from a bad stretch in your life, as Downey endured in the late 1990s and early 2000s, or you're simply trying to find a new passion in life, you're more likely to get there through patient plodding rather than big, sweeping dramatic gestures. Remember that Downey's comeback, from rock-bottom to superstar, took a good seven years of struggle, in which he had to work long and hard to prove his commitment to sobriety and regain his credibility as a professional. As he explains in this Esquire interview, "I found my way out of the woods by a subtler and subtler trail of bread crumbs."

2. Don't be too proud to accept help.
        Even after Downey seemed to have his drug addiction in check, producers were reluctant to hire him because insurance companies didn't like the odds that he would flake out and not finish a movie. That's when Mel Gibson, an actor who's had a troubled life lately but was flying high in 2003, stepped in. Gibson, who had co-starred with Downey in the 1990 movie Air America, offered to put up Downey's insurance bond, enabling him to get the lead role in the 2003 movie The Singing Detective. Downey not only did his work as promised but also turned in an excellent performance -- proving to Hollywood that he still had the chops to be a star. If he had been too proud to accept Gibson's generosity, who knows what would have happened to him?

3. Believe that in the end, your talent will enable people to overlook your past mistakes.
            The tipping point of Downey's career comeback was Iron Man, the 2008 blockbuster that firmly established him as a marquee attraction. But in many ways, Downey was an unlikely choice for the role of a costumed superhero, even one whose alter-ego was playboy industrialist Tony Stark. Not only was he a recovering addict with a lurid dark side, but as an actor, he'd spent much of his career playing off-center, irony-drenched supporting roles. But as director Jon Favreau explains in this GQ article, Downey's acting skills made him overlook those negatives, and the director worked hard to persuade Marvel Comics -- which owned the character and was dead-set against Downey -- that he was the man for the part. "Here was this force of nature, who I think was living with this frustration that he wasn't able to really show what he was great at, because nobody was willing to take that leap and say, 'This guy could carry my movie.' Nobody was willing to jump in the pool. I was."

4. It's never too late to develop self-discipline.
              As an addict, Downey was in such despair about his inability to stay away from drugs that he actually told a judge in 1999 that "It's like I've got a shotgun in my mouth, with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal," according to this ABC News story from that period. Nevertheless, the actor has managed to stay sober since 2003. As this Men's Journal article details, he developed the discipline to do that in large part by taking up Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art that emphasizes close-in hand-to-hand combat, and demands intense focus and inner calm. "Wing Chun teaches you what to concentrate on, whether you're here or out in the world dealing with problems," Downey explains. "It's second nature for me now. I don't even get to the point where there's a problem." He's become so dedicated to the art that he takes lessons three to five times a week, sometimes bringing his instructor to the set when he's shooting a film.

5. Don't be afraid to play in an ensemble. 
            It's easy to think of success -- or salvation -- as an individual endeavor. But one of the reasons The Avengers -- which brings together a pantheon of Marvel costumed icons ranging from Captain America to Spider-Man -- has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics is that Downey resists the temptation to take over the movie. Instead, he has the discipline -- and the self-confidence -- to hold back and fit into director Joss Whedon's vision, in which Tony Stark's snarky running commentary is the glue that holds together the action sequences. As Paste magazine critic Michael Burgin writes: "Thanks in large part to the Downey, Jr.-powered snark-generating machine, the friction between the heroes actually makes sense." Similarly, if you can find a way to harness your talents and fit into a team of other strivers -- even if it means trading riffs rather than being the lead soloist -- you may have an even better shot at a successful second act.

Culled from Yahoo!

P.S I Love You

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Praise Wednesday - by Bold & Beautiful

Welcome to another Praise Wednesday.
         Since my first write up, I haven't submitted another. Imagine how lazy and uncommitted I am to writing about praising God on just one day of the week and yet we are to praise God everyday. I can tell you that I've been busy preparing for exams and all but, that's no excuse. I eat, play with friends, sleep etc. but, if I didn't have life or was bed-ridden, I wouldn't be preparing for exams. If I was in the hospital,  I'll most definitely be praying to God everyday to heal me. I Thank God I'm not in that condition. I'm very much alive, healthy and strong enough to prepare for exams.
        I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't be too busy for God, the giver of life. Take time out to praise Him everyday not just on Wednesdays. That is our purpose on earth right now amongst other things, God inhabits the praises of His people. So from today and the rest of this week let's endeavor to praise God for all that he continues to do in our lives. (This applies to the workaholics as well, God gave you that job.)
        As we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer for you today is that any situation you have been crying to God for help about, that may seem hopeless and dead to you, by the power of his resurrection and his covenant to us, will be given life. There will be a fresh anointing over you and your family. All that concerns you will be perfected, the Lord will make a way for you where there seems to be no way and open doors that seem to be shut. 
      The story of Easter is one that should give us all hope, because it reminds us that God can do exceedingly above all that you dream and hope for. So hold on to your faith, infact ask that it may be increased and watch God do mighty and wondrous things in your life and that of your family and friends.

P.S I Love You

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are my truths the same as yours?

Of course it was FICTION!.

Come on guys, i'm many things but i am not stupid enough to say that i want something to be kept a secret and i put it up on my blog. I mean i know i'm not Linda Ikeji, but i do know that people read my blog more than i ever assume.

My dad reads my blog, so does his friends. My ex knows the blog and if not his "best friends" would have showed him and he definitely knows where i live enough to come get his baby.

With that said, It has been the most fun thing that i have done in forever. Lol. My cousin is in town to deliver her baby(more on this later), so it inspired me to come up with this and seeing that my situation with the ex was public knowledge it was so easy and made sense. The trick was to do it a week ahead otherwise everyone would have clocked that it was April Fools. and it worked :)

Interestingly enough, most of you questioned it and that made me happy that you have gotten to know me well enough from my blog. So it was interesting that people i would have called friends actually believed it and more importantly thought that i won't tell them personally but then come put it on my blog.

 The bbms, text, calls, asking for proof to see my tummy (like it would show anything, lol) was amazing. I made some people cry, scream, be jealous (lol), happy and sad. Folks that i didn't think still read the blog came out of the wood works (Hi Roc :*) Again can i just say that i am quite loved and i love you all so very much.

On the flipside, i was told that i like attention and i won't go into how this had nothing to do with that and this is one of the reasons why closing this blog seems to be around the corner. And then the people that were to happy to see me "ashamed", lol. All in all, i have heard of people doing this a lot, and i don't think i'm a funny person, so was kinda just glad that it was successful.

So of course i cannot prove that i am not pregnant, except you won't see any baby in 6 months. Someone suggested that people will think i gave it up and or aborted it. O well. If you know nothing about me, know that if and when i do have a baby, i will be keeping him, no matter the circumstances. So can i ask that if you told anyone, please tell them that it is fiction, lol.

Some truths tho...

There is strength in abortion, giving up a baby and or choosing to raise a baby.

Use a condom or be on the pill. Especially when you are messing around with someone you know there is not future with it. I won't tell you to be celibate, that is a path i have chosen, but it means protect yourself. Thankfully, i have an ex, that even tho it is not in his plan, would have done the "responsible" thing. The hope is that your partner is joyous about you having his baby, not anyone but you and not him doing the responsible thing and loving the kid, tho not wanting to see your face.

You really are awesome people. Your support surprises me, your love is amazing, i sincerely thank God for every most (lol) every one of you. God will bless you and continue to really favor you in all that you do.

So its official, APRIL FOOL's. I GOT YOU :)

P.S I LOVE YOU. Here's to a great month of April. Celebrate!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 months along....

Doctor confirmed,

Its a strange feeling i tell you. I mean i would have never guessed it, even though i was fully aware when it went down. I wanted it, i just had to experience it you know and who better than with a man i loved and had hoped for a future with.

Reality is setting in, i may not show (just like mama) but i see the changes. Been working out furiously, bye bye starbucks caramel macchiato and marble loaf cake. Does explain the cravings tho, i'm told not to think i need to eat for two, just healthier..

Told no one, except the best friend. If not for school, woulda moved back to hers, will need some care. Never telling him, its my prerogative. And if he finds out, i deny it. Its really that simple, no one can find me in my house. About to tell the sibs, they should know, but the folks? NO way in hell, till its here..

So 6months to go.... Not a fan of September tho - October & December are the only -ember months i like. Maybe hold on till October.

Good News and bad news, this is. Scratch that, i can only see the good in this. Explains why i have been happy all year, despite the hardships along the way.

Here's a toast. CELEBRATE!!!

P.S I Love You

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Praise Wednesday - Bible Passage

Romans 12:6-21 New Living Translation (NLT)

6 In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you.
7 If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well.
8 If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.
9 Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.
10 Love each other with genuine affection,[a] and take delight in honoring each other. 11 Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.[b]
12 Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.
13 When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.
14 Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them.
15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.
16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!
17 Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable.
18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.
19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,”[c] says the LORD.
20 Instead, “If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads.”[d]
21 Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.

------May The Lord bless the reading of his word and help us in Jesus Name. God bless you and have a great day and rest of the week.

P.S I Love You

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blithed Roses - Surprise!

Sorry for the break in transmission guys.... Let's get back to it.. Will aim for every week until its finished.


"Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost?" Nick asked

"Yes, i'm fine. I have to leave though. I had plans with a friend of mine today and i really don't want to change my plans".

A little deflated, Nick did not immediately reply, by passing her to walk back into the bedroom. He picked up his phone, saw the missed call by Lisa, but thought nothing of it. He had been expecting her call, it was time for him to get back on the road promoting his books, and Lisa was in charge of his image as it were.

"Hmmm, sorry. I really would love to spend the day with you, you know. I'm leaving California soon."

Now it was Blythe's turn to feel sad. "Well, i will miss you and it was nice knowing you." responding nonchalantly.
"Quit with the attitude?" Nick replied.
"Excuse you?"
"You heard me. I said quit the attitude"

Blythe could not think of an appropriate response.
"I'm sorry. It's just that i know i messed up and you could cut me some slack for it."
"I truly have to go Nick. I can't get out of this today, i promised a friend and ..."
Interrupting.. "Can i come back tonight?. I promise, we will just talk and have dinner, i could cook."
"You don't have to do that."
"Actually i want to, two weeks of hotel food is about as much as i can handle. Is 7 fine? I'll buy whatever i need.
"7 is fine, but before you go buying stuff, how about you check the fridge and pantry and make sure i don't have everything? I'm pretty well stocked."

Nick proceeded to go through the kitchen and search the pantry, fridge and freezer. He was not sure what he was going to cook.
Screaming, not realizing that Blythe followed him into the kitchen, he continued talking to her.
"Sounds great, so where are you going to, that won't see you spending the day with me?. Oh! there you are"
"Yoga with the best-friend and baby shopping for the other best-friend. She's having a baby girl."
"Sounds like fun. And i would join you, but, three's company"..
Blythe laughed "See you tonight then. Did you find something good?
"Yea, like you said you are pretty stocked. You really weren't planning a party?
Again she laughed, "My friends and family usually drop by unannounced to say hi, even though i know its really to eat, so i try to stay prepared.'
"Gotcha ya, shall we?"

They walked out together, both silent in thoughts. Blythe wanted to ask about Lisa, but would she say? - "So Lisa huh? what a small world, that's the bitch who stole my man." She couldn't very well do that, and she really didn't think there was a future here anyways, what, with him leaving California soon.
Nick was thinking of dinner.

Blythe had such a good day, she forgot about Lisa and Nick. She had thought about telling Tina about Nick, but what was there to tell, so she put her mind on yoga and shopping for Simi's baby, which turned out to be more fun than she had anticipated. Simi's little girl was going to be the most gorgeous baby girl in the world. It was not until she was on her way back, she realized she had a "date", at least that's what she was calling it. She was going to go home and put some effort into looking good.

Nothing like tasty food, wine, and a handsome man to have stimulating conversation with. Or, so she thought!!

Nick forgot about calling Lisa back, thinking about his dinner plans with Blythe. He was also thinking about the future. He still lived in Detroit, something most people did not understand since he became famous. He loved his home and did not see himself moving to California and he could not very well ask her to move could he? He was deep in thought when he heard someone shout out at his name "Nick". Assuming that there was some other Nick in the lobby, he continued walking on, he didn't know anyone at the hotel after all.
"Nick Downey" he heard, causing him to stop abruptly then turn around.
It was none other than his agent Lisa.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Why the hell, didn't you pick up the phone and making me come out here?" She replied
Hugging her, he replied "I've been otherwise occupied. Its so good to see you, i was meaning to stop by".
"Yes, you should have. Its good to see you, i was getting worried that you might be laying in waste here".
"Au contraire, so tell me why are you here?"
"I got a call a couple days ago from a reporter, saying someone spotted you at a winery with a woman, and they wanted details. I tried calling you to find out what that was about and when you didn't pick up your phone, i had to come find out myself."
"Amazing! There's really no privacy in this business is there? Is there a way to kill this before it runs, i would really hate to start a relationship this way."
"Shit! I didn't mean that, its not a relationship, i mean i don't know what it is, i just don't want to put that on her."
"Wow! The most eligible bachelor in Detroit, is officially out the books".
"Oh quit it. What are you doing this evening? i plan to cook for her and you could stop by later on. I mean its nothing serious, but i would like for you to meet her and tell me what you think. You can come under the pretense of work you know"
"You don't have to ask me twice. Just text me the address and time and i will be there. Make an extra plate, would you".
"Thanks Lisa, you look gorgeous by the way. The man treating you right"
Responding with mixed emotions "Yea, Drake tries, but you know this is all me. Thanks Nick, see you soon, can't wait to meet this girl. What's her name?"
"Not telling you, so you don't have that knowing expression on your face when i introduce her to you"
"You are silly Nick, walk me to my car would you? I'll work on the reporter and then we have to really talk about the book tour"


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*Don't KILL me* Thank you

P.S I Love You

Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday.... Is falling out of love enough reason?

"The illusion of effortlessness requires a great effort indeed"............ This quote best describes me in more ways than one.

Hi everyone. How are you doing? Hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you a great week ahead.

5 more days till i have to turn in my paper to my professor, who i bet is going to rip it apart and make me change. Sigh it is well, especially cos i ain't done shit. The next couple days are about to be looooong.

Nways i don't have much to report. Just hanging in there. My boobs are bigger which is cool, but i feel the need to wear a bra now. I'm afraid that my standing boobs will drop, if it continues to get bigger and i don't start supporting it now. I doubt it will get much bigger sha.

March Madness begins - I have Michigan State winning it all. Which none of my Michigan peeps, must see btw. I just don't believe in us, even tho we are # 4, but i stay supporting. Now if this were football, ehen, we would be winning it all.

Can't still believe Peyton Manning was cut by the Colts and Brandon Jacob by the Giants. Its a madness. Arsenal better win their game today.

Congratulations to all my medical school graduates who got matched today, with great jobs. Using it as a point of contact of the medical school students on blogger and everyone who is believing God for one thing or the other, we will celebrate with you soon in Jesus Name.

Nways the sun is out and the american in me has me dressed in a sheer top, sweater, short skirt and heels. I tell you, there is nobody who does it better than me in looking good, even when everything around her is falling apart.

My dad's wife is trying to reach out. She added me on bbm (This is my sister's fault btw). I'm afraid. Lol.

Shout-out to ex's that stay taking care of me. Which reminds me i want starbucks gift card, pretty please. Thanks in advance.

Which reminds me. I did not "fall in" love. I walked, eyes opened and chose to love. I however need to "fall out" of love. I envy people that seem to be able to do that fast.

How will that work in a marriage tho? Is falling out of love enough reason to leave a marriage, let's say of 5years and one kid (just an example), you can use any other scenario to explain your reasoning.

I can't understand how a guy likes a girl enough to spend ridiculous amount on her, but still not want to be with her. He's single, no issues, nothing. It really makes no sense to me. I guess if money is not an issue for him, he doesn't really see it as spending money.

I hurt my neck really bad this morning. Can't turn it.

Church is as much a business as anything else. Its the Grace of God, to remember that that's not all it is, is all.

Ok that's about it. Enjoy the songs....

Couldn't wait till Wednesday to play this song. I have played it a 100 times(not exaggerating) between yesterday and today. Even when i was sad enough to not sing it out, i moved my body along. It is well.

So, i wasn't really impressed with Asa's first album and this was one of the songs i did not like. This remix however, I LOVE. Absolutely love Ife's voice and he just gave this song life. I played him on the show (Weplug10) on Saturday. He is my pick of the week and will have him to talk on the show soon. Excited.

I had the pleasure of reviewing his album, which you should def read here. One of the best albums of 2012 yet, and if you are in Austin, he performs most everyday at SXSW and i think you will not regret it. The album came out today, so you ought to cop it.

And just had to end it with my boy. I really like this song, and i don't have to hype it cos its quite good.
Nways. that's it. Peace.

P.S I Love You.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Praise Wednesday - It's A Lie To Think That You Aren't Good Enough

My best friend "J" sent me this a couple days back. Some of you might have seen it. Watching this again and i am inspired to be great. To being the best that i can be, to try my hardest. To defeat my flesh and overcome through it all.

You are the only one able to limit yourself. As children of The Most High, he has given us all that we need to be successful and happy in this life. Let's key into our destiny with faith and no iota of doubt, that God who is able and just to do all that we can ever hope and imagine, will do great and mighty things in your lives. We will celebrate your victories together this year in Jesus Name.

Have a blessed rest of the week. Muah

P.S I Love You

Monday, March 5, 2012

Should i tell my parents?

Hi everyone. How you doing? Hope its been a good day so far and hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you even more good things for the rest of the week. Taking a break from school work, which i have finally progressed on - yaaaaay me :) to do this, then my wpgm post, then some more school work. Long day.....

Why do u reckon movie stars are on TV shows a lot lately? and i don't mean going from TV shows to movies, but the opposite? I don't reckon its the money. I like it though.

I love Lady Ngo's suggestion of Davids Bridal $99 dresses yo. Buy one i like, and go refix it. Yes Boss, serious music world famous. And ps, if you are feeling cheap. Just don't tell anybody. Collect 6k for ur dress, buy a 99 dollar dress, spend about 300 to refix it. Keep the rest in ur private account. :). Who produces the money for the dress btw?

So i told my best friend the above plan and she says i can't have a custom made dress for my less than 1k plan. So i have decided that i am going to find some new budding fashion designer and employ them to make my custom made dress. I was looking at David's bridal (see what you did LadyNgo?) and they don't have anything close, so this is the only way. I have two friends who would be happy to do this. The other option is to call up my fashion designer Aunty and tell her to call up one of her friends that owes her one and have them custom make it.

I told my mum about the whole thing sha and she said even if you are wearing rags, on your wedding day, all  eyes are on you, so no need to stress too much as long as you are beautiful and happy. She says a fortune should be spent on the ring tho. Lol

Thinking too much about my wedding dress oooo. HELP!!!

But all you women talking about you won't spend much on your wedding dress/ring. Show of hands(leave a comment,lol) how many of you have louboutins & jimmy choos & birkin (sp?) bags & rolex wristwatches et al?... You see, you have abi? Lol.

Met a guy with the most gorgeous eyes at the airport yesterday. He said i was gorgeous :-). He's called me twice today. He looks young. :(

The A Team is hilarious and still one of the best movies I've seen in recent years. Of course most of the world disagrees.

I hate bad service. Was so mad at FedEx on Friday, i could kill.

Got to give up coffee. Got to get the teeth pearly white. I don't think i can give up coffee.

Have i said this before? - I am an organ donor. I wonder if God forbid i die here, they will have to get permission from my parents and if i should tell them so they agree or will they have to return my body intact cos i am international?  Plus i want to be cremated. Do they do that in Nigeria?

There was a cute boy on the plane, on what appeared to be his first flight. The commentary was amusing.

One day i'll remember the movies i create in my sleep. It really pained me that i couldn't remember today's cos it seemed really special. Like i felt myself crying and laughing. One day i'll remember.

I don't think i've gotten a full nights rest in a long time. I mean i sleep, but my brain is fully functional. O well.

This lil girl had on them shoes that squished as she walked. So cute.

Starbucks marketing technique is in my opinion still the best in the world. I drove about 45mins, just to get to a starbucks (the first was full) because it has the best atmosphere to study and still relax and talk and dance & have fun. Plus observing people is my hobby and there's no better place to do it.

Finally heard my first Whitney song -salute- today. Sigh. Death be ashamed.

Dosh, said i sound happy. I am. Its not any easier, but trusting in God and because of you all i am happy, everyday. Thank you so much :)

Two years today. Good times.

Follow and - Thanks.

I think Mo'Cheddah is going to regret leaving KH and if not KH, definitely Klem. But this is my opinion.

My get rich plan is to get Oyinbo into the modelling business (beautiful + great body) and get Bold & Beautiful into advertisements (talks so well + gorgeous smile). I'll be their manager, get 30% of everything they make. Will be put in motion, before the year runs out. Trust me.

That's it guys. Probably the fastest post i've ever written from start to finish :)

P.S I Love You :*

Friday, March 2, 2012

More on the Ring or The Dress?

Hello Everyone, how we doing? Three months into the New Year already huh?! I thought February was slow, but i was wrong. March is here and that means that i have 15days to do my research and hopefully have it submitted by the end of the month. Talk about insane pressure right about now. Whew! On to less boring stuff.

Una too like gist. Ok i can't speak pidgin for the life of me, but my last random post, was my most read post in a long time. Over 300 people read it within 24hours, now i have to start thinking of funny random things to be telling you people. LOL. Thank you :* :* :* :*

So been in Michigan since Mon. 16hr trip yo, it was not even cool, but you do what you gats to do. Can't wait till when i can start making money enough to buy my plane ticket a day before i travel. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Its great to see the sis as usual and i get to see my brother when he comes in on Saturday before i leave :). My sis is officially taller than me, which makes me officially the shortest person in my house. Like i told my friends today, my husband must be 6'5. Ko jo men.

So i'm not sure why people think i have a British accent and or i lived in England. I Love it.

So my dad is funny. Remember i told you that he told me that all the clothes i wore in Nigeria were akisa(rags). So he called me to tell me, that he needs my measurements because he wants to have someone sew clothes for me. I'm 25yrs old tori Olorun.

Even funnier, he then called me to tell me that he met my brother's friend in Nigeria and their family and that his spirit was moved that she will be a good wife and so i should encourage my brother. I laughed so hard. I told my brother and he said i should get away "instead of him to send me money, he is giving me story". Lol.

Speaking of my brother, he is the opposite of me. I'm the one into all this extra stuff, but still manages to stay anti-social. He is the quiet one, that everybody seems to know. He is like so popular in school, in the different clubs et al. He is on his Alternative Spring break, where he is helping build and paint and all that in New Orleans.

Nways, his cute Arab friend, lets call him "L" has been chauffeuring me and the sis all week and before i met him, the first thing my sis says to me is "Don't talk to him, don't look at him, cos if you make him like you, i will kill you". Can you imagine?

Speaking of friends, in undergrad it was a group of us 4. We were a tight knit family and every-time i'm in town, i make sure to see them bar the one who is out of the country. Met up with the two who still stay here for dinner today and some other friends and it was fun, just talking over food. I somehow manage to crack them up still.

Have you all seen the movie 127hours? I keep wondering if i could really do that given the choice. I think the only way i might go the extra mile in such a situation is if i have kids.

O so, i'm randomly watching a wedding show (don't ask) and most of the girls are looking at dresses in the 2k range. So i call my best-friend and go "Is 2k for a dress not too much?" And she tells me no and that it is cheap, mentioning some people who we know together who spent much more than that like 6k - 8k. So then i call back to ask her how much the ring should be "I don't know, like 1k+. So this is my theory, does it make sense to spend more for the dress that you wear only once, than for the ring, that you have all your life.? It seems rather stupid to me.

My dress is going to be convert-able, so its short for the reception cos my only assets are my legs and i want to show it off. All this covering for engagement and wedding is loooong.

I think Christians need to be really cognizant of the fact that as long as you proclaim the name of God, you are being judged, by what you say and do. We are not perfect, but we shouldn't let people think they don't want to be Christians from knowing us.

12pounds to go :)... It's hard finding non - carbohydate foods to eat.

Blithed Roses - Next Week. You have my word - will finish this book, by cook or by cranny.

Have i mentioned how any drop of alcohol gives me a headache? So sad. But i'm realizing how sensitive my body is and i'm afraid yo, cos i'm going to have kids and my body really hates pain. Like wrapping my hair/wearing hairnet gives me a headache. My sister and i were doing my hair yesterday and the pain was unbearable, the entire time ( i reneged on my never doing braids/weave btw) and all over my body in general. Not cool.

One year anniversary next month. Time flies.

Nways that's it people. I pray you are blessed this month of March. May all your dreams come true.

P.S I Love You :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing 101

As you all know, i'm a budding writer and i've been working to make Blithed Roses a book worth reading. I came across this today, and i thought it might be helpful for all hopeful writers like me.

P.S I Love You

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Praise Wednesday - Old Gospel

Today on Praise Wednesday, i just want to share with you some old gospel songs that you might have not heard in a while and as my sister found out last week, might not know...

Lionel Peterson - Jehovah Knows


Boundless Love - Women of Faith

It's alright send me - Winan Brothers

 Kirk Franklin - Our God is an awesome God

God Bless and have a great rest of the week
 - Bold and Beautiful.

P.S I Love You

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have no title post

..... Couldn't for the life of me think of what to name the post. My brain is currently in a fog. Too much going on right now, most important of which is my paper due in less than a month now, that i still haven't done much for. Hello sleepless night. Let's begin shall we...

I hate the smell of fried fish. And this especially sucks with a roommate that seems to hate meat and love fried fish and my room is closer to the kitchen. How do i get rid of the smell on my clothes? I swear the smell doesn't seem to leave this house for like a week. I really need a place of my own dear God.

So one of my closest friends sent me flowers and chocolates and a teddy bear for Vals. Was too shocked and it made me cry. Meet Mc-Dreamy :-)

Which brings me to my next point. Everybody i tell about this, have this argument that he wants to get in my pants or according to Pastor, i should open my mind cos he could be the "one". He is not the "one", i am positive of that, we are very great friends, i love him like my brother and he takes care of me like the sister he doesn't have and treats all my family as such, mumsy even knows him, as his mom knows me. I know (via personal experience) that most girls that are best friends with a guy are secretly in love with him and vice versa but i have been truly lucky to have some guy friends that are brothers to me, nothing more, nothing else. We've been through hell together, i know their sordid details as they know mine and we genuinely love each other. Nways they (my male friends) those that want to enter my pants and those that don't made vals day special for me, with heartfelt greetings.

Re: friend that got me flowers et al, his prayer for me when i called him to thank him was "Next year, it will be your husband doing this for you". I said Amen :)

He also has told me that i'm not even allowed to kiss, while not dating this year. :-( I like kissing

Speaking of - Did you know that March 14, was the vals day for guys? I heard that in America, even though its unofficial, Feb 14th is for the ladies and then March 14th is for the guys and its officially called Steak and BJ day. The man gets to put his feet up and you serve him steak and then top it off by orally pleasing him (BJ). I laughed so hard when my friend told me on Saturday.

Speaking of said friend, we have a pact to talk every Saturday and its kinda cool.

Speaking of Saturday, this Saturday i was invited to lunch @ Benihana's. I'm so glad i didn't refuse, cos i really wanted to. Here's why - :)

Meanwhile my sister in Naij is being loved, by all my friends that she met while i was in Naij. I love my friends.

I love Linda Ikeji. No homo. That video of her and her sister dancing made me happy.

How is it that Jeremy Lin is not getting so much attention on blogger? Do you all not like sports? Or are you all just racist ehn? I'm happy for the dude. Happy they've lost a game too, so the pressure is reduced for him.

I think its funny - how a guy just looks at me oh so sexy, when prior he just looked at me like a regular human being - once i start spewing about sports. I am very passionate about my sports sha :)

I argue that racial words like nigga and chink are only as powerful as you make it. What do you say?

How is it that folks on NCIS can use their phone in the elevator and we can't in the real world?

My friend invited me to game night thingy and it was actually really fun. Which i did not expect since i don't do new people.

Decided to not just sit at home and will be volunteering twice a week, actually my Pastor asked and i couldn't say no. My friend keeps laughing at me, that i've become one of those girls who is now doing church, so i can find man to marry. Lol.

Finally met someone, who said "yo, i want you to work with me," met up with him and by the next day, sent me documents et all, and we've been working. I love that and i'm so excited. Other than ayo (wpgm), most people come at me, "o let's do this and do that" and they get you so excited and you ask them to send this and till today, no word.

Like another example, i hear of these two babes who sing. I ask both of them to send me their info and song. The one sent me the song and info, asked me questions and from that i had her come on the show on Saturday. Then today i got an email from her saying thank you. The other, i am yet to get any response from her after the initial excitement.  Just interesting how people behave, you know.

I love my radio show :). Its good music and i'm proud. I pray its get bigger, but i really don't want to put my face to it. O well.

I think its funny that my ex of so many years, thinks based on that he doesn't have to try and "woo" me or at least keep communication constant, talking about "if its meant to be, it will be" - nothing is meant to be, so ain't nothing being. Lol, but seriously woe unto guys being all lackluster in trying to be with me. This vals day some girls were getting Loubs and shit, not trying to be a money person, but i'm just saying. I'll swear for you, if you are coming at me, like i'm any kind of girl.

You can't say you are there, you have to BE there.

How do you know the line between a guy buzzing you just because he needs attention and when he is doing it because he really still cares?

Going all out for Lent - No twitter, tumblr, instagram - started already. Keeping Facebook, cos i hate to miss folks birthday. And i would have done bbm, but that is truly work related - but imma do no constant status updates or changing pics, except when i change it for someone's bday.  - Wait are we supposed to be letting the whole world now, that we are fasting et al? Not sure what the rules are, will ask my Pastor tomorrow.

Going to Michigan next week. I'm burnt tho, cos my bro will be away the entire week i'm there and he's the one i have not seen in so long. Going to help my sis, do her applications for Uni and her hair and she gets to cook for me :).

I wear my wristwatch on my right hand now. Its taken a mental adjustment.

I am learning conversational French. I have employed my sister and my friend to help me. Will be fluent in french by the end of the year and then Spanish too, as soon as i find someone to help me with that.

O i taught my friend, who is well versed with computer and codes and shit, something about emails today and i was happy, cos i always feel unsmart when i'm asking him questions.

People keep asking me about parties and going out and i can't understand why they don't get that my not going to school/work/no money having self should be ashamed to be seen outside, even though i have the clothes and shoes for it.

Hard not to feel like a failure, hard not to say some things at God, but i keep trying to praise God you know. Which reminds me Ron Kenoly Jr (you all know his dad right?) was at my church on Friday. He is sooooo fine. I just kept thinking he was looking at me sha, cos his eyes were posted in my direction. He is tatted up tho and i wondered if his dad fought with him about that?

Talking to my friend about losing loved ones tonight. Its sad sha. May we not experience sudden death amongst us this year and onward in Jesus Name. Our parents will not bury us, and our siblings and relations in Jesus Name. Amen

FX has the movies - for real.

Snow indoors tho - Tiwa and Flavour? Like when they brought the concept to you, couldn't you say no, lets make sure its outside. But sha sha, Flavou's body ain't even bad at all. Will just cover his face is all.

Nways i think that's it guys. :* :* :*

P.S I Love You

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Praise Wednesday - Poem by Oyinbo

I've always referred to it as Crucible
For in it our flaming emotions boil
In it our big ideas broil
Even there, our thoughts & emotions dwell

Here (the mind) is where YOU are
Here is also where WHO YOU want to be stands
Indeed, here is where who you think you should be wanders
Still,here is where who you should be sleeps

The decisions you make, the ones you don't
The ones you ought to, the ones you can't
All controlled by this thing, so little, the MIND
The self-condemnation, the self-pity
The crippled will-power, the low self-esteem
All dictated by this thing, so little, the MIND

Victory over the mind
...What seems impossible
...Lies within
...In the mind

You ALONE can control this mind that so easily controls you
You ALONE can make up YOUR MIND to RE-MAKE your Mind.
For in it, lies the YOU the world awaits.
In it, the ideas that will leave your name carved in a stone
Still, in it is a character worth impersonating
Then a little prayer to seal the deal.

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life
The one thing that causes a struggle in the christian walk is the mind
It tells you that you can't do it, that you can't stay away from sin
And when you stray, it says HE will never forgive you.
Get angry at your mind & you tell 'it' like you would tell that boss who just got on your last nerve.
You can do it, you can stay away from sin or else the Bible wouldn't have said 'Be hold as I AM holy'
You can be great, you can get an A in that course
You can discipline yourself to stop drinking soda, to stick to your work out routine.
Take Charge of this thing we call the MIND.

- Oyinbo

Wow, my family members make me proud. That was a poem by my baby sister, and i don't think i have anything else to add. It has come at an appropraite time in my own life right now, so will be taking heed to it myself. I hope it helps someone today.

Have a great rest of the week. God bless you

P.S I Love You

Monday, February 13, 2012

Memories + Music Monday

10 years ago on Tuesday, i was in Ibadan - have i told you guys about Ibadan? (story for another day)

Anyways, i'm dating MOBY and in a school of just about 50, everybody knows this. So girls in his class, and girls in my class, all the way to girls in JSS1 and even boys too have teased me all week long about upcoming valentine's day. Before that i had never celebrated it, even telling the guy who liked me at some point in time not to get me anything (Just goes to show that my not collecting things from guys is ingrained).

Now being in Ibadan meant i didn't have access to any money and MOBY"s birthday is four days after vals, so i'm fretting here and trying to downplay the whole situation because i didn't want to not be able to give him anything for vals and his birthday. So i'm making a very big deal of telling everyone including him, that i am not interested, its just a normal day bla bla.

Now if i remember correctly, Val's day was on a Friday, so you can imagine the torture all week. Fast forward to Friday and we act as normal as possible, except the whole school is buzzing. Who got what? Who did what? and all that. MOBY was a day student, so he was the resident worker assigned to getting what we needed outside of school. My ulcer used to be very bad then and i wouldn't eat school food, so he and my best friend J will go get me bread and suya, every so often. But he pretty much helped the entire school get things they needed, especially Mr Biggs (There was no tantalizers in IB back then, lol) and its why everybody loves him, he remains the nicest sweetest man i have ever known.

So on Friday, i see him briefly and we chat, but he was busy the entire day, and by the time i had to go back to the dorms, he had left on yet another errand. He comes back later at night, but the house mistress (evil woman) would not let me come out (only me btw, not any one else, lol) and so with all the anticipation from the entire school, and then nothing happening, i could not lie, i was a lil disappointed.

The next morning after devotions, a couple of my friends go into school from dorms and i had just gotten out of the shower, when i heard the screams. AYOMIDE (that's what everybody in IB knows me as) OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!. I cried, when i saw it all. I got flowers, and chocolate and a cake and a perfume (This is why i love anything Lancome) cards and a teddy bear. He didn't have to, he knew i did not care and i told him i had no money to get him anything back, especially cos his birthday was coming up and he did not care.

I will never think of Valentine's day and not think of that day. I can't believe its been ten years. Will definitely call him up and laugh with him on vals day about this.

My point of sharing this story with you?.....

When i heard Whitney died, my immediate thought was BB. I had her last album (The only album i actually bought in years, got it the very day it came out), and we were on the phone the entire length of the album and he sang to me. Music was so much our thing that i can't think of certain artists - Akon, Rock City, Da Grin, Wizkid, Laura Izibor etc and not think of him. The same way i cannot think of Valentine's day and not think of every detail of this day with MOBY. Like i think, even if its the day i get married, or my kids' birthday, no matter how monumental the event is, valentines day will always trigger memories of him. The same way the songs will trigger memories of BB.

And so i have decided, that henceforth i am going to be cognizant of who i make certain memories with, because i never want to think of that memory with regret or sadness or wistfully. You see i can call MOBY up now and we will laugh and tell each other how much we still care. I buzzed BB on bbm and just said Whitney is dead, didn't have to say much else, but we couldn't talk you know?

So on all these adventurous things i want to do in my life, i am going to make the memories with certain people, so they always bring me joy, even if they leave this world. I think that's important. Or i do things alone (That's more my style anyways)


Couldn't watch the Grammy's - It hurt too much, Whitney Houston made me happy. I put on her cd and happily drove 10hours to Canada. It was bliss. Sigh!!. You know how everybody is listening to her songs? It will take me a very long time to listen to a Whitney song again.

I caught the Nicki Minaj act tho and nearly died of laughter - May God forgive that child.

BB and i had a civil and nice end to whatever it was that we did - i was watching something and they said its impossible, and the only way that happens is if you don't care for each other. What do you guys think? I disagree. I mean we are adults afterall.

Happy Single Awareness day in advance. Can't believe i have been single now 4 years (Unofficial talking is not counted obviously) - Long ass time. Have fun guys, be safe,  God Bless and have a great week.


P.S I Love You

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Imagine this scenario and really take a minute to think about it.

27 year old girl, she's been with her man for 4 years, he is also 27, committed loving relationship and all. She just moved away for a job opportunity that she would have been a fool to pass up. For the first time in four years, she won't get to see her man, every other weekend. Said man then decides you know what, its time to do my own thing, i'm tired of working for the man. Here's what i'm going to do, i'm going to quit my job, go back to school, so i can work on my art during my spare time, sell my car since the city i'm going to has good transportation and stay in my boy's basement in the meantime. The program is a three year program and that should give me enough time to have set up, be independent and all that.

Now, the questions are?

From the woman's perspective - Is it wise to wait? - Consider that this is the man of her dreams, and there's the extreme pressure from family telling her, she's getting older and she needs to get married? I just got this job, i can't move. I love him.

From the man's perspective - Am i being selfish if i tell her to hold on? Maybe i should let her go, because there are no guarantees? I'm also moving to a totally different city. I just don't see how this will work, because of the distance and less time. I love her.

Is the man being a coward? Does he not love her enough? Or is using this is an excuse to quit? Is love enough?

What are the logistics to make this thing work? Who suffers? Who benefits?

There's only one rule - Don't look at this from a christian/faith perspective.

How is it that people think its ok, to insult one or disrespect one for having a different opinion. It's one of the reasons i don't comment on blogs, because i will be compelled to insult you and your family to the fourth generation for doing such. Is this just me? I don't tolerate it, you insult or disrespect me once because i have an opinion different from yours, you simply no longer exist in my life. I mean my best friend and i, we argue all the time "o, you listen to me" "no you listen to me' -we never agree. I have never insulted her or disrespected her.

This is what happened yesterday and the person goes "Wetin you de feel like?"

I am feeling like someone who doesn't think i should like something because majority of folks like it. I am feeling like someone with a brain who can make a rational decision to say, you know what i think this is mediocre and not up to par for what i think great standards should be. I am thinking that my opinion does not make me better than you and i will never think that to be the case. I am thinking that you thinking your opinion is all that matters, makes you a very small minded person and the argument that other people like what you like as an addition makes it even worse.

That's what i'm feeling like.

There you have it, looking forward to your responses.

P.S I Love You.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Praise Wednesday

Yesterday i saw something on twitter that i thought was the most profound thing i had seen in a while... @_PePe: What would you have if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday??

Take a minute to think about it....

I did when i saw that and i realized that i had not prayed the day before. I had read my bible, said something like Thank You Jesus for everything and that was the end of that. Now maybe that was an all inclusive prayer so maybe i would still have everything, but it made me realize something.

I am not deserving... I am simply not deserving of the favor and mercy and grace that the Lord bestows to me each and everyday. Are you?

Have you properly thanked God lately, for all he has done both great and small. For protection and mercy and provision and favor and blessings, good health, food to eat, a place to live, the friends you have, your family, your job, your church, your country? Have you thanked him?

So today there is no song, i want you to stop whatever it is you are doing and give a song of praise from your heart and open your mouth and thank him. Thank him for what he has done, thank him for what he is doing, thank him in advance for what he is yet to do. Thank him for your health, your education, your career, your job - if you are like me, with no job, thank him for the job he is bringing your way. Be specific, thank him for your future husband/wife if you are unmarried. Thank him for your siblings and parents and extended family. Thank him for protecting you, for providing for you.

Thank him for EVERYTHING!!! Just open up your mouth and thank him, not because you want him to give you everything you thank him for tomorrow, but because he deserves it, and think about this if you praise him for the little he has given you, do you not think he will give you infinitely so much more.

May God answer our prayers in Jesus Name.

P.S I Love You

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A quick recap + New Year Plans


Hi everyone... I feel so rusty and i don't know where to start. Let's do a quick recap of last year yea, but before i go on ---Hell Yeah! Go NY GIANTS!!! I was like the happiest girl ever, screaming like a banshee.. Like earlier in the day at church, someone had said Go Giants! and i screamed. AT CHURCH. I even prayed and all and i'm still so happy, i'm going to the victory parade tomorrow. - Is it bad, that i secretly said Thank God, i don't have a job? lol.

So school was pretty decent last semester right, two easy classes, one class that you get to publish a paper which is due this year, and then my past (In Jesus Name) nemesis - Bio-statistics this particular one being Regression. As long as i have been on this blog and in school, i have talked about one form of this class or the other, and still always managed to do well. My first semester PhD, i straight up cried for the one - Categorical Data Analysis, even then i did decent. Well this one, i did not cry because i honestly felt that if my Professor was any good, i would have done well, it was a struggle, and i am yet to see my final grade( i have a hold) but i hear she curved which means i should get like a B. The problem is i got nothing out of the class so whatever be the case, i would have to retake this class, because it will be very useful in my future data analysis.

Speaking of future.... but i will be digressing, so lets just get back to last year

So like you know - failed relationship, struggling with my faith and spiritual life, no financial life to speak of (Thank God for you guys and friends) - and just generally feeling depressed and damn near suicidal sometimes - Last year was hard. God forbid any year in my life be ever as half as hard, in Jesus Name. So i threatened my mum and my dad and told them i needed to come home. The money for my ticket which i got late, but still cheap Thank God, was meant to be put into my school fees, but i had to go and i still think it was a wise thing to do.

The trip there was ok, a couple people i know were on my flight (Damsel said she saw me and did not say hi, i will still beat her when i see her) and i was happy to see my mum and sister at the airport. I stayed at my mums, but i saw my dad often and talked to him often - almost became a problem, but i think it was all good. The thing about Nigeria was i didn't go there with a single dime, so i had no grand illusions of balling, but i knew i would have fun still and i did. I went to Ibadan with my best friend and my sister and sigh Ibadan Boys >>>> Lagos boys all day everyday. Those guys know how to take care of a girl, or maybe its cause they love me sha. I did not do any major events in Nigeria - only attended Chef Fregz, Naked Convos and a very wack Industry Nite. I only went clubbing once - Reeds then Liquid (abi how is it spelt?).

But i had fun men. Went with my mum to the movies and really just enjoyed chilling with her - the Monday before i was meant to leave, we drove from Ajao Estate to Ogudu to Ikoyi and back to Ikeja and this was at night and you shoulda heard my mum fretting. Omygoodness, she was so afraid still, it was hilarious, she is not allowed to drive at night sha, cos somehow she forgets the road at night, lol. I took my sister with me everywhere, and she got to meet great people i call friends. So interesting enough, i did not meet one new person. Everyone i met up with/chilled with, were people i knew from here, people i knew when i lived in Naija, and those i had met via twitter/bbm/blogger that i wanted to meet. I didn't tell people i was coming or going, so i only saw a handful of people and i saw them repeatedly.

I was sick for a while, with me unable to speak for a week, which as quite hilarious cos i was still going out, lol and i ate a lot, walahi i ate yam every single day. The peppered snail i ate on the day i was leaving will hold me down for another 6months. And the only boys that seemed to have interest in me (well duh, i didn't go anywhere) were old loves. - My friend said i have juju and that's why they can't ever forget me. Lol, i hope not, cos none of them want to put a ring on it (which reminds me, my belly ring came off and my mum made me take off my ankle chain)  But still it was nice seeing everyone. Physically seeing my ex was nice. Physically seeing everyone was nice, skype, facetime, convos, nothing makes up for the hugs and the smiles and the touches and the kisses, eating together, praying together. I needed it..

I needed it, because now i'm back now and i'm refreshed, ready for whatever the year might bring. Already this year i am not able to go to school this semester (Thank God for research) and still no job, and that could have brought me down, but i'm honestly happy and see this is an opportunity. For what, i am not yet sure, but i'm ready. This year already a lot of people, close people, people who know me, have questioned my decision to continue with this PhD and not just starting a career in the entertainment industry and its a question i'm pondering and waiting for God to lead me on. I have started my education, i want to finish and at the end of the day i do not believe i am yet ready to go to Nigeria with no money of my own. So many things to ponder and pray about and i am waiting on God to show me the way, especially by making the things i am doing right now successful.

Ok this is getting long but briefly let me say....

I miss the siblings in Michigan and need to go see them real quick. The plan for this year is to be more involved in my church, grow spiritually, grow financially, expand my horizon, make good use of every opportunity, remain single, but read books and even attend events that might help me on the way of relationships and marriage, publish my required paper and maybe even one more, go back to school, continue to be a good friend and sister, be helpful, get a job, lose some weight, get my own place, help with getting my mama a new car and maybe even the bro, write a whole lot more, maybe even finish my book, be consistent with my radio show and my weekly posts for wpgm, be successful at everything i do, communicate with my dad more, be celibate and most importantly BE HAPPY!!!

So That's it (I think)... will get back to the fun stuff you love about me in the next post...

Ironically my ugly face :) got fresher in Nigeria and already is filled with spots on getting here. On the flip side my fine gorgeous nails, looked like shit in Nigeria, always breaking and steez and has gotten back to looking sexy since i've been back. 

P.S I Love You

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year + Praise Wednesday by Bold & Beautiful

Happy New Year!!!

                It's February and i'm saying happy new year, how bad is that? Its been over two months since i've been here and i can hardly believe it myself. I itched to write so much, i made my mum get internet for me while i was home in Nigeria, but apart from how slow it could be, the words did not just come out like i wanted it to. I have missed you guys sorely tho and i have so much to tell you - My final days of classes last semester, my one month trip in Nigeria, the plans for the year, research, relationships,family, friends, work, church, God, finishing up my story, maybe starting another one. It should be fun :)

We are starting off with Praise Wednesday and i have employed both my sisters - Bold & Beautiful and Oyinbo to do this as well, so this will be a guaranteed regular this year, if nothing at all. Need to find a way to include my brother now.

I hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I hope you are safe and happy and warm. I pray that this year, things shall be easy for you and all your dreams will come through, in every way of your life in Jesus Name. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Single Awareness month :)

Praise Wednesday
      by Bold & Beautiful

Many times I ask myself what particular reason I have to praise God especially when it seems like He hasn't answered my prayers. The truth is that there are times when it seems like there is no reason for us to praise God because things are going from bad to worse in our lives. When I begin to feel this way and I can't pray or don't even feel like saying nice things to God or thanking him for the little things in my life, I listen to my "love songs",they remind me of God's unconditional and unfathomable love for me. They remind me that I didn't and can never do anything to deserve His love & may never understand why He is the only one that loves me this way. Romans 8:38-39 says that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus. These songs help me realize that this Love is enough reason for me to praise Him.
Here are a few of them:

Anthem Lights - Can't get over you

David Crowder band - How he loves

Jesus Culture - Your love never fails

Brandon Heath - Your Love

Rebecca St James - Song of Love

May you be uplifted in Jesus Name.

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P.s.s. I still truly love you :* :)