Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year + Praise Wednesday by Bold & Beautiful

Happy New Year!!!

                It's February and i'm saying happy new year, how bad is that? Its been over two months since i've been here and i can hardly believe it myself. I itched to write so much, i made my mum get internet for me while i was home in Nigeria, but apart from how slow it could be, the words did not just come out like i wanted it to. I have missed you guys sorely tho and i have so much to tell you - My final days of classes last semester, my one month trip in Nigeria, the plans for the year, research, relationships,family, friends, work, church, God, finishing up my story, maybe starting another one. It should be fun :)

We are starting off with Praise Wednesday and i have employed both my sisters - Bold & Beautiful and Oyinbo to do this as well, so this will be a guaranteed regular this year, if nothing at all. Need to find a way to include my brother now.

I hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I hope you are safe and happy and warm. I pray that this year, things shall be easy for you and all your dreams will come through, in every way of your life in Jesus Name. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Single Awareness month :)

Praise Wednesday
      by Bold & Beautiful

Many times I ask myself what particular reason I have to praise God especially when it seems like He hasn't answered my prayers. The truth is that there are times when it seems like there is no reason for us to praise God because things are going from bad to worse in our lives. When I begin to feel this way and I can't pray or don't even feel like saying nice things to God or thanking him for the little things in my life, I listen to my "love songs",they remind me of God's unconditional and unfathomable love for me. They remind me that I didn't and can never do anything to deserve His love & may never understand why He is the only one that loves me this way. Romans 8:38-39 says that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus. These songs help me realize that this Love is enough reason for me to praise Him.
Here are a few of them:

Anthem Lights - Can't get over you

David Crowder band - How he loves

Jesus Culture - Your love never fails

Brandon Heath - Your Love

Rebecca St James - Song of Love

May you be uplifted in Jesus Name.

P.s please join me on Saturday @ 3pm Est on to listen to the best songs from emerging Artists out of Africa - just click here -

P.s.s. I still truly love you :* :)


  1. Happy New Year to u too dear!!! Was beginning to wonder whether u gave up on blogging? Glad to have u back!

  2. Happy new year, love. It's good to have you back... or are you leaving again???


  3. YAY!!! blithed Roses anytime soon?! Happy Nw Year hon

  4. Happy New Year! Didn't know you went to Naija, welcome back.

  5. Just so you know, i've visited your blog everyday wondering where you were and if you're okay. tres relieved! glad to have you back :)

  6. Sheet!!! The Anthem Lights boys are HOT, this one that they are gospel singers if one of them gives me a side eye na marriage strat! no dulling

    I 'met' David Crowder band on KV and E (radio station) lol and just fell in love with them. I would beg their lead singer to barb that rubbish away but he is doing something usefull with his life so i'll let this sleeping horse stand

    Happy new year, good to have you back. God bless you

  7. @Miss Enigma - Thank you darling, no i can't leave o...

    @MissPweedyface - No i am not dear, thank you

    @Honey Dame - yes ma, this week :)

    @Myne - Thank you so much ma :)

    @Enitan - awwww i'm so sorry for even scaring you. Thank you so much, God bless you.

    @Chic Therapy - Thank you dear...

    @dodh - Lol, thot the same thing about Anthem Lights. Thank you dear. Amen and you too.


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