Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have no title post

..... Couldn't for the life of me think of what to name the post. My brain is currently in a fog. Too much going on right now, most important of which is my paper due in less than a month now, that i still haven't done much for. Hello sleepless night. Let's begin shall we...

I hate the smell of fried fish. And this especially sucks with a roommate that seems to hate meat and love fried fish and my room is closer to the kitchen. How do i get rid of the smell on my clothes? I swear the smell doesn't seem to leave this house for like a week. I really need a place of my own dear God.

So one of my closest friends sent me flowers and chocolates and a teddy bear for Vals. Was too shocked and it made me cry. Meet Mc-Dreamy :-)

Which brings me to my next point. Everybody i tell about this, have this argument that he wants to get in my pants or according to Pastor, i should open my mind cos he could be the "one". He is not the "one", i am positive of that, we are very great friends, i love him like my brother and he takes care of me like the sister he doesn't have and treats all my family as such, mumsy even knows him, as his mom knows me. I know (via personal experience) that most girls that are best friends with a guy are secretly in love with him and vice versa but i have been truly lucky to have some guy friends that are brothers to me, nothing more, nothing else. We've been through hell together, i know their sordid details as they know mine and we genuinely love each other. Nways they (my male friends) those that want to enter my pants and those that don't made vals day special for me, with heartfelt greetings.

Re: friend that got me flowers et al, his prayer for me when i called him to thank him was "Next year, it will be your husband doing this for you". I said Amen :)

He also has told me that i'm not even allowed to kiss, while not dating this year. :-( I like kissing

Speaking of - Did you know that March 14, was the vals day for guys? I heard that in America, even though its unofficial, Feb 14th is for the ladies and then March 14th is for the guys and its officially called Steak and BJ day. The man gets to put his feet up and you serve him steak and then top it off by orally pleasing him (BJ). I laughed so hard when my friend told me on Saturday.

Speaking of said friend, we have a pact to talk every Saturday and its kinda cool.

Speaking of Saturday, this Saturday i was invited to lunch @ Benihana's. I'm so glad i didn't refuse, cos i really wanted to. Here's why - :)

Meanwhile my sister in Naij is being loved, by all my friends that she met while i was in Naij. I love my friends.

I love Linda Ikeji. No homo. That video of her and her sister dancing made me happy.

How is it that Jeremy Lin is not getting so much attention on blogger? Do you all not like sports? Or are you all just racist ehn? I'm happy for the dude. Happy they've lost a game too, so the pressure is reduced for him.

I think its funny - how a guy just looks at me oh so sexy, when prior he just looked at me like a regular human being - once i start spewing about sports. I am very passionate about my sports sha :)

I argue that racial words like nigga and chink are only as powerful as you make it. What do you say?

How is it that folks on NCIS can use their phone in the elevator and we can't in the real world?

My friend invited me to game night thingy and it was actually really fun. Which i did not expect since i don't do new people.

Decided to not just sit at home and will be volunteering twice a week, actually my Pastor asked and i couldn't say no. My friend keeps laughing at me, that i've become one of those girls who is now doing church, so i can find man to marry. Lol.

Finally met someone, who said "yo, i want you to work with me," met up with him and by the next day, sent me documents et all, and we've been working. I love that and i'm so excited. Other than ayo (wpgm), most people come at me, "o let's do this and do that" and they get you so excited and you ask them to send this and till today, no word.

Like another example, i hear of these two babes who sing. I ask both of them to send me their info and song. The one sent me the song and info, asked me questions and from that i had her come on the show on Saturday. Then today i got an email from her saying thank you. The other, i am yet to get any response from her after the initial excitement.  Just interesting how people behave, you know.

I love my radio show :). Its good music and i'm proud. I pray its get bigger, but i really don't want to put my face to it. O well.

I think its funny that my ex of so many years, thinks based on that he doesn't have to try and "woo" me or at least keep communication constant, talking about "if its meant to be, it will be" - nothing is meant to be, so ain't nothing being. Lol, but seriously woe unto guys being all lackluster in trying to be with me. This vals day some girls were getting Loubs and shit, not trying to be a money person, but i'm just saying. I'll swear for you, if you are coming at me, like i'm any kind of girl.

You can't say you are there, you have to BE there.

How do you know the line between a guy buzzing you just because he needs attention and when he is doing it because he really still cares?

Going all out for Lent - No twitter, tumblr, instagram - started already. Keeping Facebook, cos i hate to miss folks birthday. And i would have done bbm, but that is truly work related - but imma do no constant status updates or changing pics, except when i change it for someone's bday.  - Wait are we supposed to be letting the whole world now, that we are fasting et al? Not sure what the rules are, will ask my Pastor tomorrow.

Going to Michigan next week. I'm burnt tho, cos my bro will be away the entire week i'm there and he's the one i have not seen in so long. Going to help my sis, do her applications for Uni and her hair and she gets to cook for me :).

I wear my wristwatch on my right hand now. Its taken a mental adjustment.

I am learning conversational French. I have employed my sister and my friend to help me. Will be fluent in french by the end of the year and then Spanish too, as soon as i find someone to help me with that.

O i taught my friend, who is well versed with computer and codes and shit, something about emails today and i was happy, cos i always feel unsmart when i'm asking him questions.

People keep asking me about parties and going out and i can't understand why they don't get that my not going to school/work/no money having self should be ashamed to be seen outside, even though i have the clothes and shoes for it.

Hard not to feel like a failure, hard not to say some things at God, but i keep trying to praise God you know. Which reminds me Ron Kenoly Jr (you all know his dad right?) was at my church on Friday. He is sooooo fine. I just kept thinking he was looking at me sha, cos his eyes were posted in my direction. He is tatted up tho and i wondered if his dad fought with him about that?

Talking to my friend about losing loved ones tonight. Its sad sha. May we not experience sudden death amongst us this year and onward in Jesus Name. Our parents will not bury us, and our siblings and relations in Jesus Name. Amen

FX has the movies - for real.

Snow indoors tho - Tiwa and Flavour? Like when they brought the concept to you, couldn't you say no, lets make sure its outside. But sha sha, Flavou's body ain't even bad at all. Will just cover his face is all.

Nways i think that's it guys. :* :* :*

P.S I Love You


  1. If I were to sit and hear you say what you typed, I would have slept off around the sixth random yarn. And about lent, I know guys sticking with no alcohol and wouldn't go out of their way to have sex (but if it comes, hey, what can a guy do)

  2. Lol I love the randomness of this becos this is how my brain functions at times and it moves so fast its hard for me to put in a blog post

    I can totally relate to two things! One not wanting to go out when I hadn't graduated school and all my friends had, and somewhere even pursuing their Masters; then not wanting to go out when I didn't have a job for fear of answering the much dreaded question "So what do you do? WHere do you work?" *sigh* Even after getting a job it took me a minute to come out cos most of my friends are in the financial industry make really good money and I felt sorta not in that league, but I had to tell myself I'm running my own race not another persons.

    And yes the famous "Oh we should work on XYZ..." and u wait and wait and nothing happens, or people come to be to help them brainstorm, draft this proposal, and put one or two things together and I never hear from them again. Its part of why I've slowed down on the PR thing...its so frustrating but time will tell.

    Have a great week mama!!!

  3. Randomness at it's best..*Wipes Tear*

    I have a male friend just like that... He is eager for me to graduate and make it in life. It's good to have genuine friends no matter the gender..

    FX-HAS the movies... Only every other week, in the summer time. lol

    I will NOT be getting with the MArch 14th guy day thing... Why?
    That's my birthday... That day is all about me. ^_^

    Don't worry... There's a plan for your life..just keep praying for a revelation.


  4. yes , the concept for flavor's video was horrid. but i like his face tho lol .
    one of goals after grad school is to learn french as well..how are you going about it ?
    and you're not a failure ..God's plans for you is beyond what you can imagine.

    enjoy the rest of your week :)

  5. Loved the randoms! Never commented but as Flavour is my new boo I had to comment. Yeah the indoor snow threw me as well even though I love the 2 of them, really??? Anyway, how does conversational french work? I'd like to be fluent in spanish so if that would help, I'm all for it. Love your blog, kindly continue blighted rose though, biko. Thanks.


  6. Bonne chance avec le francais. This was truly random. Like your updates tho so I aint complaining.

  7. @Ema - :)

    @adebrsk - You are funny

    @Miss Enigma - Lol, so i'm not the only one. Thanks ma

    @Mikki - Happy birthday in advance dear. Amen :)

    @Eve - I'm learning via Pimsleur dear, although not really done much still. Amen and Amen. Thanks

    @Pearl - hehehe, i'm getting you. I'm using Pimsleur for French and Spanish, basically they just have you listen and follow what they are saying. And i will continue, i promise.

    @Etoile Oye - Merci :)


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