Monday, February 13, 2012

Memories + Music Monday

10 years ago on Tuesday, i was in Ibadan - have i told you guys about Ibadan? (story for another day)

Anyways, i'm dating MOBY and in a school of just about 50, everybody knows this. So girls in his class, and girls in my class, all the way to girls in JSS1 and even boys too have teased me all week long about upcoming valentine's day. Before that i had never celebrated it, even telling the guy who liked me at some point in time not to get me anything (Just goes to show that my not collecting things from guys is ingrained).

Now being in Ibadan meant i didn't have access to any money and MOBY"s birthday is four days after vals, so i'm fretting here and trying to downplay the whole situation because i didn't want to not be able to give him anything for vals and his birthday. So i'm making a very big deal of telling everyone including him, that i am not interested, its just a normal day bla bla.

Now if i remember correctly, Val's day was on a Friday, so you can imagine the torture all week. Fast forward to Friday and we act as normal as possible, except the whole school is buzzing. Who got what? Who did what? and all that. MOBY was a day student, so he was the resident worker assigned to getting what we needed outside of school. My ulcer used to be very bad then and i wouldn't eat school food, so he and my best friend J will go get me bread and suya, every so often. But he pretty much helped the entire school get things they needed, especially Mr Biggs (There was no tantalizers in IB back then, lol) and its why everybody loves him, he remains the nicest sweetest man i have ever known.

So on Friday, i see him briefly and we chat, but he was busy the entire day, and by the time i had to go back to the dorms, he had left on yet another errand. He comes back later at night, but the house mistress (evil woman) would not let me come out (only me btw, not any one else, lol) and so with all the anticipation from the entire school, and then nothing happening, i could not lie, i was a lil disappointed.

The next morning after devotions, a couple of my friends go into school from dorms and i had just gotten out of the shower, when i heard the screams. AYOMIDE (that's what everybody in IB knows me as) OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!. I cried, when i saw it all. I got flowers, and chocolate and a cake and a perfume (This is why i love anything Lancome) cards and a teddy bear. He didn't have to, he knew i did not care and i told him i had no money to get him anything back, especially cos his birthday was coming up and he did not care.

I will never think of Valentine's day and not think of that day. I can't believe its been ten years. Will definitely call him up and laugh with him on vals day about this.

My point of sharing this story with you?.....

When i heard Whitney died, my immediate thought was BB. I had her last album (The only album i actually bought in years, got it the very day it came out), and we were on the phone the entire length of the album and he sang to me. Music was so much our thing that i can't think of certain artists - Akon, Rock City, Da Grin, Wizkid, Laura Izibor etc and not think of him. The same way i cannot think of Valentine's day and not think of every detail of this day with MOBY. Like i think, even if its the day i get married, or my kids' birthday, no matter how monumental the event is, valentines day will always trigger memories of him. The same way the songs will trigger memories of BB.

And so i have decided, that henceforth i am going to be cognizant of who i make certain memories with, because i never want to think of that memory with regret or sadness or wistfully. You see i can call MOBY up now and we will laugh and tell each other how much we still care. I buzzed BB on bbm and just said Whitney is dead, didn't have to say much else, but we couldn't talk you know?

So on all these adventurous things i want to do in my life, i am going to make the memories with certain people, so they always bring me joy, even if they leave this world. I think that's important. Or i do things alone (That's more my style anyways)


Couldn't watch the Grammy's - It hurt too much, Whitney Houston made me happy. I put on her cd and happily drove 10hours to Canada. It was bliss. Sigh!!. You know how everybody is listening to her songs? It will take me a very long time to listen to a Whitney song again.

I caught the Nicki Minaj act tho and nearly died of laughter - May God forgive that child.

BB and i had a civil and nice end to whatever it was that we did - i was watching something and they said its impossible, and the only way that happens is if you don't care for each other. What do you guys think? I disagree. I mean we are adults afterall.

Happy Single Awareness day in advance. Can't believe i have been single now 4 years (Unofficial talking is not counted obviously) - Long ass time. Have fun guys, be safe,  God Bless and have a great week.


P.S I Love You


  1. I love songs, definitely a great way to store memories. Decided to send voice notes to girls singing songs that best described our relationship this Valentine's day. Guess I should put who got what on my blog.

  2. You certainly have a point about making memories with certain people. Nicki Minaj is just straight-up crazy

  3. I have a question, when you are making memories, you arent necessarily think "i am making memories now". Memories seem to happen just as life happens, so how does one go about picking and choosing people to make memories with?

  4. I never thought of it as making memories with people. This has thought me that. Thanks!!!

  5. @Ade - Cool

    @Toin - Thank you

    @TayneMent - That's why i said certain memories and i think you can choose who you spend time with knowing you will be making memories with them.

    @Ema - You welcome :)


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