Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A quick recap + New Year Plans


Hi everyone... I feel so rusty and i don't know where to start. Let's do a quick recap of last year yea, but before i go on ---Hell Yeah! Go NY GIANTS!!! I was like the happiest girl ever, screaming like a banshee.. Like earlier in the day at church, someone had said Go Giants! and i screamed. AT CHURCH. I even prayed and all and i'm still so happy, i'm going to the victory parade tomorrow. - Is it bad, that i secretly said Thank God, i don't have a job? lol.

So school was pretty decent last semester right, two easy classes, one class that you get to publish a paper which is due this year, and then my past (In Jesus Name) nemesis - Bio-statistics this particular one being Regression. As long as i have been on this blog and in school, i have talked about one form of this class or the other, and still always managed to do well. My first semester PhD, i straight up cried for the one - Categorical Data Analysis, even then i did decent. Well this one, i did not cry because i honestly felt that if my Professor was any good, i would have done well, it was a struggle, and i am yet to see my final grade( i have a hold) but i hear she curved which means i should get like a B. The problem is i got nothing out of the class so whatever be the case, i would have to retake this class, because it will be very useful in my future data analysis.

Speaking of future.... but i will be digressing, so lets just get back to last year

So like you know - failed relationship, struggling with my faith and spiritual life, no financial life to speak of (Thank God for you guys and friends) - and just generally feeling depressed and damn near suicidal sometimes - Last year was hard. God forbid any year in my life be ever as half as hard, in Jesus Name. So i threatened my mum and my dad and told them i needed to come home. The money for my ticket which i got late, but still cheap Thank God, was meant to be put into my school fees, but i had to go and i still think it was a wise thing to do.

The trip there was ok, a couple people i know were on my flight (Damsel said she saw me and did not say hi, i will still beat her when i see her) and i was happy to see my mum and sister at the airport. I stayed at my mums, but i saw my dad often and talked to him often - almost became a problem, but i think it was all good. The thing about Nigeria was i didn't go there with a single dime, so i had no grand illusions of balling, but i knew i would have fun still and i did. I went to Ibadan with my best friend and my sister and sigh Ibadan Boys >>>> Lagos boys all day everyday. Those guys know how to take care of a girl, or maybe its cause they love me sha. I did not do any major events in Nigeria - only attended Chef Fregz, Naked Convos and a very wack Industry Nite. I only went clubbing once - Reeds then Liquid (abi how is it spelt?).

But i had fun men. Went with my mum to the movies and really just enjoyed chilling with her - the Monday before i was meant to leave, we drove from Ajao Estate to Ogudu to Ikoyi and back to Ikeja and this was at night and you shoulda heard my mum fretting. Omygoodness, she was so afraid still, it was hilarious, she is not allowed to drive at night sha, cos somehow she forgets the road at night, lol. I took my sister with me everywhere, and she got to meet great people i call friends. So interesting enough, i did not meet one new person. Everyone i met up with/chilled with, were people i knew from here, people i knew when i lived in Naija, and those i had met via twitter/bbm/blogger that i wanted to meet. I didn't tell people i was coming or going, so i only saw a handful of people and i saw them repeatedly.

I was sick for a while, with me unable to speak for a week, which as quite hilarious cos i was still going out, lol and i ate a lot, walahi i ate yam every single day. The peppered snail i ate on the day i was leaving will hold me down for another 6months. And the only boys that seemed to have interest in me (well duh, i didn't go anywhere) were old loves. - My friend said i have juju and that's why they can't ever forget me. Lol, i hope not, cos none of them want to put a ring on it (which reminds me, my belly ring came off and my mum made me take off my ankle chain)  But still it was nice seeing everyone. Physically seeing my ex was nice. Physically seeing everyone was nice, skype, facetime, convos, nothing makes up for the hugs and the smiles and the touches and the kisses, eating together, praying together. I needed it..

I needed it, because now i'm back now and i'm refreshed, ready for whatever the year might bring. Already this year i am not able to go to school this semester (Thank God for research) and still no job, and that could have brought me down, but i'm honestly happy and see this is an opportunity. For what, i am not yet sure, but i'm ready. This year already a lot of people, close people, people who know me, have questioned my decision to continue with this PhD and not just starting a career in the entertainment industry and its a question i'm pondering and waiting for God to lead me on. I have started my education, i want to finish and at the end of the day i do not believe i am yet ready to go to Nigeria with no money of my own. So many things to ponder and pray about and i am waiting on God to show me the way, especially by making the things i am doing right now successful.

Ok this is getting long but briefly let me say....

I miss the siblings in Michigan and need to go see them real quick. The plan for this year is to be more involved in my church, grow spiritually, grow financially, expand my horizon, make good use of every opportunity, remain single, but read books and even attend events that might help me on the way of relationships and marriage, publish my required paper and maybe even one more, go back to school, continue to be a good friend and sister, be helpful, get a job, lose some weight, get my own place, help with getting my mama a new car and maybe even the bro, write a whole lot more, maybe even finish my book, be consistent with my radio show and my weekly posts for wpgm, be successful at everything i do, communicate with my dad more, be celibate and most importantly BE HAPPY!!!

So That's it (I think)... will get back to the fun stuff you love about me in the next post...

Ironically my ugly face :) got fresher in Nigeria and already is filled with spots on getting here. On the flip side my fine gorgeous nails, looked like shit in Nigeria, always breaking and steez and has gotten back to looking sexy since i've been back. 

P.S I Love You


  1. Nife, you want to lose which weight??? Nice post hun!

  2. very nice, your blog is always refreshing!

  3. Briefly? ok now. Ib boys can be boring like that. Dulling peeps. Long list of stuff to do and all the best with em all.
    Yay on the PHD. Mayb you'll ginger me. Nice blog u got. 1st time here and def following

  4. @Sugarking - Yes o, way too fat. Thanks dear.

    @Eve - Thank you :)

    @Toin - Lol, i said IB boys are not dulling. Thank you so much and welcome :)


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