Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing 101

As you all know, i'm a budding writer and i've been working to make Blithed Roses a book worth reading. I came across this today, and i thought it might be helpful for all hopeful writers like me.

P.S I Love You


  1. Insightful. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing, he makes sense. Be a sadist and cautching pnemonia made me laugh

  3. lol, I love him!!! Be a sadist? catch pneumonia? To hell with suspense? Let cockroaches eat the last pages? hahahaha, funny how people who know what they're talking about hardly say much

    God bless you for sharing

  4. @livelife - You welcome ;)

    @Myne - You are welcome :)

    @dosh - Amen :)


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