Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 months along....

Doctor confirmed,

Its a strange feeling i tell you. I mean i would have never guessed it, even though i was fully aware when it went down. I wanted it, i just had to experience it you know and who better than with a man i loved and had hoped for a future with.

Reality is setting in, i may not show (just like mama) but i see the changes. Been working out furiously, bye bye starbucks caramel macchiato and marble loaf cake. Does explain the cravings tho, i'm told not to think i need to eat for two, just healthier..

Told no one, except the best friend. If not for school, woulda moved back to hers, will need some care. Never telling him, its my prerogative. And if he finds out, i deny it. Its really that simple, no one can find me in my house. About to tell the sibs, they should know, but the folks? NO way in hell, till its here..

So 6months to go.... Not a fan of September tho - October & December are the only -ember months i like. Maybe hold on till October.

Good News and bad news, this is. Scratch that, i can only see the good in this. Explains why i have been happy all year, despite the hardships along the way.

Here's a toast. CELEBRATE!!!

P.S I Love You


  1. Is this fiction or non-fiction mama? U've got me confused.

  2. Replies
    1. Highly seconded, Author of Blithed Roses, Pray tell, truth or dare?!

  3. DOn't Leave me hanging... Fact or Fiction?!

  4. Are you pregnant? Is that what this is about?

  5. for real??????? its not April 1st yet.........

  6. Reality or not?
    If it's what I think it is, you do need a lot of care. Keeping it is not an easy decision, but its a fantastic one.

    Big hug from here dear!

  7. He should know though..
    I would want to if I were him.

  8. congrats!!!
    i'm not going to kid u though... it's going to be a long hard road..
    you have to tell him.. whether he accepts it or not is another matter..

  9. If this isn't fiction, I hope you get all the love and support you deserve.

  10. Oh wow
    Im waiting for the climax post before i say congratulations, im not wasting my congratulations lol

  11. Neefemi don get belle, shakara don end o.

  12. And I told u o ... All those small boys are dangerous!

  13. But really, you can't drop a bomb like this and not come bback to answer questions. I'm feeling like it is not fiction though and if I am right.. Congratulations are in order. I'll keep you in my prayers once again and it will be well with you and the little tyke. No matter what, it is a blessing but don't run away from the support system you have available to you.. You will need it! All the best!


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