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Blithed Roses - Surprise!

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"Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost?" Nick asked

"Yes, i'm fine. I have to leave though. I had plans with a friend of mine today and i really don't want to change my plans".

A little deflated, Nick did not immediately reply, by passing her to walk back into the bedroom. He picked up his phone, saw the missed call by Lisa, but thought nothing of it. He had been expecting her call, it was time for him to get back on the road promoting his books, and Lisa was in charge of his image as it were.

"Hmmm, sorry. I really would love to spend the day with you, you know. I'm leaving California soon."

Now it was Blythe's turn to feel sad. "Well, i will miss you and it was nice knowing you." responding nonchalantly.
"Quit with the attitude?" Nick replied.
"Excuse you?"
"You heard me. I said quit the attitude"

Blythe could not think of an appropriate response.
"I'm sorry. It's just that i know i messed up and you could cut me some slack for it."
"I truly have to go Nick. I can't get out of this today, i promised a friend and ..."
Interrupting.. "Can i come back tonight?. I promise, we will just talk and have dinner, i could cook."
"You don't have to do that."
"Actually i want to, two weeks of hotel food is about as much as i can handle. Is 7 fine? I'll buy whatever i need.
"7 is fine, but before you go buying stuff, how about you check the fridge and pantry and make sure i don't have everything? I'm pretty well stocked."

Nick proceeded to go through the kitchen and search the pantry, fridge and freezer. He was not sure what he was going to cook.
Screaming, not realizing that Blythe followed him into the kitchen, he continued talking to her.
"Sounds great, so where are you going to, that won't see you spending the day with me?. Oh! there you are"
"Yoga with the best-friend and baby shopping for the other best-friend. She's having a baby girl."
"Sounds like fun. And i would join you, but, three's company"..
Blythe laughed "See you tonight then. Did you find something good?
"Yea, like you said you are pretty stocked. You really weren't planning a party?
Again she laughed, "My friends and family usually drop by unannounced to say hi, even though i know its really to eat, so i try to stay prepared.'
"Gotcha ya, shall we?"

They walked out together, both silent in thoughts. Blythe wanted to ask about Lisa, but would she say? - "So Lisa huh? what a small world, that's the bitch who stole my man." She couldn't very well do that, and she really didn't think there was a future here anyways, what, with him leaving California soon.
Nick was thinking of dinner.

Blythe had such a good day, she forgot about Lisa and Nick. She had thought about telling Tina about Nick, but what was there to tell, so she put her mind on yoga and shopping for Simi's baby, which turned out to be more fun than she had anticipated. Simi's little girl was going to be the most gorgeous baby girl in the world. It was not until she was on her way back, she realized she had a "date", at least that's what she was calling it. She was going to go home and put some effort into looking good.

Nothing like tasty food, wine, and a handsome man to have stimulating conversation with. Or, so she thought!!

Nick forgot about calling Lisa back, thinking about his dinner plans with Blythe. He was also thinking about the future. He still lived in Detroit, something most people did not understand since he became famous. He loved his home and did not see himself moving to California and he could not very well ask her to move could he? He was deep in thought when he heard someone shout out at his name "Nick". Assuming that there was some other Nick in the lobby, he continued walking on, he didn't know anyone at the hotel after all.
"Nick Downey" he heard, causing him to stop abruptly then turn around.
It was none other than his agent Lisa.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Why the hell, didn't you pick up the phone and making me come out here?" She replied
Hugging her, he replied "I've been otherwise occupied. Its so good to see you, i was meaning to stop by".
"Yes, you should have. Its good to see you, i was getting worried that you might be laying in waste here".
"Au contraire, so tell me why are you here?"
"I got a call a couple days ago from a reporter, saying someone spotted you at a winery with a woman, and they wanted details. I tried calling you to find out what that was about and when you didn't pick up your phone, i had to come find out myself."
"Amazing! There's really no privacy in this business is there? Is there a way to kill this before it runs, i would really hate to start a relationship this way."
"Shit! I didn't mean that, its not a relationship, i mean i don't know what it is, i just don't want to put that on her."
"Wow! The most eligible bachelor in Detroit, is officially out the books".
"Oh quit it. What are you doing this evening? i plan to cook for her and you could stop by later on. I mean its nothing serious, but i would like for you to meet her and tell me what you think. You can come under the pretense of work you know"
"You don't have to ask me twice. Just text me the address and time and i will be there. Make an extra plate, would you".
"Thanks Lisa, you look gorgeous by the way. The man treating you right"
Responding with mixed emotions "Yea, Drake tries, but you know this is all me. Thanks Nick, see you soon, can't wait to meet this girl. What's her name?"
"Not telling you, so you don't have that knowing expression on your face when i introduce her to you"
"You are silly Nick, walk me to my car would you? I'll work on the reporter and then we have to really talk about the book tour"


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