Friday, March 2, 2012

More on the Ring or The Dress?

Hello Everyone, how we doing? Three months into the New Year already huh?! I thought February was slow, but i was wrong. March is here and that means that i have 15days to do my research and hopefully have it submitted by the end of the month. Talk about insane pressure right about now. Whew! On to less boring stuff.

Una too like gist. Ok i can't speak pidgin for the life of me, but my last random post, was my most read post in a long time. Over 300 people read it within 24hours, now i have to start thinking of funny random things to be telling you people. LOL. Thank you :* :* :* :*

So been in Michigan since Mon. 16hr trip yo, it was not even cool, but you do what you gats to do. Can't wait till when i can start making money enough to buy my plane ticket a day before i travel. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Its great to see the sis as usual and i get to see my brother when he comes in on Saturday before i leave :). My sis is officially taller than me, which makes me officially the shortest person in my house. Like i told my friends today, my husband must be 6'5. Ko jo men.

So i'm not sure why people think i have a British accent and or i lived in England. I Love it.

So my dad is funny. Remember i told you that he told me that all the clothes i wore in Nigeria were akisa(rags). So he called me to tell me, that he needs my measurements because he wants to have someone sew clothes for me. I'm 25yrs old tori Olorun.

Even funnier, he then called me to tell me that he met my brother's friend in Nigeria and their family and that his spirit was moved that she will be a good wife and so i should encourage my brother. I laughed so hard. I told my brother and he said i should get away "instead of him to send me money, he is giving me story". Lol.

Speaking of my brother, he is the opposite of me. I'm the one into all this extra stuff, but still manages to stay anti-social. He is the quiet one, that everybody seems to know. He is like so popular in school, in the different clubs et al. He is on his Alternative Spring break, where he is helping build and paint and all that in New Orleans.

Nways, his cute Arab friend, lets call him "L" has been chauffeuring me and the sis all week and before i met him, the first thing my sis says to me is "Don't talk to him, don't look at him, cos if you make him like you, i will kill you". Can you imagine?

Speaking of friends, in undergrad it was a group of us 4. We were a tight knit family and every-time i'm in town, i make sure to see them bar the one who is out of the country. Met up with the two who still stay here for dinner today and some other friends and it was fun, just talking over food. I somehow manage to crack them up still.

Have you all seen the movie 127hours? I keep wondering if i could really do that given the choice. I think the only way i might go the extra mile in such a situation is if i have kids.

O so, i'm randomly watching a wedding show (don't ask) and most of the girls are looking at dresses in the 2k range. So i call my best-friend and go "Is 2k for a dress not too much?" And she tells me no and that it is cheap, mentioning some people who we know together who spent much more than that like 6k - 8k. So then i call back to ask her how much the ring should be "I don't know, like 1k+. So this is my theory, does it make sense to spend more for the dress that you wear only once, than for the ring, that you have all your life.? It seems rather stupid to me.

My dress is going to be convert-able, so its short for the reception cos my only assets are my legs and i want to show it off. All this covering for engagement and wedding is loooong.

I think Christians need to be really cognizant of the fact that as long as you proclaim the name of God, you are being judged, by what you say and do. We are not perfect, but we shouldn't let people think they don't want to be Christians from knowing us.

12pounds to go :)... It's hard finding non - carbohydate foods to eat.

Blithed Roses - Next Week. You have my word - will finish this book, by cook or by cranny.

Have i mentioned how any drop of alcohol gives me a headache? So sad. But i'm realizing how sensitive my body is and i'm afraid yo, cos i'm going to have kids and my body really hates pain. Like wrapping my hair/wearing hairnet gives me a headache. My sister and i were doing my hair yesterday and the pain was unbearable, the entire time ( i reneged on my never doing braids/weave btw) and all over my body in general. Not cool.

One year anniversary next month. Time flies.

Nways that's it people. I pray you are blessed this month of March. May all your dreams come true.

P.S I Love You :)


  1. 2k on a dress to me is not too much. 1k5 - 2k is about the price for a decent ring.

    A wedding band esp the engagement ring (if it has diamonds) cost about the same or more

    1. meant the price for a decent dress

  2. I think it's okay to spend more on the ring than the dress. I mean the dress just has to look good no matter what it cost. The ring though has to be valuable, in case you have to sell it. ^_^

  3. Wait who is spending $5k on dress and $1k on a ring? Are you buying your diamonds in Liberia and your dresses from space?

    Please oh, the ring should cost more than the dress. 2k seems "okay" for a dress but 1k for a ring? That sounds low.

    Sugabelly is right, what if you have to sell the ring?

    1. diamonds in liberia and dress from space hahahahaha *rotfl*

  4. Man ya'll are making me feel horrible yet marketable. The hell if i'm spending $1000 on a dress that i'm only gonna have on for like an hour (David's Bridal $99 dress sale all day AND tomorrow!) since i wanna do the church and trad the same time and that means too many wardrobe changes as it is. And I really couldn't care less how much the ring costs as long as its big and sparkly and wont turn my finger green! lol.

    I'm cheap and low maintenance plus there are tons of other things that money needs to be spent on other than the dress/ring: The house, the actual wedding, my student loans...the list is endless.

  5. lol @ your dad trying to set your brother up and your sister warning you to not make the arab boy like you, the joys of being silly with family

    This right here ----> "We are not perfect, but we shouldn't let people think they don't want to be Christians from knowing us" word! Living the gospel has always been more effective than just preaching it.

    Truthfully, I'm not sure i care much about my wedding gown, all i know is that i don't want a big dress, i don't want a train and i definately don't want a plain white dress. you're right, it makes absolutely no sense to have a wedding dress more expensive than the ring

    Looking forward to reading from blithed roses

    You sound very happy :) May the Lord bless you and always put a smile on your face

  6. Lol..quick ad easy read...

    Spot -on.. lol!!

  7. I'm a cheap skint, and my ring cost more than my dress too, each less than 1k. :)

    Stay well, dear.

  8. hey dear, ive just handed u the versatile blogger award, for more info, pls visit

  9. Lol - love it. Thanks ladies.


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