Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday.... Is falling out of love enough reason?

"The illusion of effortlessness requires a great effort indeed"............ This quote best describes me in more ways than one.

Hi everyone. How are you doing? Hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you a great week ahead.

5 more days till i have to turn in my paper to my professor, who i bet is going to rip it apart and make me change. Sigh it is well, especially cos i ain't done shit. The next couple days are about to be looooong.

Nways i don't have much to report. Just hanging in there. My boobs are bigger which is cool, but i feel the need to wear a bra now. I'm afraid that my standing boobs will drop, if it continues to get bigger and i don't start supporting it now. I doubt it will get much bigger sha.

March Madness begins - I have Michigan State winning it all. Which none of my Michigan peeps, must see btw. I just don't believe in us, even tho we are # 4, but i stay supporting. Now if this were football, ehen, we would be winning it all.

Can't still believe Peyton Manning was cut by the Colts and Brandon Jacob by the Giants. Its a madness. Arsenal better win their game today.

Congratulations to all my medical school graduates who got matched today, with great jobs. Using it as a point of contact of the medical school students on blogger and everyone who is believing God for one thing or the other, we will celebrate with you soon in Jesus Name.

Nways the sun is out and the american in me has me dressed in a sheer top, sweater, short skirt and heels. I tell you, there is nobody who does it better than me in looking good, even when everything around her is falling apart.

My dad's wife is trying to reach out. She added me on bbm (This is my sister's fault btw). I'm afraid. Lol.

Shout-out to ex's that stay taking care of me. Which reminds me i want starbucks gift card, pretty please. Thanks in advance.

Which reminds me. I did not "fall in" love. I walked, eyes opened and chose to love. I however need to "fall out" of love. I envy people that seem to be able to do that fast.

How will that work in a marriage tho? Is falling out of love enough reason to leave a marriage, let's say of 5years and one kid (just an example), you can use any other scenario to explain your reasoning.

I can't understand how a guy likes a girl enough to spend ridiculous amount on her, but still not want to be with her. He's single, no issues, nothing. It really makes no sense to me. I guess if money is not an issue for him, he doesn't really see it as spending money.

I hurt my neck really bad this morning. Can't turn it.

Church is as much a business as anything else. Its the Grace of God, to remember that that's not all it is, is all.

Ok that's about it. Enjoy the songs....

Couldn't wait till Wednesday to play this song. I have played it a 100 times(not exaggerating) between yesterday and today. Even when i was sad enough to not sing it out, i moved my body along. It is well.

So, i wasn't really impressed with Asa's first album and this was one of the songs i did not like. This remix however, I LOVE. Absolutely love Ife's voice and he just gave this song life. I played him on the show (Weplug10) on Saturday. He is my pick of the week and will have him to talk on the show soon. Excited.

I had the pleasure of reviewing his album, which you should def read here. One of the best albums of 2012 yet, and if you are in Austin, he performs most everyday at SXSW and i think you will not regret it. The album came out today, so you ought to cop it.

And just had to end it with my boy. I really like this song, and i don't have to hype it cos its quite good.
Nways. that's it. Peace.

P.S I Love You.


  1. I read your blog everytime. Its usually such a pleasant read, but i just never really have anything substantial to say, so i rarely ever drop a comment. But that quote. I like it. :)

  2. No sun here I'm afraid. Enjoy...

  3. i prefer the original bibanke. i feel the simplicity was the essence.


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