Monday, March 5, 2012

Should i tell my parents?

Hi everyone. How you doing? Hope its been a good day so far and hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you even more good things for the rest of the week. Taking a break from school work, which i have finally progressed on - yaaaaay me :) to do this, then my wpgm post, then some more school work. Long day.....

Why do u reckon movie stars are on TV shows a lot lately? and i don't mean going from TV shows to movies, but the opposite? I don't reckon its the money. I like it though.

I love Lady Ngo's suggestion of Davids Bridal $99 dresses yo. Buy one i like, and go refix it. Yes Boss, serious music world famous. And ps, if you are feeling cheap. Just don't tell anybody. Collect 6k for ur dress, buy a 99 dollar dress, spend about 300 to refix it. Keep the rest in ur private account. :). Who produces the money for the dress btw?

So i told my best friend the above plan and she says i can't have a custom made dress for my less than 1k plan. So i have decided that i am going to find some new budding fashion designer and employ them to make my custom made dress. I was looking at David's bridal (see what you did LadyNgo?) and they don't have anything close, so this is the only way. I have two friends who would be happy to do this. The other option is to call up my fashion designer Aunty and tell her to call up one of her friends that owes her one and have them custom make it.

I told my mum about the whole thing sha and she said even if you are wearing rags, on your wedding day, all  eyes are on you, so no need to stress too much as long as you are beautiful and happy. She says a fortune should be spent on the ring tho. Lol

Thinking too much about my wedding dress oooo. HELP!!!

But all you women talking about you won't spend much on your wedding dress/ring. Show of hands(leave a comment,lol) how many of you have louboutins & jimmy choos & birkin (sp?) bags & rolex wristwatches et al?... You see, you have abi? Lol.

Met a guy with the most gorgeous eyes at the airport yesterday. He said i was gorgeous :-). He's called me twice today. He looks young. :(

The A Team is hilarious and still one of the best movies I've seen in recent years. Of course most of the world disagrees.

I hate bad service. Was so mad at FedEx on Friday, i could kill.

Got to give up coffee. Got to get the teeth pearly white. I don't think i can give up coffee.

Have i said this before? - I am an organ donor. I wonder if God forbid i die here, they will have to get permission from my parents and if i should tell them so they agree or will they have to return my body intact cos i am international?  Plus i want to be cremated. Do they do that in Nigeria?

There was a cute boy on the plane, on what appeared to be his first flight. The commentary was amusing.

One day i'll remember the movies i create in my sleep. It really pained me that i couldn't remember today's cos it seemed really special. Like i felt myself crying and laughing. One day i'll remember.

I don't think i've gotten a full nights rest in a long time. I mean i sleep, but my brain is fully functional. O well.

This lil girl had on them shoes that squished as she walked. So cute.

Starbucks marketing technique is in my opinion still the best in the world. I drove about 45mins, just to get to a starbucks (the first was full) because it has the best atmosphere to study and still relax and talk and dance & have fun. Plus observing people is my hobby and there's no better place to do it.

Finally heard my first Whitney song -salute- today. Sigh. Death be ashamed.

Dosh, said i sound happy. I am. Its not any easier, but trusting in God and because of you all i am happy, everyday. Thank you so much :)

Two years today. Good times.

Follow and - Thanks.

I think Mo'Cheddah is going to regret leaving KH and if not KH, definitely Klem. But this is my opinion.

My get rich plan is to get Oyinbo into the modelling business (beautiful + great body) and get Bold & Beautiful into advertisements (talks so well + gorgeous smile). I'll be their manager, get 30% of everything they make. Will be put in motion, before the year runs out. Trust me.

That's it guys. Probably the fastest post i've ever written from start to finish :)

P.S I Love You :*


  1. I am an organ donor too. Funny enough i was telling someone the other day if i should tell my parents because I know they will start making noise. I also want to be cremated.

    dance and have fun at starbucks??

    1. Lol, you know i dance every where so yea. Too many characters at starbucks, so its usually fun. Never a dull moment.

  2. Aaaaaawww... *hugs* you're welcome, God bless you.

    This one you're going on and on about your wedding dress are you sure you haven't been keeping secrets from us? tsk tsk tsk

    lol @ returning you intact cos you're international. I never thought of it like that but i guess if it wasn't possible then non-citizens wouldn't be able to sign up as organ donors in the first place. I don't know sha, you could be right

    Whitney's death hurt, death be really ashamed!

    1. Lol, nothing o. I'm obsessed with dresses, hence my wedding dress being such a big deal. But the actual wedding, we r still praying we see that day.

  3. Stop dreaming about getting married and start dreaming about getting money.

    There is NO man out there dreaming about marrying you or any other woman for that matter.

    All of them are dreaming about hammering and so should you too.

    1. Lmao, i laughed till i cried when i read this in the morning. I totally love you. I promise i am not dreaming about getting married tho. Just my wedding dress. I know, it seems weird. And seeing as i am "rich in Jesus Name" money is on my mind 23 out of the 24hrs in a day.

  4. Interesting random post!
    A friend asked about availability of cremation services in Nigeria on facebook. You should have seen the comments she got on how mad she was to even think of it (not our tradition, disrespectful, no rest of her spirit etc). I dont know about international treaties over dead bodies lol but you should tell your folks.

    lol@Sugabelly. Abi o.

    1. O wow. I can imagine tho. I'll tell my siblings, seeing as they will contact them 1st. Not sure that my parents can deal. Thanks :)

  5. Starbucks still remains one of my fav. places to visit when I travel. I'm in love with coffee. I think. I'm not an addict get though.


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