Sunday, March 2, 2014

On Writing 2...

I had hoped that i would have put up a post last month, but as usual, too busy. But more and more i am beginning to realize, that its just something we say. If this was a job, i would be at it and do it. If it had something to do with church or school or even We Plug Good Music, i would be all over it, it might be late, but i would do it. But this is more a personal thing, so i take the piss and there was a time i needed to write on here like i needed to breathe, a time that coming on here was the best part of my day and i guess i don't have that passion anymore to spill my guts, but i continue to have the passion to write.

I have been doing it very regularly back on We Plug, i am working on a novel. Well, for now its been more of a working on it in my brain, i haven't quite put paper to pen yet. Plan to do so right after this post. Its going to be a continuation of one of the stories i started right here, so i only thought it was right i share that information with you all first. I hope its as good as i think it could be. I have read over 40 books in the last 3 weeks, just trying to read everything i can to help me. So will let you (if anyone does read this) know how it goes.

I am not watching the OSCARS, which is interesting cos there was also a point in my life when i watched every single award show, every single one of them, but for the past 3 months i haven't had cable and i sincerely thought it would kill me. It hasn't and i still watch my favorite TV shows, albeit a lil late, and I've always enjoyed reading, so i have more time to do that, and i just read the news and catch highlights if i want to. I miss watching live sports events though, that i truly miss. But then again, with work, school, church, i would hardly ever watch anything live nways. So no point. Plus i realized, i hardly watch movies nways. I always want to, i really do, but i hardly do.

Speaking of Oscars though, human beings are funny. I just think its so funny how they have literally raised Lupita to goddess status, and if she dares says one thing "I don't believe in homosexuality" for example and you will be shocked as to how fast they ruin her just as quick as they put her up there. O well, i wish her all the best. She seems very deserving of all the attention she is getting. P.s. can't stand the conversation about the color of her skin, but i have come to understand that i have never quite felt the pressures of the color of my skin, so what do i know.

So i'm going to New Orleans next week, and its funny how everybody is telling me its my opportunity to be bad and show my tatas for beads and kiss a random guy, like i could. LOL, sometimes i wish i could.

Nways just thought i would share some things here.

I wish you all the best. God Bless!