Wednesday, March 25, 2015

29 before 29

Happy New Year,

I will do myself favor and not explain my absence and just say that i am back. Largely because i have a mission that i need to accomplish and with me accountability is key.

For too long i have been waiting to live my life. I have been waiting for that one thing to happen that will propel every other area of my life. Constant lack and disappointments literally frustrated the will to live out of me. For too long, i have simply existed.

Well, no more. Not sure what contributed to the change, just that i did and so i started making plans. Then i read this really cheesy novel and she does this 30 by 30 list  and it just seemed like so much fun. Never mind that i've had a list for over 5 years and hadn't even done one (read old list here). Looking back at that list made when i was 25, i realize that i was a tad bit silly and that i'm much more spiritually mature. Mostly tho, it shows that i still have some of the same desires and that i have been stagnant for the past 4 years.

So, i decided on creating a Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely Goal.
S - 29 specific things.
M- I will document everything either through pictures/videos and obviously via the blog.
A- None are crazy expensive and half of them can be accomplished today if i wanted to.
R- You let me know what you think, but i think so.
T -7 months and 1 day from now i.e. My 29th birthday.

There you have it!Will update periodically of course and i am sure that i will be motivated to write in general, just because.

Share your list, if you have one and if not, begin one and whatever else you do LIVE!!!!

P.S I Love You :)
Nee Fe Mi

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  1. Naturally, i'll be watching out for 11, 16, 29. Good to have you back Nifty Neefemi! And i'll add on accountability for sticking to the blog resolve too ;)


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