Sunday, April 26, 2015

1. Learn Salsa...


It has been an eventful couple of weeks since my last post.

For one, i got a job. Thank you Baba God. You know God is truly faithful because after 9 months of no job and hundreds of applications letter i finally get a job i never even filled out an application for, barely even did an interview for and it will double as my dissertation data. The experience alone is all i could have ever dreamed of. O did i mention that's in the city, which means i get to at least see people other than church members. I also get to work from home some days. Which reminds me, let me go add that to Linkedin.

I haven't been consistent in my Spanish language but i am no longer a novice at Foxtrot, swing, rumba, tango and Salsa. Isn't it amazing the difference a month makes? It's been fun learning to dance though. Always loved dancing so it's been a dream come through and come next week. I would be done with my #1 to do, Learn Salsa.

So i'm not sure why i wanted to watch movies as part of my to do list but i'm not a fan of movies at all, or better still i'm very particular about the movies i watch and one movie into the hundreds of movies i want to watch and i don't get how this possibly won the best movie of the year. Anyone seen "Birdman or the virtue of ignorance"?.

O went to Atlantic City about 2 weeks ago, which also ticks off one of the locations i have to visit in exploring NJ. I found out that there's a nude beach in NJ. Awwwweeeessssooooommmmeee. I get to go do my skinny dipping there. Hopefully the weather becomes warm sometime in this century. I haven't even been running. Too cold out there men.

Saw my cousin for the first time in 7 years the other day when he came down for a 24hr visit to NYC. I was too elated but i realized we need to do better as a family i tell you. Speaking of people i haven't seen in forever, i get to see Ayo of Weplug tomorrow, we worked closely together for years and still are friends and we have never met face to face.

Last but not least, so my cousin stayed at the Ritz Cartlton when he came and let me just tell you men, there are hotels and there are hotels. That was my first luxury hotel experience and i can't wait to be experience it again.

Nways, just thought i'll drop by with my thoughts.

Have a great and blessed week.