Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So i still haven't cracked my list as much as i would have loved to but i realized something, just the putting together of the list has made me go outside of my comfort zones. I am open to new ideas and i don't mind doing it alone. I miss my friends some though. Its always good to have friends around with you on adventures. But how do you get to meet and make new friends, if you don't try new things.

Exhibit 1
 A friend i'm getting to know called me up on Friday morning and just like that we went to the beach, talked, walked in the water, ate watermelons and chips and listened to good music. It was just a great day and it was needed. Be spontaneous people, life is short.

So my this person i said i'm getting to know tells me that someone had talked so much about me, she had decided not to be friends with me. Isn't that amazing? I have never done that. I have never felt the need to. I have never been so mad about anything and anyone that i will think to do just that. People are just weird or crazy.

Exhibit 2
I went to a quiet party on Sunday. It was so much fun. Dancing with a bunch of strangers outdoors in beautiful LIC and it wasn't a loud party, like we are so accustomed to. The concept is really great. You have 3 Djs, spinning straight to your ear drums and you get to choose, if you don't like the song the one Dj is playing to move to the next one. The headphones lights up so you know what other people are listening to, especially when you suddenly see everybody dancing really crazy. Furthermore, you can have a conversation if you feel like, by just taking off the headphones and not you aren't screaming at the top of your lungs over the music. O, but the most important part. It was outdoors and by the water, so you are not HOT!. I haven't had this much fun in forever. It was truly brilliant. This should definitely be on my list of things to do.

Exhibit 3
Went back to the gym on Saturday. I hadn't been since October. Sigh! It must come close to how addicts feel when they get that first hit, cos i was so high i spent 3 hours there. Couldn't go yesterday cos of the rain and i felt like a failure. Looking forward to going today for another 2 hours. I'm looking forward to the results doing the talking for me. More actions, less words.

Exhibit 4
Trying to get my head into the research mode, so i'm taking free classes online. If you are interested try coursera.org or edx.org. Also doing a lot of my learning Spanish via podcasts online. All free. The American dream is still alive.

Nyways, have a bunch of things i need to go finish up today and be very productive, cos i wasn't yesterday and i was really depressed. I want to maximize my time better and accomplish much more than i have done in the past year and a half and i think i'm finally there.

Can't wait and i hope and i pray the Warriors win today. No Game 7 necessary please. #TeamCurry

Ok, i think that's it. See you soon.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My best friend and i were talking yesterday and i mentioned that i thought Tiger Woods was a bad man because of the way he cheated on his wife. Not so much that he cheated, but the manner in which he did.

She mentioned that a lot of the men we knew then would be considered bad men and it almost made me change my mind and say, i guess well they are not bad men, But, really and truly, i stick to it. Its one thing for you to have made a mistake by cheating once or maybe even three times on your lover, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband etc.

However, i truly think that if you are a consistent cheat; you plan and execute it every time; you get caught, end with that one and then start again with another; the little twat you are messing with then has the guts to insult and disrespect said partner, something you have caused and tolerated, you can consider yourself anything but a bad person. In what universe? How is that even possible that someone can think of you as amazing or awesome?

I mean i know that a person is the sum of all their parts but let me define what bad is. According to the dictionary bad means "morally depraved or wicked". You are a bad, morally depraved and wicked person if you can continually hurt someone that much, consistently and calculatingly. I'm sorry, and it must be a hard truth when you think of the other parts, but this part, this part does not care that you are generous, kind, prayerful and whatever else. Because this part = unloving and i'm positive there can be no argument about this.

Thought about this all day and i figured i might as well release it so i don't over think it.