Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My best friend and i were talking yesterday and i mentioned that i thought Tiger Woods was a bad man because of the way he cheated on his wife. Not so much that he cheated, but the manner in which he did.

She mentioned that a lot of the men we knew then would be considered bad men and it almost made me change my mind and say, i guess well they are not bad men, But, really and truly, i stick to it. Its one thing for you to have made a mistake by cheating once or maybe even three times on your lover, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband etc.

However, i truly think that if you are a consistent cheat; you plan and execute it every time; you get caught, end with that one and then start again with another; the little twat you are messing with then has the guts to insult and disrespect said partner, something you have caused and tolerated, you can consider yourself anything but a bad person. In what universe? How is that even possible that someone can think of you as amazing or awesome?

I mean i know that a person is the sum of all their parts but let me define what bad is. According to the dictionary bad means "morally depraved or wicked". You are a bad, morally depraved and wicked person if you can continually hurt someone that much, consistently and calculatingly. I'm sorry, and it must be a hard truth when you think of the other parts, but this part, this part does not care that you are generous, kind, prayerful and whatever else. Because this part = unloving and i'm positive there can be no argument about this.

Thought about this all day and i figured i might as well release it so i don't over think it.



  1. LOL, I feel you. I don't know why people have this innate inability to recognize that someone they know or do dealings with could be a bad person. How can you say someone who maliciously and purposefully takes advantage, abuses, or hurts another person isn't bad...just because you know other people who do that? Personally I don't think cheating, even once, is a mistake and while that 1 time may not make you a complete scumbag, it certainly doesn't negate the fact that you did something very scumbaggish. But definitely if you're doing it over and over and over again. C'mon mehn.

  2. Unsure why i am just receiving blog feeds from you! Didn't know you're back around.....Awesome!

    Yes unrelated to post......

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  4. Bluntly said. I totally agree. No need to sugar-coat the truth.


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