Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Engagement Season

Who knew this was a thing? Apparently October is the said season and it's got me dodging prayers, left, right and center. My question is why don't people pray for you on any other random day about this, why is it on somebody else's day of joy? Isn't that a tad bit selfish? Nways it doesn't help that i'm in a relatively small church and not flaunting any boyfriends around, let's just say the stank face is about to be up for the rest of the year.

Like i mentioned the other day, i have not done a single additional thing on my list. Part of it was due to finances, part of it was timing and a part of it was probably a lack of motivation. Its all linked together really but nonetheless this has been an interesting year so far.

 Btw, i am 29 in a few days. Last year before the big 30. What a time to be alive.!!! Seriously, these are interesting times, not just personally but in the world. 28 consisted of a lot more of discovering myself, discovering my strengths and weaknesses and just more of how i want to live you know. I could be a debbie downer and tell you of all the ways it hasn't been what i hoped but learning more and more that these are growing pain years so really, i count it all as joy.

One thing that was reinforced is my love for traveling. I really hate it for the most part, too much hassle, especially when you are flying, what? with all the rules moreso if you stay here in the US. And yet there's absolutely nothing like it. So this year lets see,  I've been to Michigan, Canada, Houston, Nigeria, Pennsylvania,  Tennessee and Massachusetts. All this while not so financially buoyant, i wonder what i will do when i am.  P.s reason #501 why i am not ready to get married, i can't imagine traveling with a baby but it might be fun to travel with a husband. That i can confess to, but only so he can take pictures of me :)

Speaking of marriage, this life is a pot of beans people and everybody's journey is so different that comparing yourself to others is pretty much the worst thing you can do in this life. When you have been a part of people's stories tho you wish you had a crystal ball to see how it all ends but i am not convinced about my intentions. Is it because i selfishly want it to end the way i think or because i hope it ends up way better. Either ways, i am glad there are no crystal balls to life.

#random - Arsenal won today. I take it as a form of early birthday present anytime we beat a big team like Bayern Munich.

I've fallen in love with taking pictures and I've gotten really good at it too. Only pictures of nature though, nothing i have to manipulate and i was thinking of maybe compiling them or selling them or something, but until i decide, check out the tumblr page, i will be sharing them on there. Here's one though
Martha's Vineyard, 2015

#random - Sexy underwear = boy shorts. My best friend argues and yet she buys me them every October. Its tradition :). Love you Oye.

Nways, here's to 29. Here's to a great year, hopefully the best yet. Here's to dreams coming true. Here's to success and happiness, joy, peace and rest at every side. Here's to new beginnings, greater opportunities and a fuller richer life. Here's to financial breakthrough and more than just phone calls :). Here's to a degree and a career and more travels. Here's to an even closer relationship to God and here's to all this for my family, friends and you as well.

What a time to be alive!!!

Ps. Peace.Love.Cocoa