Tuesday, January 12, 2016

100 days of Joy

Hi Folks,

I hope your year has indeed started off with a bang. So far so good over here, although and i'm not complaining but I can't understand this weather in Jersey men. This hot and cold thing is so not good for my skin. My lips refuse to get moisturized and my skin stays getting bruised. I had to finally deep condition my hair, after like 2 years (Don't ask). Not complaining tho, because no snow and no ice = Happy Nifty. I have way too many nicknames. Hehehehe!

Nways, I came here to tell you about something I added on to my list as inspired by AJ

The concept is simple: for the next 100 days you are to choose something creative, anything - dance, write, read, draw - literally anything that inspires you and do it consecutively for 100 days. At first I thought it was highly improbable because I think the only 2 things I can say I do consecutively for 100 days is brush my teeth and pee. I can't even say I shower 100 days straight, hello stay at home weekends and I don't go #2 days on end, so there's that. I can say I at least eat something everyday, but some days i'm doing more drinking liquids than actual food so that doesn't count.

Anywhoos, so I thought about it some and I decided to pick the hardest thing ever - because I never can do things the easy way. So there you go, 100 days of Joy. For me, it means making the very conscious decision to be joyful no matter what and thus having to create the avenues that bring me joy.

1 very obvious way for me is music and dancing so for the next 100 days, I will dance everyday for at least 15 minutes to my favorite songs and if you know anything about me you know I have a lot. My favorite songs right now are Olamide - Don't Stop and Adekunle Gold - Pick up Call. I'm in love with them two.

That's as much of a concrete plan as I have right now, the rest will just have to be played by ear.
Its a big mental choice for me, this joy I seek, because though I am not one to ever get down, life can be hard you know, so when i'm getting those rejection letters, and that boy I thought liked me never calls me, and research is kicking my butt, and maybe i'm not losing the weight like I want to, I have to choose Joy.

What will you choose? I am off to boogie for the day.

#Peace. Love. Shakeit


  1. Dancing sounds fascinating.. Only there's no way to hare with us on here.. :( Good luck though, and share what you can...

  2. Happy New Year to you....This sounds doable! Lord knows I need joy, lots of it!

    1. May the Lord give it you according to the measure of your faith. Stay blessed.

  3. Lol, i did that on purpose. Thanks though, will do.


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