Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fruitful Year, I Wish You...

Happy New Year Folks,

I really did plan to come back before the year 2015 ran out as evidenced by my draft folder (not like you can see it), but I had family over and attending events and church and it all just got busy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and started the new year filled with hope and expectations for the year ahead.

After a short stint of depression as December began, that I quickly snapped out of, I began my New Year so joyful. Duh! What do I have to be depressed about? Life although messed up sometimes, is filled with love, hope, joy, peace, food, people, movies, music, kisses and babies. I sound bipolar but I tell you, life is great, we just have to choose to see it and I have so chosen.

I'm so excited for 2016, you should see my list - it's loooonngg!!!. I'll share one from every topic...

  • Lose 20 pounds in 2016. Meaning lose half a pound a week. This will involve going to the gym 3 times a week when not fasting. Making sure that 50% of each meal is filled with vegetables and protein.
  • Begin Young Women Program - I'll tell you about this later.
  • Complete my Thesis & Graduate - This would imply that I have started writing it but I will and I will finish it.
  • Travel to 4 New States and 2 New Countries.
  • Begin a Job/Career - Can someone say Amen!
  • Seek out mentors in the areas of my life I want to grow.
Now on to the Young Women Program. So, if you have read this blog for any length of time then you know, I have been through, and after a lot of prodding by God and I mean a lot of prodding, I have decided to share some of that experience. I haven't quite decided what it should be like, but I am sure God will give me the directions I need. So far, I know I will start at my church, I already have a partner and its from ages 12-22. Any ideas? I'm yet to come up with a name.

In other news, I was introduced to someone who visited the church and I thought that was unfair, because I reckon that before he got a chance to meet me, he had a chance to look around and see all the beautiful girls at my church (and there are a lot of them, I can't even front) and may have wanted any of them and now he's forced to talk to me, even though I might not be his type/desire. Parents/family make this whole thing difficult I tell you. He may have very well liked me on his own though, but I guess we will never know either ways.

I gave up social media and I miss it. It's so weird how dependent one get's on it. Maybe it will make me write more. It's definitely made me watch TV/movies more already. P.s maybe movies aren't so bad after all.

Have I mentioned that there is something so romantic about cooking? I don't do it a lot anymore and especially in my quest to lose weight I often do just the same things, but even at that I am always filled with romance and I find it oddly therapeutic. Today, I watched "Burnt" and I just wanted to quit school and head to Paris to become a Chef. Maybe in another life. 

In this life, I am determined and hopeful and prayerful that this year will be a fruitful one in every area and I do mean every area. 

I think that's it for tonight. We will talk soon.

Quote of the day: "I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass." — Maya Angelou



  1. Sounds like an achievable plan for 2016.. Good one!

  2. Yup all sounds good.
    Happy New year Nifty!

    1. Amen. Thank you dear. Happy New year to you and yours?

  3. I gave up social media too, and I don't miss it. Too much unwanted drama honestly. Here's to achieving our goals this year.

    1. Amen. Thanks dear, long time. Happy New year, hope you are keeping well.


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