Sunday, March 6, 2016

Office Politics

How are you doing folks?

Sorry I've been away for a minute, I'm still trying to figure out this waking up so early in the morning thing. For years I have scheduled everything after 10 A.M and the only day I ever needed to wake up early was on Sunday, I am very nocturnal, hence it being 11:38 P.M. and i'm wide awake. It will surely take some time and thank God for coffee.

I am loving having a structure to my day though, knowing when I am able to do certain things allows me plan my life a lot better. I have two independent studies to finish, a number of books I need to finish and still continuing my work at church so time management is key. Work seems like it will be exciting though, I get to work on pretty much every project because they all need evaluation tools and research on whatever topic they are working on. I told you, I am an evaluation and research associate right? Nways, I was afraid it was going to involve a lot of data analysis and I suspect it will, but I am also sure that's a good thing. I need to develop a stronger skill set in that area anyways and I get paid to learn it, so win-win situation, YAAAY ME!

In past jobs, I have always known it was a short position since they were all contract positions so I didn't really care about office politics and now I have to and boy oh boy. For one, I am very passionate about research and it has always made me mad that we are often called in after the fact, so imagine my excitement when I was called in on a brainstorming session and how I ran my mouth *OOPS*. My supervisor (she works out of the office) calls me to say and I'll cut right to it for brevity sake "I love your passion, but for the next 3 months (probation period), SHUT THE FUCK UP". Let's just say I got the message loud and clear. So it is my job, by God's grace to shut up, but also to make my impact known especially during this probation period. I know my Lord will see me through. 2 weeks down already, soon i'll stop counting.

Second, is just trying to navigate the company's culture. So far so good. I don't sense that there is a lot of gossiping, back biting et al over there. Folks have been at the company for decades, and it looks like everyone likes each other, so that's good. They have a daycare center which I think is awesome. Yea, so far so great, we thank God.

Oh, so the job is in NY and I have to commute from NJ and that's how the train workers have decided they want to strike. Please pray for me, cos ain't nobody got time for that. I can't even deal at all. The train is always packed, I'm rarely able to find seats as it is whether going or coming, but I will still rather do that than take the bus and or drive. Trying to figure out the best alternative plans but still your prayers will be helpful. With that said, loving working in the city again, but this time i'm in the heart of the city so I can meet up with folks for lunch or after work coffee (no drinks yet) and the views are tres magnificent.

I cut the cords on my cable. I am so proud of me, because you would think since I can afford it now, why would I? I just wasn't prepared to pay $80+ for something I only got to use for a few hours anymore, plus I found another way to still watch my shows and live too (shout-out to all my suppliers). My friend (I need to find a way to tell you guys about this individual and yet conceal any and all identifiers) helped me to put together a budget and let's just say I am sad that I need to strictly adhere and yet I feel that I hate that I can't be spontaneously generous. Even my generosity is planned and I cried when we finished putting it together sha. I however realize and believe it's something God is calling me to do i.e. be responsible in my finances, not because He doesn't want me to be generous but being responsible in my finances is me being obedient to His principles on prosperity and will cause me to be even more generous in due time. Still painful sha, but I also wonder if I maybe wouldn't have suffered during these past few years if I had being on this tip a long time ago. O well, there is a time for everything. Plus how else will I be able to teach others how not to make the same mistakes.

I feel so overly spiritual nowadays, I feel the need to go do something bad. LOL, it is well.

I made a guy literally stop dead in his tracks today. That made me feel good. I still got it! :D

I'll be back soon.



  1. Omg, I'm in exactly the same position. I just started a new job in an office office (think cubicles, the works) and I'm trying so hard to steer clear of any office politics. I just want to come in, do my work, and get out jejely. Nobody should even talk to me or disturb me or try to rope me into any office extra curricular activities abeg.

  2. Nicely written. I believe God will see you through your probabtion period successfully

    office politics is office politics, you cannot avoid it. If you won't play, just make sure you don't get played.

    As for being financially responsible, mehnnnn I'm getting that call too. I have to sit up and be responsible financially


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